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The Vampire Crush


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Romance / Fantasy
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The Meeting With A Human

Vampires are said to be living near the 1700-1900 senturies ago. But a few years back I had a heard a story about the last Vampire in the world. His name was____ .So one day Y/N (your name) was sitting in the garden ,with beautiful flowers and a clear sky. You were surrounded by trees and could hear the birds chirping, then suddenly you heard a gun shot. You ran towards the sound of the gun shot and saw a man injured. He couldn't walk so you called for help and took him to your house. He had been shot on his stomach. (you are a student studying MBBS ). You first removed his shirt, got your first aid kit box and treated his wound .After removing the bullet from his body you wrapped his wound with a bandage . After some time he woke up. He was surprised to find himself at an unknown place. You walked out of your room. You saw that he woke up. He was going to come near you but you said:

Y/N: Sir, please don't get up now, you are hurt. He said :

???: Who are you ?? Where am I?? Why am I here???

Y/N: Sir, I am Y/N. And you had been shot but I got got you here and treated your would . Please don't get down of the couch..

??: I am Kim Taehyung (if any spelling mistakes please forgive me 😭). And thanks for bringing me here.

Y/N :Taehyung Sir, please don't get up. I am making soup ,would you like to have some??

Tae: Don't call me sir Taehyung, call me Tae.

Y/N : O- Ok

Tae: Please bring some soup and I will get going tomorrow.

Y/N : OK, I will call you when when the soup is done.

Tae : OK.

(after some time)

Y/N : Tae ,the soup is ready.

(you both have soup and go to sleep)

*Chapter 1 Ends . Meet you in the next chapter * - Aahana Kochhar

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