ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

History Repeats Itself

A few hours had past, the festivities were still taking place. Lion-O and Cheetara had rejoined the party after taking their time, establishing their newly established relationship. Wiley-Kit continued to play her enchanted tunes from her magical flute. Panthro and Morconas continued their conversations. All seemed right and merry. But, there was one who was not merry at all, the young Tiger, Tygra. Cheetara was sitting down by herself at one of the tables. She was enjoying a nice glass of ale, when a hand reached out to her. Lion-O, lord of the ThunderCats, was standing there.

Lion-O: “May I?”

She nodded and stood up. They walked up near the open flame and slowly danced with her king, newly found lover, and the future father of her children.

Cheetara: “To be honest, all those years studying under the clerics, I'm not much of a dancer.”

Lion-O chuckled at Cheetara's remark of her dancing skills.

Lion-O: “Phhh, and you think I am? I was horrible.”

The two continued to slowly dance, rocking each other back and forth, gently to Kit’s slow smoothing music. As they danced, Cheetara laid her head against her king's chest, almost using it as a pillow. In turn, lion-O held her head tightly, but gently. He glanced over her shoulder to find his brother, staring at him with disapproving eyes. The young tiger stood from his seat and made his way out of the great hall. Lion-O excused himself and went after his brother. Cheetara quickly followed the two brothers. At the door way of the temple, Tygra stood at the foot of the stairs leading towards the Forrest. Lion-O stooped just a few steps away from him. There was silence for quite a bit.

Lion-O: “Tygra?”

Tygra: “I should have known. I should have known.”

Lion-O: “Tygra, What's wrong?”

Tygra: “You have to have it all, don't you?”

Lion-O: “What..., what are you talking about?”

Tygra: “Don't play dumb with me!! You know damn well what I'm talking about! The sword, the crown, her.”

Lion-O's eyes widened from the remark.

Lion-O: “Bro, that dance, it was nothing. We would...”

Tygra: “Wouldn’t what, Betray me? Like you two did at the roof? That's right I know.”

Lion-O's wide eyes suddenly shut for no more than a few seconds. Cheetara was half way down the stairs, when she overheard their conversation. Tears were now flowing down from her eyes. Tygra glanced at the stairs to find Cheetara climbing down. Lion-O opened his eyes to find Tygra looking directly at Cheetara. When he glanced over, Morconas and Milena were just behind Cheetara. Turning back to his path, Tygra continued his way out of the temple.

Lion-O: “Tygra, wait. I know you're hurt. But, you also know who was hurt? Do you know how much pain you caused to her because of your stupid childish ways? You left her, she had no one else to turn to. If anyone's to blame for your unhappiness, it's your own damn fault!”

At that moment, Tygra quickly turned around, and hurled a forceful punch to the face, launching him a few feet across. Leaving the king's face slightly bloody from the punch. Cheetara gasped as more tears fell from her eyes. She then made her way down the stairs, to aid her king. Milena, and Morconas quickly followed behind her. Tygra then turned and ran down the stairs and into the woods. Morconas turned to his pack siblings.

Morconas: “I go after Tygra. He and I'll have a little chat.”

Lion-O: “Don't hurt him.”

Morconas: “Not planning to. Don't worry.”

Morconas then ran shifted into his beast form and ran into the dark.

Lion-O picked himself up from the ground. Cheetara and Milena cleared the area, giving him room to stabilize himself. Lion-O turned to Cheetara.

Lion-O: “Okay, I deserved that one.”

Cheetara had a rag on hand, and wiped the blood from his lips. He grasped Cheetara's hand, and placed it on his check.

Lion-O: “Does this make me look like a bad ass?”

She smirked and rolled her eyes.

Cheetara: “Your own brother is probably lost and mad at you, and you're concerned about how that bruise looks on you?”

Lion-O: “I thought it would lighten the mood, and take my mind off it for a little bit.”

They both lightly chuckled and made their way back up the stairs. They looked back at the entrance, hoping that Tygra would be alright.

Not far from the temple, sat a lake. On the shore of that lake, sat a sad figure. It was Tygra. He sat a hollow log, pondering his thoughts, regretting his actions towards striking his king and only brother. There was a rustle in the bushes next to him. He readied himself for whatever would come from behind. Morconas made his way to the clearing. Tygra loosened his grip on his gun in his holster, and relaxed. Morconas stared at the young Tiger, emotionless.

Morconas: “You want to talk about it?”

Tygra: “What's there to talk about? What's done is done.”

Morconas: “There's plenty to talk about. Come on, sit down.”

The two sat on the rotted log, staring of into the water, reflecting the moon.

Morconas: “You seemed pretty upset when Lion-O claimed Cheetara as his mate. Mind explaining?”

Tygra: “Hmmm, Cheetara and I go back when we were just kids. After she got accepted into the clerics, we hardly saw each other. Until the lizards destroyed Thundera. I'd never been so happy to be with her before. But, when she was talking about a life after this war, I couldn't think about it.”

Morconas: “Why not?”

Tygra: “To be honest, I'm not sure if I'll even live through it all. Even if I did, I wouldn't want to bring a child into this world we now live in, with no kingdom, no home. When I saw them together. I felt so angry, not because he took her, but because of their carelessness, and how selfish they're being.”

Morconas: “Selfish? Now hold on a minute. I don't know about being selfish. But, I do know that you gave up Cheetara, and all the right you ha don her. An act like the one you pulled can end relations like knives to the back.”

Tygra: “What?”

Morconas looked at the ground gathering his thought before continuing with his story.

Morconas: “I told you this before, but ton the night of pelts, I was married to my old friend, Yaleioulas. She, Kornack, and I grew up together. We've known each other since we all could remember. Over the years, Kornack developed somewhat of a crush for Yale. One night, he finally got the nerve to ask her to marry him. To his surprise, she refused. She told him that heart belonged to another, me. From the outside, he seemed to have dealt with it calmly, but on the inside, something happened, something snapped. When we were unaware of it at the time, Kornack disappeared and met up with the Silver Blades, He'd been gone for nearly five months. During that time, we were planning our wedding, and welcoming our unborn child into the world. The night came, we held off most of the blades, and as fate would have it, Yale took a knife to the back. A knife I made for Kornack. That night, I lost the only true friends. I swore that I would not only avenge Yale, but also the memory of Kornack.”

Tygra looked at Morconas. His eyes were watering from the pain he went through, trying to keep from crying while telling the story. Tygra wiped the poor man's tears from his eyes.

Morconas: “Thanks.”

Tygra: “Not a problem. So, if I keep this up, I'm bound to end up like Kornack?”

Morconas: “Well, yeah. Pretty much.”

Morconas stood up and made his way back on the path to the temple.

Morconas: “Come on, everyone's worried.”

Tygra nodded, and picked himself up from the old, rotted log. He then walked right next to the old Wolf man and they journeyed to the temple doors.

Meanwhile, back at the temple, Cheetara, Lion-O, and Milena were walking down the hallowed halls of the ancient foundation, when they reached a rotted wooden door to an unmarked room. Milena opened the door, then gestured Lion-O and Cheetara to step inside. Once inside, Milena shut the door, and locked it from the inside. A worried look came from both Lion-o and Cheetara.

Milena: “Don't worry. It's only to keep everyone else outside.”

She then made her way to the center of the room. On the floor was drawn a large pentagram, the symbol of the order, and for all werewolves. She begun to mutter in an ancient tongue unknown to the two ThunderCats. When she finished, Milena, stepped back from the circle. The winds began to hollow in the old rundown room, the leaves began to be lifted as the wind blew. They spun and twirled in the wind for no more than a few seconds until, there stood two mist like spectral figures stood at the center of the five pointed star.

Milena: “Lion-O, Cheetara, there are something’s we need to talk.”

Cheetara: “What is this? What's going on?”

Milena: “There are some old friends I'd like you to meet.”

Lion-O: “Who?”

Milena: “You'll see.”

The spirits then began to manifest into the forms of two people. One, the former ruler of Thundera, and the father to lion-O, Claudius. The other figure, a woman, was hooded and cloaked, barring the Lycans armor of the ancient warriors.

Lion-O: “Father?”

The ghost of the cat nodded in reply. The female figure turned to the cleric.

Figure: “Hello, Cheetara. It has been so very long.”

Cheetara did not know what the figure meant when she said “very long”. She had never met the person in life or death before.

Cheetara: “I'm sorry for being blissful. But, do I know you?”

Figure: “I doubt it. Back then you were so little, and I hardly had any time to spend with you.”

Cheetara: “Who are you?”

The spirit then removed the hood from her face, reveling herself to be a ThunderCats herself. Not only was she feline, she also barred similar markings to those of Cheetara, only more Mature and darker. Cheetara's eyes widened in the shocking similarity. Lion-O looked back and forth from Cheetara and the ghost.

Cheetara: “Lion-O, do you notice anything I notice?”

Lion-O: “The obvious similarity? Yeah?”

Cheetara could only see the spirit's face, smiling as if she had not seen her for a very long time. Tears started to drip from both their eyes.

Cheetara: “It can't be. Are..., Are you...”

The spirit nodded.

Figure: “Cheetara. My name is Yaleioulas of the ThunderCats. I am your Mother.”

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