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ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

By Gojihunter31

Horror / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Cries in the night

It was late afternoon, nearly sunset. In the distance of a pine barren forest was a small village, right in the clearing. A road marks the way for Lion-O-, heir to the Thunderian throne, along with his companions, Tygra, his brother, Cheetara, the cleric, Panthro, the former general, along with snarf and the kittens Wiley Kat and Wiley Kit. The band made their way towards the small settlement. Lion-O- turned to his companions with concern for his exhausted and famished crew.

Lion-O: “We should be able to find an inn by sunset.”

Panthro: “About time. We've been on the road for a couple days. I could use a good night's sleep in a real bed.”

Cheetara: “We'll also need to stock up on supplies.”

Tygra: “She's right. I don't plan to find that last War Stone without any proper equipment, or on an empty stomach...”

Just then, Wiley Kat popped from behind the tiger's back, with a smirk of anticipation.

Wiley Kat: “...and, a little finance increase shouldn’t be a problem.”

Wiley Kit place her hand on her brothers' shoulder. Tygra looked to the little girl’s face. She displayed a face of reassurance to the elder Cat. She then turned to her brother with a menacing glare, as a warning to her twin.

Wiley Kit: “But, not enough to get into any real trouble.”

Lion-O- chuckled silently in his comrade’s reassurance.

Lion-O: “then, it's settled then. We make for the nearest inn.”

The ThunderCats continued their present pace and coordinates towards the town.

A few moments later, they cross the wooden bridge that stands as the entrance of the semi lake side city. But, to Lion-O-'s discovery, the residents of the city are now rushing inside their homes, or finding cover in or with whatever they could find. Baffled by the citizens actions, thinking they had fled from their sight.

Tygra looked to his king.

Tygra: “Uhhh...What eh, what just happened?”

Lion-O- turned from Tygra, and eyed the nearest door. He was determined find out what was all the tension the citizens displayed.

Lion-O: “I don't know. But, I intend to find out.”

Lion-O- made his way towards the strong, firm door. Obviously locked, Lion-O- polity knocked on the door just hard enough to be noticed. He could hear footsteps from the other side of the door. He could hear argument going on and muffled sounds. He noticed that someone on the other side was standing at the door.

Muffled Voice: “Go away! Whoever you are, we're not interested.”

Lion-O- cleared his voice for the tenants.

Lion-O: “We're not selling anything. We're just looking for somewhere to stay for the night. Can you help us?”

Muffled Voice: “Please. Just..., just leave! Leave before the moon's up, before...”

Another voice was heard from the other side, arguing with the first voice.

Other voice: “If it's room and board you want, you should look for the Slaughtered Lamb inn. It's just up the road, near the road leading out of Pawston. Now hurry before any harm comes to you this night!”

Lion-O: “Thank you...”

Lion-O- made his way down from the stoops to rejoin his comrades.

Lion-O: “...And Good night.”

And so, the ThunderCats made their way towards the edge of town, to the location of the supposed Slaughtered Lamb. No more than 20 minutes later, the small band had arrived to the Slaughtered Lamb inn, a two story building with stable wood support beams and a thick stone wall, adorned with stain glass windows. The building itself was old and falling apart, top to bottom.

Lion-O: “Well..., it’s better than nothing.”

Panthro: “Nice, Very nice.” (In a sarcastic tone)

Lion-O- made his way to the front door of the establishment. Once there, he gripped the handle and pushed the lever down with his thumb.

Lion-O: “Unless, of course, you prefer to sleep in the open cold.”

Panthro nodded.

Tygra: “Alright, but if anything happens, it's...”

Lion-O: “My fault. I'm aware of that.”

At that moment, Lion-O- pushed the heavy door open to find that the aging tavern was full of life on the inside, with customers laughing boasting and conversing with each other. All that ended when they dared to look upon the felines. Only one paid of no mind until she heard nothing, but dead silence.

Innkeeper: “Come on in. Just seat yourselves. The fire's just been stoked. I'll be right with you.”

In that moment, the tenants resumed their conversations as the Cats seated themselves at one of the booths.

Cheetara: “That was quite an awkward moment.”

Tygra: “Yeah, It's like they haven't seen a ThunderCats before.”

Lion-O: “If that's the case, just ignore them. We don't want any conflict.”

Tygra: “Right.”

Within that moment, the innkeeper made her way to their booth.

Innkeeper: “Well now, welcome to the Slaughtered Lamb Inn. I'm Liliotus, I keep the inn. Now, what can I do for you travelers?”

Lion-O: “We're actually looking for a place to stay for a few days, while we gather some new provisions and goods.”

Liliotus smiled in anticipation.

Liliotus: “well, as it just so happens, we have a couple of rooms available for rent.”

Lion-O- reached into a satchel to find only a few coins from their last journey.

Lion-O: “We’re a little short on coin.”

Liliotus' smile did not phase away.

Liliotus: “That's alright, there are other ways the rent can be paid. I actually need a pair of able bodied men to accompany me on a few hunting expeditions in the morning. It'll be early in the morning, but breakfast will be provided, and your debts will be covered for the day.”

Lion-O- looked to his brother for any reason not to accept the offer. But, Tygra simply  nodded.

Lion-O: “We'll be ready by sunrise.”

Liliotus: “Done! I'll have Arcion have your rooms prepared.”

She then turned to the tall brutish bouncer known as Arcion. Although massive in size and seemingly uneducated, He is indeed more intelligent then he looks.

Liliotus: “Arcion, have those available rooms ready for my friends here.”

Arcion: “you got it.”

The brute then made his way to the stairs and made his way up.

Liliotus: That’s Arcion. He's my tavern's bouncer, and a close friend of mine. By the way,

Friend, I never got your names.”

Lion-O- cleared his throat.

Lion-O: I am Lion-O-, lord of the ThunderCats. We're heading for a nearby temple that holds...”

Liliotus: “The War stone? Word travels fast around these parts. I sometimes I could travel to the Thunderian city.”

At that moment, one of the tenants turned to the ThunderCats and Liliotus.

Tenant: “H mph! Don't count on that happening anytime soon. From what I've heard, Thundera lies in ruins now, no thanks to those damn lizards.”

Liliotus: “Oh..., I'm so sorry. It must have been difficult to go through.”

Lion-O: “Not if you have to help you through it.”

Cheetara: “We're just thankful to be where we're at.”

Tenant: “Well, don't let luck go to your head. That’s be the last mistake you'll ever make.”

Liliotus: “This ray of sunshine's Morconas. He's in charge while I'm on hunting expeditions.”

Morconas: “Mess with this inn, and I'll mess you up. Like I did with that Lizard squadron a while back.”

Lion-O: “How long ago?”

Morconas: “About three days tops. They were heading to your War Stone's location when they made settlement here for the night. They were getting pretty rowdy with some of the other patrons. I told them to clear out and bother some other low life. They grew bold enough to refuse. So, this one lizard, a rather skinny one takes a swing to my skull, and a few seconds later, I had him on the floor bleeding from his mouth from a head bud and a broken arm after he threw a second punch. After that, they cleared out. Probably making camp just outside of town, most likely calling for backup, and maybe burn this place to the ground. Only problem is that this whole valley's surrounded by mountains, most with loose boulders. They'd have to travel by foot or revert to small mobile vehicle.”

Lion-O: “How long would that take? On foot?”

Morconas: “A couple of days if they keep a good pace on foot.”

Panthro: “Better than a few minutes. Don't you think?”

Liliotus: “Well, we'll manage something to have you out before that happens. Now, how about some food for you and the little ones here. Todays' special is Sigeirian Elk.”

Lion-O- have never heard of such wild game as a Sigeirian Elk.

Lion-O: “How's it prepared, and..., is it any good?”

Liliotus: “Around here, it's salted, spiced, baked for an hour, and served with freshly mashed

Taters and fresh bread. Around here, it's a delicacy.”

Lion-O- looked to his companions, whom all nodded in agreement to the idea of trying the local delicacy.

Lion-O: “Alright, we'll go for that.”

Liliotus: “A good choice. I'll be...

That moment, Liliotus place her hand on her heart and fell on to her knees. A clear sign that something was wrong with her. In more ways than one. Lion-O- stood to see if she was alright.

Lion-O: “Are you alright?”

Liliotus stood from the floor, breathing in heavily, until she regained her breath.

Liliotus: “I'm fine. It's just my heart acting up, that’s all. I.., I need to turn in. I'll have Morconas bring your food.”

The innkeeper turns towards her second in command.

Liliotus: “Morconas, Get my friends here some of that Elk. I'm turning for the night.”

Liliotus made her way to the hallway which served as the staff courtiers. She shut the door and locked it for the night.

Morconas: “She’ll be alright. She's just had a rough day. I'll have your meal ready in a few.”

Later, that night, when the ThunderCats established who will stay with who. Lion-O- and Tygra shared one room with Cheetara. Leaving Panthro was charged with watching the twins. Panthro sat nearly asleep by the kittens hay based bed. The twins breathed simultaneously while little snarf slept at the end of the bed. Panthro' eyes were completely shut, when a spine chilling howl was heard from outside. The horrid cry awakened Panthro.

Wiley-Kit: “Panthro?”(In a soft whisper.)

Panthro: “Yeah?”

Wiley-Kit: “You heard that, right?”

Panthro: “Mm, mm.”

Wiley-Kit: “I'm a little bit scared.”

The outside world yielded another of the beastly howls for sources unknown.

Panthro: “After we've all been through, that sound bothers you? It's probably just a wild dog.”

Wiley-Kit: “Maybe, but, I’ve never heard a dog of any kind make a sound like that. Have you?”

Panthro: “Can’t say that I have. But whenever I got scared, when I was little, my mother used to tell me to count every good thing that has happened to me, it helped me calm down and get to sleep.”

Wiley-Kit: “Did it really?”

Panthro: “Of course.”

Wiley-Kit: “well, it does sound far.”

Panthro: “Far enough to give you a little shut eye.”

Wiley-Kit: “(yawning) Well, Good night.”

Panthro: “Good night, kiddo.”

The young kitten curled back under the covers and purred back to sleep. Panthro, on the other hand, stood from his chair and gazed out the window, viewing the grass hillside moors. Only to see the silhouette of a creature, unknown to the old panther. All the creature did was howl to the new risen full moon.

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