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Zootopia 2


Nick and Judy are once again going on a adventure to catch the bad guy's

Adventure / Mystery
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Zootopia 2 (fanmade)

Before you read this, I want you to know that this is just a fanmade and is NOT real.

"Okay settle down everyone!, we have a few case's right here" said Chief Bogo, he handed the case's files. Then finally. " Officer Hops and Wilde, there are criminal's that have been stealing and killing, they still haven't been caught, I want you to find out who they are" said chief Bogo, Judy and Nick went out to investigate the crime scene, the first crime scene was a store."I don't even know who it was, he just came in and told me to surrender everything!" Said the shop keeper."Did he have any weapon with him?" asked Judy,"Well he had a small knife" Said the shop keeper, "Did you see his face?" Asked Nick. "No he was wearing a black hood" Said the shop keeper. Nick and Judy continued to investigate the store, while looking around they found, "Carrots, look" said Nick, Judy went over to see what Nick found, "Lion fur?" Said Judy. They looked around more, but didn't seem to find anymore clues. So they decided to go to the next crime scene which was a pig's house. "Can you tell us everything please?" Said Judy. "Oh yes, we were just sitting down and then we heard a knock on the door, when we went to open it there was no one, and suddenly he came out of nowhere and started atacking-" said the pig, "Did he do that to you?" Asked Nick while looking at the scar on the pig's face. "Yeah, he took everything and just went away" said the pig. "Do you mind if we look around your house to investigate?" Asked Judy, "No, no, please do" said the pig. They went aroud the house to look for clues, Judy found claw marks and took pictures of them. But that was the only clue they could find, so they went to the next crime scene, which was another store. "So, what happened?" Asked Judy, "Well, he just barged in and pointed a knife at me-" said the shop keeper, "Wait, a knife?" Asked Nick. "Well, yeah" said the shop keeper. Nick and Judy looked at each other in curiosity. The shop keeper continued to explain.Then, Judy and Nick decided to look around the shop. They were shocked to find, blood, a lot of blood. They asked the shop keeper if the guy did anything else other that stealing. The shop keeper said he hadn't come to the shop since the incident and he only came today for the investigation. Judy and Nick decided to look more, then they found a small knife covered in blood. So they decided to tell chief Bogo about it. "So, have you found who has been causing these incident's?" Asked chief Bogo. "No, sir but we did find some clues, and I think there is only one criminal" said Judy. "What makes you say that?" Said Chief bogo. " Well at the first crime scene, we found lion fur, and the shop keeper said that the thief had a small knife, at the second crime scene, there were claw marks and the pig's were attacked and at the third crime scene we found blood and this" Said Judy while showing the small knife. "Don't worry sir, we are going to find the criminal" Said Judy. Suddenly, Clawhauser calls chief Bogo. "Chief! There is another robbery!" Said Clawhauser. They all hurry to the crime scene. The thief was on a very high building. Nick and Judy were shocked to see that the thief was wearing a black hood, exactly like the first shop keeper said. They tried to chase the thief, then the thief stopped at the very edge of the building. " You have nowhere to go!" Said Judy. "Oh really?" Said the thief. Then the thief started to loose balance, "wo-woah!!" Said the thief. Nick and Judy gasped. Then the thief stopped, "Just kidding! Hahahaha!" Said the thief. Then he jumped of the building. Nick and Judy quickly went over to see but the thief just dissapeared. They decided to investigate more. "We need to find this guy" said Judy "I think this is going to be a tough one" said Nick. "Why do you say that" asked Judy "well you saw how that guy just vanished" said nick. "We have to find this guy!" said Judy. The next day, "Okay everybody, there is a shocking news here" said chief Bogo, "we found this card and it says 'I am going to rob a bank tonight, so be ready COPS!' so tonight you will guard the bank" said chief Bogo. "Who's that dumb to tell thier plans, this criminal was doing this to get caught in the first place" said Nick to Judy. That night, they guarded the bank, waiting for the thief to arrive. Then suddenly the thief barges in and see's all the cops. "Well, hello. It's good to finally meet the cops of Zootopia" said the thief. "You are under arrest!" Said chief Bogo. "Oh c'mon! The fun has just begin!" Said the thief with a smirk. Then the thief charges in and takes all the money, The cops continue to chase him. But the thief had planned some obstacles to stop the cops. "Come and get me cop! Hahahaha!" Said the thief. Then suddenly Judy and Nick appear in front of him. "Stop! You are under arrest!" Said Judy. She hancuffed the thief and pulled the hood down. " You're a woman?!" Said Judy, "Actually I'm not technically a woman, I'm 15" said the Thief. " It doesn't matter! You are under arrest!" Said Judy. Then the thief managed to get away from Judy and Nick. "You can't do anything lion, your hancuffed" said Nick, "Or am I?" Said the thief with a smirk on her face. Nick and Judy were confused. Then they were shocked to see that she wasn't hancuffed anymore and instead thier hands were hancuffed together. "What the- how did she?" Said Judy, "It doesn't matter how she did it, quick open it! She's getting away" said Nick. Judy tries to find the key but it was missing, "wha- where's the key?!" Said Judy. "You mean you don't have it?!" Said nick. "Are you looking for the keys?, It's right here" said the thief while showing them the key. "This has been fun, I hope we can do it again sometimes" said the thief. "Get back here lion!" said Nick, "Oh, my name's Hazel by the way, hahaha have fun trying to take the handcuff off, so long losers!" Said the thief, then she ran away. The rest of the cops arrived there. "Where's the thief?!" Asked chief Bogo. "She-" before Judy could finish her sentence Chief Bogo quickly said "You let him get away?!!", "Sir it was a girl-" said Judy. "I don't care if it was a girl or boy, you said you would catch her!" Said chief Bogo. "Sir, she managed to handcuff US, it was like magic" said Nick, "What do you mean magic?!!, You will find that thief until you get her!" Said chief Bogo while unlocking thier handcuffs, then he walked away. Nick and Judy noticed that they were somewhere they've never been. "Let's investigate this place" said Judy. "It looks like some kind of abandoned apartment or something" said Nick, "C'mon, the lion went this way" said Judy, "she said her name was Hazel, does that sound familiar to you?" Asked Nick. "No, but why would she just tell us everything?" Said Judy. "Yeah, it's like she wanted us to find this place on purpose" said Nick. They continue to look around. "Carrots, you gotta see this" said Nick. They were shocked to see that there were animal heads on the wall of the abandoned building. "What is this?" Said Judy. "And look, there's a lot of knives here" said Nick while pointing at the table next to the wall. Suddenly they hear a noise. "What was that?" Said Nick. They slowly walk to the back which was where they heard the noise. Then they see a mouse running, "What's going on? Why are you running?" Asked Judy to the mouse, "It's coming, run!!!" Said the mouse scared while running away. They continued to go that way to see what the mouse was running from. "Do you think this is a trap?" Said nick to Judy, "I don't know" said Judy. "Well, well, well, if it isn't cotton tail and the dog" said the thief, "I'm a fox" said Nick. "Same difference" said the thief. "What is it that you are doing with those animal heads?!" Said Judy. "What animal heads?" Asked the thief. "Don't act like you don't know!" Said Nick, "No, seriously, WHAT HEAD?" said the thief. "Well since you 'FORGOT', we will show you" said Nick. They showed Hazel the heads. "Oh no, you have to get out of here now! especially you rabbit!" Said Hazel. "What are you talking about? Don't you live here?" Asked Judy. "What do you mean? I'm from the forest!" Said Hazel, "Okay we are not falling for anymore of you tricks, your just trying to get away aren't you? trust me, I can be just as sneaky as you" said Nick, "No I'm serious, you have to get out of here!" Said Hazel. "I don't know what you're trying to pull off here, but you are under arrest!" Said Judy. "No! Get out of here!" Said Hazel. "What do we have here? More animals for my collection?" Said a tiger from behind them. "Run" whispered Hazel to Judy and Nick. "Where do you think you're going?!" Said the tiger, then Hazel stopped. "Lion, what are you doing?! He's going to cut your head of!" Said Nick, "Keep going! I'll cover for you!" Said Hazel. " Hazel no! You're going to get killed!!" Said Judy, she quickly pulled Hazel to run with them. Then they stopped at the forest, "Do you know that guy?" Asked Judy, "Anybody who was raised at the forest knows that guy, he's a full time criminal!" Said Hazel. "You know you're still gonna get under arrest right?" Said Nick. "Who was that guy?" Asked Judy, "He's an animal!" Said Hazel, her eyes started to tear up. "Are you crying?" Asked Nick. "Wha- no i'm not!" Hazel wiped her tears, "Umm...is there anyway I won't get arrested?" Asked Hazel. "Well, since you said that tiger was a criminal, mybe you can help us catch him" said Judy. "I'll do whatever it takes!" Said Hazel, "Good!" Said Judy. "So what do we do first?" Asked Nick. "Well, there is only one way to catch that tiger" said Hazel, "And how do we do that?" Asked Nick, "C'mon that tiger is dumber than he looks!, All we have to do is outsmart him" said Hazel. "He seems fierce but you don't seem to fear him at all" said Nick, "Fear???!! Are you kidding me?! Fear is not a word in my vocabulary" said Hazel. "Oh, I just remembered. I haven't gotten your name's yet" said Hazel. "Oh, my names Judy Hopps" said Judy, "and i'm Nicholas wilde, but you can call me Nick" said Nick. "Okay, and sorry if I was a jerk" said Hazel, "So how are we going to start?" Asked Judy. "First, I need to go home, mybe there's some stuff we could use" said Hazel. They followed Hazel into the forest. "I thought you said we were going to your home" said Nick. "Oh yes, this is my home!" Said Hazel. "Where's your family?" Asked Judy, "Well i'm actually an orphan and I don't have a family but we orphans are like one happy family" said Hazel. Then they see a few baby animals running towards Hazel. "Look it's Hazel, she's back!" Said the baby animal's, "Hey guys! How are you doing? I got some food for you!" Said Hazel to the baby animal's. "Are those the food you stole?" Asked Judy. "Well, yes. When I saw that they were in the same situation as me, I just wanted to help them. Anyway, i'm not getting arrested right?" Said Hazel. "Well, even though you have a good reason, you did kill so you're still going to get arrested" said Judy. "Kill? I didn't kill" said Hazel, "But we found blood and a small knife in one of the store's you robbed" said Judy. "Oh, that was my blood, when I tried to open one of the boxes, I accidentally drop the knife and got a deep cut in my foot" said Hazel while showing her right foot that was bandaged. "Hey, Is that guy going to rob Zootopia too?" Asked Nick, "who?" Hazel asked. "That guy over there" said Nick while pointing to a leopard by the tree's, "Oh, no. He's never a help to anyone, all he knows is how to be a jerk and how to be disgustingly charming" said Hazel while rolling her eyes. Then the leopard came thier way, "Oh,boy" said Hazel. "Well, if it isn't Basil" said the leopard, "It's Hazel, Matt" said Hazel. "Who are these you brought with you? A rabbit and a fox? Are you kidding me?" Said Matt while laughing, "Excuse me?" Said Nick. "What is it dumb fox?" Said Matt with a smirk on his face. "Shut up Matt" said Hazel. "Anyway, where's your dumb rat you always hang out with" said Hazel. Then a mouse came, "Oh Matt, you found Basil, and who are these guys? A bunny and a fox?!" Said the mouse while laughing. "What are you outsiders doing here??? Aren't you scared to be in the forest??, Hahahahhaha!" Said the mouse. " Shut up you dirty rat! You know I could just eat you if I wanted to but I wouldn't because it would make my mouth smell!" Said Hazel, "Hey did you bring this rabbit for me to eat?!, Hahahahah!" Said Matt. "Excuse me we are officer's of the ZPD" said Judy. "So? What is that supposed to mean? That's not gonna stop me from eating you" said Matt while grabbing Judy, "Hey, back off!" Said Nick. "Put her down Matt" said Hazel. "What are you gonna do?, Fight me? I'd like to see you try, hahahaha!!" Said Matt. "I do not wish to fight you, actually why should there be a fight when we already know who the winner is" said Hazel with a smirk, "Tch! Whatever!" Said Matt while throwing Judy to the ground. "Sorry about that" said Hazel, "It's fine, what's important is we get the tiger" said Judy. "Right" said Hazel, "So have you got any plans yet?" Asked Nick, "Well I-" said Hazel, Then a Tiger came running. "Hazel!" Said the tiger, "Oh hey Mrs. Long, what's going on?" Hazel asked. " Do you remember Zack?" Asked Mrs. Long, "Yes of course I do" said Hazel. "The savage tiger.....is him" said Mrs. Long, "wha- but, how?" Asked Hazel. "They said it was a... Howler? Something?" Said Mrs. Long. "Night Howler?!" Said Judy. "Ah yes, that's it" said Mrs. Long, "How long has he been like this?" Asked Judy. "Well, we were good friends, but when we were about eight or mybe nine, he went missing" said Hazel. " And now you are?" Judy asked, "Now we're 15" said Hazel. "That's quite long, we have to cure him quick" said Judy. Then they went to a small building where they keep all thier stuff, "Do you have a rope or something to hold him?" Judy asked, "Yeah, we have a rope" said Hazel, as they were about to leave, Matt was suddenly in front of the door. "I heard you're going to take down that monster" said Matt, "He's not a monster! He's my friend and we're going to save him!" Said Hazel. "Oh c'mon now darlin', you thought he was a monster too until you knew he was your friend didn't you?" Said Matt with a smirk on his face. "I- whatever! Can you mind your own bussiness for once" said Hazel, "I can't promise you that purrincess. Anyway, if you hate me so much why don't you just ignore me? Or do you just like my company?" Said Matt, "We are on a mission to save a poor savaged tiger, and you are getting in the way. So would you kindly step a side please" said Hazel. "You'll never get the tiger, when you arrive, he'll be dead" said Matt. "What?!" Said Judy, "How are you so sure" said Nick. "Because I'm going to be the one to kill him" said Matt, "No! Matt!" Hazel quickly grabbed him, but he locked them in the building. "LET US OUT!" Hazel cried, "Aww, how cute. Your chance to save your old friend, GONE!! I'm going to kill that monster so everyone can come to peace!!" Matt screamed from the other side of the door, "You're the real monster!" Said Hazel, "Whatever sweetheart, hahaha" Said Matt while walking away. "How are we going to get out?" Judy asked, "I....don't know" said Hazel, "What do you mean you don't know?, Isn't this supposed to be your home?" Said Nick. "Look! We're never going to get out of here! Matt's gonna kill Zack AND us!" Said Hazel, "You know, you should never give up, if he really is your friend and you really want to save him, he will help you" said Judy to Hazel. "He is my friend....and I do want to save him! We are getting out of here!" Said Hazel, she wiped her tears. "Boy, that's the spirit" said Nick. They looked around the room to find a way to get out, then Nick found a soft spot of the building. They decided to break through. Then they rushed over to see that Matt was trying to kill Zack. "Stop! Or you will be under arrest!" Said Judy, "You can't arrest me! you're an outsider!" Said Matt. "Get out of here!! Before it comes back!!" Said Zack, trying to fight his killer instinct. "Hahaha,don't worry monster, once your dead, you won't have to fight this pain!" Said Matt while pointing a gun at him. "I SAID GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Zack sreamed, he left a scar at Matts face. "Zack! No!, You have to fight it! Officer Hopps and Officer Wilde have the cure for you! Please don't do this!!" Hazel said. "Yes, all you have to do is come with us" said Judy. "Hazel?" Said Zack. "The one and only" said Hazel, she grabbed his paw, but Zack couldn't control it any longer. He pushed Hazel to the ground but as he was going to attack her, Judy had shot him. "What did you do to him?!" Hazel asked. "Don't worry, he's not dead. He's just unconcious, we'll take him to the hospital and give him the cure" Said Judy. "Thank you officer hopps" said Hazel. "Please, call me Judy" said Judy, Hazel nodded. They brought Zack to the hospital. And Matt is in jail. While Hazel was looking through the hospital window, Judy and Nick came. "Hey, are you okay" asked Judy. "Yeah I'm fine, thank you for saving my friend" Said Hazel. "Would you like to move to Zootopia?" Asked Judy. "I'll think about it, because i still need to help those orphans" Said Hazel. "You know, we could help as well" said Nick. "Thank's but I don't wanna trouble you guys" said Hazel. "Who said it would be trouble, you could move to Zootopia with all the orphans" said Judy. "Okay then, thank's again. You've been a lot of help" said Hazel. Judy and Nick decided to tell Hazel about Zootopia and bring her around the city. After a few weeks, Zack finally woke up. Judy and Nick decided to visit him and get to know him more. "How are you feeling?" Nick asked. "I'm feeling...great!, Are you the officer's that saved me? Thank you!" Zack said. "Your welcome, I am officer Judy hopps and this is officer Nicholas wilde" Judy said, "But you can call me Nick" said Nick. "It's a pleasure to meet my heroes, I'm Zackron Long, you can call me Zack" said Zack. Suddenly, Judy got a call. "Hello?......what?!, Calwhauser just called, he said Matt got away!" Said Judy. "C'mon we gotta catch him" said Nick, "I'm coming with you" said Hazel. "No you're not, you are going to stay here" said Nick, "You haven't seen what he's capable of, he's more dangerous than he looks" said Hazel. "And HE hasn't seen what WE'RE capable of" said Nick. "Don't worry, you stay here, we'll get him" said Judy. Then Judy and Nick left the hospital, "Have you told them?" Asked Zack, "No, they'll find out theselves" said Hazel. Nick and Judy searched the city and the forest, but they couldn't find anything. "I know where you can find him" said Hazel. Nick and Judy turned around to see who it was. "Oh, Hazel" said Judy. Hazel told them where to find Matt, then Judy and Nick went over to that place. "So, this is the place Hazel said" said Judy. "Yeah" said Nick, " Smells like something died in here" said Judy. "Something DID" said Hazel. "Hazel?! What are you doing here?" Said Judy, "I'm here to help" said Hazel. "Hazel, let us handle this" said Judy. "Okay, I guess i'll just watch" said Hazel. Then suddenly they hear a noise. "Here to arrest me?, It won't be as easy" said Matt. Judy and Nick try to approach him, but he quickly took out a gun, "Don't even think about it!" He pointed his gun at them. "Lower your weapon!" Said Nick. "You think I'd listen to a fox?" Said Matt, "You were the one who gave the night howler to Zack weren't you?!" Said Judy. "Well, yes!!! You have no idea what I go through! I didn't have a family or friends!" Said Matt. "What about Hazel! She doesn't have a family too!" Said Judy, "Her parents died!!" Said Matt, "And what's that supposed to mean?!" Said Nick. "My parents abandoned me!! I never felt love!! Seeing that Hazel didn't have a family and she was happy with her friends!! That made it hurt even more!! But as soon as I found out about the night howler, I knew I had to use it to get rid of others happiness!, So I DID!! I took away Zack and made him take the night howler so he would be hated like I was!!! And if I killed him! I would be a hero and I-..!! I-...*sigh*.... What's the point, I obviously have no hope anymore....there's no use in trying, just arrest me already" Matt knealed down, as Judy and Nick were about to take him, Hazel approached them. "What are you waiting for? You can take revenge for Zack" said Matt. Then Hazel hugged him, "Only the weak seek revenge, the strong forget. I'm sorry you had to see other's happy while you were suffering" said Hazel. Matt cried, "I'm....sorry.." he said. "C'mon, we'll take you to the ZPD" said Judy. Then he followed them, and so, Matt was arrested. But Hazel and Zack decided to visit him every day, because eveyone deserves to be loved. Until one day, two unknown leopards came with them. Zack was confused to see those leopards with Hazel and Zack. "Excuse me, but who are you?" Matt asked. "Matthew leonard, meet your parents" said Hazel. Matt was speechless, "Matthew, we are so sorry. We actually do love you, but we had to make sure you were strong, and you WERE" said Matt's mother in tears. "I'm so proud of you son" said Matt's father. Matt cried happy tears. Sometimes, we think we are doing the right thing. But doing it without thinking could lead to misunderstandings, we should always remember that even the slightest actions and words can cause the biggest harm, and we should always remember that pain is temporary...but happiness is.......Forever!

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