ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 10

Chapter 10


During the celebration, the pack drank their home brewed ale, while they enjoyed and danced to Wiley-Kit playing her flute. Panthro and Morconas were sitting at a table, telling each other stories of battles past. Meanwhile Lion-O stood at the top of the temple, getting some fresh air, and of course, heeding the spirit's advice. He stood over the railed ledge, looking down at the world, absorbing the beauty of the natural formations. Unknown to him was the approach of Cheetara. When she reached the top of the stairs, she was surprised at first. But, deep in her heart she thought that it might be Lion-O, who would father her children. Slowly she strolled towards them.

Cheetara: “Beautiful, isn't it?”

Lion-O looked over his shoulder to find Cheetara standing next to him.

Lion-O: “uh..., yeah. So, what brings you up here?”

Cheetara: “The same you're here.”

Lion-O began to blush at the sound of those very words.

Lion-O: “That would be for the fresh air?”

Cheetara looked at her king with a face of confusion. But then their faces shifted to holding back their laughter. They burst into laughter.

Cheetara: “Well, that. But, there was also something else.”

Lion-O: “Yeah?”

Cheetara: “While we were in the forest, I met my wolf spirit, like we were supposed to. He, well it knew about my desire to have a child, once this war was over.”

Lion-O: “Of course it does. Milena said to me that our wolf spirits are bound to our hearts and minds, meaning it knows what we know, and more.”

Cheetara: “It told me that I would find one who would father my children, on the roof top of this temple.”

Lion-O's eyes widened at the news. He recalled the words of his wolf spirit.

Lion-O: “Did..., did it say who he would be?”

Cheetara: “No. Why?”

Lion-O scratched the back of his head and smiled nervously. He drew a quick breath before speaking.

Lion-O: “My spirit mentioned that the one soul mate for me would find me at the top of the temple, just like your spirit told you.”

Cheetara: “Really. Did it say who?”

Lion-O: “No. I..., I've always thought that it might be ...”

Cheetara: “Me?”

Lion-O: “Well..., Yes.”

The cleric turned away for a moment, to gather her thoughts on how to respond to his answer.

Cheetara: “To tell you the truth, I have given a lot of thought into the idea”

Lion-O: “Really?!! I mean, you have?”

She nodded in reassurance. She then wrapped her arms around the ThunderCats lord, pulled him in close, and brought his lips to hers. He felt amazed by how passionate her kiss was. He cared not for what would lie ahead just as long as he had Cheetara by his side.

However, not too far away from where the two newly found lovers where standing. Tygra was standing on the opposite rooftop, shocked and horrified of the truth of the wolf spirit's warning, and at what had just accrued. A tear fell from his eye. He knew that deep, down in his heart that their life together was well and truly over. He knew that their courtship would change the course of history forever. Tygra swore that he would never betray his king. But he did not think that his king would betray him, or so he thought. Deep in his heart, a tiny spark burst into a raging flame of pure wrath, waiting to consume the new lover of Cheetara, Lion-O!

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