ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Secrets Revealed

On the path that lead towards the temple, laid the cavern entrance in which the ThunderCats and Lycans traveled through. A reptilian hand placed itself upon the branches, the hand belonged to Slithe, who lead his forces through the cave, accompanied by the Silver blades, along with the rest of Mumm Ra's generals.

Kornack: “This is it. This is where they'd be hiding.”

The forces of darkness pressed on their quest to destroy their foes of old and new.

Within the confines of the temple, the young cheetah continued to gaze upon the woman who claimed to be her own mother since birth. Cheetara was motionless, with tears in her eyes. The spirit teamed up and smiled, and nothing more.

Yale: “I know you may have many questions for me.”

Cheetara: “well..., yes. I do."

Lion-O could not understand the reason why his own father was present.

Lion-O: “Father, I don't understand. Why have you been summoned?"

The Lion's apparition continued to gaze at his cub.

Claudius: "Lion-O, there were many things that I wished to tell you before any of this happened. Now, I can only say a few things. For this spell only last for no more than a few minutes. Which is why I must tell you."

Lion-O: "Tell me what?"

Claudus: "The night you were born, your mother passed away shortly after your birth. When this occurred, I was heartbroken. Naturally, I went to the audience chamber, to meditate and calm myself before announcing your birth. While I was there, a guard rushed in. I was furious when he barged in, but he said that he came in with urgent news of a woman seeking my council. I informed him to see her in. She appeared to be nothing more than a common gyps at first. When I inquired her of her business there, she spoke to me of strange things about your birth, things that I would have thought to be obscure. I dismiss her thinking she was mad. But then she turned on the guards, and escaped their grip. She immediately ran for the hall which lead to your nursery. When I rushed there, I began to hear screaming of the maids that were present there. They ran past without informing me of what occurred. They were terrified beyond belief. When I arrived there, the woman was standing there, holding you in her arms. While doing so, she began to change. Her form began to shift, as she grew taller than even me. Her appearance had turned to that similar of a dog, but much bigger. She then turned her attention towards me. As she stepped closer, and closer, I held my blade with the tightest grip. But all she did was present you to me. I slowly began to realize that she has don intention to harm you, but to gain my attention. She then spoke in a deep growl like voice that you were born under the cycle of the full moon, that you posed the mark of the wolf. She held out her paw, displaying a bright star shinning right on her hand. A light caught my attention. But the light came from your tiny little hand, and I was shocked to see the very same star on your hand. I was under the impression that she was telling me the truth."

Lion-O: "What are you saying, Father?"

Claudus: "I'm saying from the very night you were born, you had that very mark. To this day, you were and always will be a werewolf."

Lion-O: "Who was this woman?"

Milena: "She was me."

She then held out her hand, and almost spontaneously, a bright shining pentagram had appeared on her palm.

Lion-O look at his hand to find the very mark shine bright and clear for all to see.

Cheetara looked to her hand to find the very mark.

Cheetara: "I take it that I was born like this?"

Yale: "Yes, but I cannot stay to answer your questions now. For the spell is waning. But I have left you something for you and your father. There is a little black box in my old quarters. Most likely buried under some rubble. Find it, and it will explain why I did what I felt I had to do. Know that even in death, I love you both, and Lion-OÉ don't let her go, and treat her well."

In that moment, the spirits faded back into the darkness.

Within that moment, a violent eruption accrued just outside the temple. The three of them felt the sheer shock of explosions coming not too far away.

Cheetara: "What's going on?"

Milena: "I have no Idea."

Lion-O: "I have a hunch. Let's just hope I'm wrong."

In that instant, Liliotus pried the door open as the monstrous vibrations continued.

Milena: "Liliotus, what is it? What the hell's going on?!!"

Liliotus: "They..., they’ve just blew up the watchtower! They’re trying to break in!"

Milena: "Who is?"

Liliotus: “It’s the blades! They're back, and they brought friends!"

Lion-O and Cheetara glanced at one another. Knowing very well who these "friends" were Mumm-Ra's forces. Lion-O turned his attention to Liliotus.

Lion-O: "How many are there?"

Liliotus: "About no more than fifty. All of them armed to the teeth."

The Cat king turned to his cleric with a face of great dread. For them both knew that if this temple should fall into the enemy's hands, it would mean the end of all of them.

Lion-O: "We can't just stand here and do nothing. We have to fight back."

Milena: "Agreed. Liliotus, Get everyone to the entrance. Use anything to barricade it, and prepare for battle!"

Within that moment, the foursome rushed out of the run down room to join the rest of their comrades in the coming battle against the forces that seek to extinguish them.

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