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The Widow


Jessie Emele James has been Charles James' wife for three years. They love each other unconditionally to the core, but when things start to go downhill between them with the lying and the constant cheating Jessie eventually had enough and took matters into her own hands. Copyright © 2020 Zakira Freeland All Rights Reserved ® By Zakira Freeland

Thriller / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter One

"Scrapp, where the fuck are you at?" Jessie spoke in anger on the phone.

"I'm at the store, babe chill. You want something?"

"I want you to bring your ass home. That's what I want." Jessie grumbled with a mug on her face.

"Damn, what I did?"

She chuckles as she talks to him.

"Oh, you know what you did. It's always something with you."

"I ain't coming home with that attitude your ass got. You needa calm yo ass down and take your medicine." Charles spoke on the phone while getting the snacks for them.

"Nigga, I'm fine." She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Jessie, what the fuck did I just say?" Charles put some authority in his voice.

Immediately, Jessie pouts her face and whimper a little.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I just miss you. I haven't seen you all day."

"I miss you too, Jessie." Charles smiled softly. "Now, that's more like it."

"Nigga, shut up."

"There you go." Charles shook his head. I'm finna hang up. I'll be there in fifteen minutes, ight."

"Okay, I love you."

"Yeah, I love you too."

Charles hangs up the phone and pays for the snacks and since Jessie didn't say what she wanted. He buys some of her favorites. Charles gets in the car and starts driving. Meanwhile, Jessie watches some shows on T.V. until her husband comes home. Jessie and Charles have a rocking but good relationship. There is no doubt that they love each other, but soon enough the lies and the cheating is going to catch up to him, and he will suffer the consequences.

As soon as Charles gets home and opens the door with the key Jessie begins to run to him and jump on him, giving him kisses. Charles grips on her ass and deepens the kiss then breaks it.

"Damn, babe. You missed me that much?"

"Mhm. I want you." Jessie seductively told him as she bit her lips.

"Hold on, bae. Let me get these bags out of my hand."

"Drop them." She responded.

"You don't wanna see what I brought for you?" He questioned while looking at her.

"No, not now. Just drop the bags on the floor cause I need you to fuck me right now, Scrapp."

Charles immediately drops the bags on the floor and pushes Jessie against the wall, kissing and sucking on her lips letting him hear her moans that he always loves to hear. Charles begins to kiss her on the neck while Jessie throws her head against the wall while moaning. Charles leans closer to her, not leaving a space between them then he mumbles on her neck, and she hears what he says to her.

"Did you take yo meds yet?"

Charles continues to kiss her neck, waiting for an answer from her and when she doesn't reply quick enough he stops and looks at her.

"I know you heard me, Emele."

"Nah, I didn't." She lied and shrugged.

"Keep playing, Tommie. I'm trying to help you, and you ain't cooperating. I don't want your condition to get worse. You remember what happened the last time when you didn't take your meds the way you are supposed to?"

Jessie rolls her eyes at the vivid memory that she remembers vaguely. Jessie pushes him as she walks to the kitchen to find her pills in the cabinet.

"Did you really had to push me tho?" Charles frowned his face while standing on the kitchen floor, looking at her.

Jessie scoffs and rolls her eyes while opening the pill bottle.

"I don't wanna fuck no more. You just ruined the mood."

Charles chuckles as he watches her takes the pills with water. He walks toward her not taking his eyes from her lips.


Jessie opens her mouth wide while sticking her tongue out, moving it up and down letting Charles see that she did swallow the pills. Charles nods his head in satisfaction, and she closes her mouth while rolling her eyes again. Jessie walks away from him, and Charles pulls him back.

"Where you think you going, huh?" He smirked.

"To bed. You can sleep on the couch tonight."

His smirk instantly turns into a frown.

"You bugging, Jess. You mad cause I care about yo mentality." He furrowed his eyebrows.

"No, I'm mad cause you didn't fuck me when I wanted to get fucked."

Charles holds her tight as she begins to struggle.

"Nigga, you better get the fuck off me." She gritted her teeth as her anger started to build up inside her.

"Nah, you better calm down before I give you something to be mad about."

"You can't handle me," Jessie spoke while glaring at him.

"You wanna bet?"

Charles lifts her up and throws her on his shoulder then takes her upstairs to their room and takes off her nightgown, throwing her on the bed then takes off his shirt. Charles gets on top of her, making sure she won't move then pins her arms above her head as she struggles some more. He rips her panties off then unzip his pants, pulling his member out while placing his hand around her neck, keeping her pin down on the bed.

"I can't do what now?" Charles' voice deepened as a groan slipped.

He pushes his member inside her deeply causing her to moan. Charles grinds in and out of her pussy and moves his body in a circular motion as he goes deeper and faster inside her causing her to moan loudly in frustration and pleasure while biting her lips.

"Talk to me, baby. Talk yo shit now." He grunted as he continued his fast rhythm, making her take every inch of him.

Jessie can barely speak as her eyes rolls and her head fall back on the pillow, giving him that arch he wants.

"Ugh... mmm... Scrapp. Y-you still a bitch."

"Nah, you are." Charles smirked as he flipped her over and pulled her hair tight while choking her throat as he pounded his shaft inside her roughly, giving her backshots.

"Oh FUCK, Charles!" Jessie screamed and moaned as she tried to reach back for him to slow down. "Charles, w-wait. S-shit!"

"Move yo motherfuckin' hand, Jess. I ain't playing with you. You better take all this dick since you wanna talk shit." He growled as he went deeper, not stopping his motion.

Jessie move her hand away from his body and grips tightly on the pillow as she continues to moan in pleasure and pain.

"Ooh, baby! Shit, Charles... oh my... fuck!"

Charles smacks her ass multiple times as he stroke her deep, getting it slippery wet. Jessie bits her lip hard as the moans continues to slip out her mouth without caring that the neighbors might hear them. Charles leans forward and begins to rub her clitoris while grabbing both of her wrists and placing it behind her back, facing her head flat on the pillow. As her legs shakes and her moans gets louder turning to a breathless moan then her body slowly begins to give out.

"Charles... Charles baby. I'm about to cum. Oh my God!" She felt overwhelmed with pleasure, causing her to trembled without having any control over it.

"Cum, Tommie."

He let out a groan as Jessie cums on his dick seeing her body shakes and collapse on the bed. Charles look down at her and frowns.

I hope she don't think this shit is over with. He thought.

"I ain't finished with you yet. Get back over here." Charles spoke with aggression.

"Babe, no. P-please, I can't take it any more." She begged and panting, trying to catch her breath.

"You think I give a fuck? Bring yo ass back over here. You gonna learn that I can handle you."

Jessie gets her strength back and get back in position, arching her back then spreading her legs a little wider. Charles begins to finger her pussy, reaching her spot, trying to make her moan just the way he likes it. After penetrating her pussy with his fingers, feeling the wetness on them made him smile, he licks her pussy, tasting the sweetness of it then he grips on her ass, receiving a hiss from her as he pushes his member inside her pussy without a warning, without giving her time to adjust. Charles begins to hit her spot repeatedly, giving him the shake and moans he wants from her.

The more she moans the more he grunts and groans, her pussy begins to clenches on his member as she moans his name over and over. Her loud moaning is his motivation to keep going and go deeper. Charles loves the way her pussy will be wraps around tight on his member, thinks that's the sexiest shit in the world.

"Damn, baby." He groaned as he bit his lips as he continued to slammed her pussy back on his member.

"Oh baby... ahh Charles! Fuck!" Jessie gripped on the sheets tightly as her hair got pulled back, feeling Charles' lips getting close to her ear.

"I love yo crazy ass, Jess. You gonna stop thinking that yo man can't handle a woman like you. Why you think I married you, huh?"

"I l-love you too. Mmmm... shit babe slow down. It's too much."

He chuckles as he keeps the same speed.

"No, take it. Take yo dick, baby. Maybe this will make you act right."

The room begins to get hot as the session becomes more intimate, feeling the sweats on both of their body while their breathing gets heavier and their body gets tired. Charles knows that she is close but wants her to wait a little longer. Jessie holds her juice until Charles gives her permission to him.

Once he does, she cums instantly on his groans, making her scream his name as he cums inside her causing him to groan and cuss. Charles takes his member out of her, letting her fall on the bed then he zips his pants back up, laying beside her. After everything calm down between them, Charles looks at her before speaking.

"So, what is it you think I did?" Charles questioned while remembering the conversation they had on the phone.

Jessie laughs while shaking her head because she knows that the information she heard is true then she look at him.

"I know that you were at that strip club last night, and you let that bitch Terra kiss and grind on you."

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