ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 13

Chapter 13


From the exterior of the temple, the fierce flames of battle scorched their way to the entrance as the Lizard forces open fired upon the wooden doors. The Silver blades fired their shots at their lupin foes, as Lycan arrows traveled throughout the smoke covered air. Most arrows found their targets, severely wounding a quarter of the enemy forces. However, the generals managed to bust through the Lycan defenses, mostly because of Addicus' brute strength. The traitor Kornack sliced his way through each Lycan that dared to cross paths with him. Vultaire open fired on anything that wasn't any of his allies. Kaynar and Pumyra clubbed and beaten any Lycan into a bloody and messy pulp. Slithe, however, continued to monitor his forces, as they made their way into the sacred Lycan temple.

Slithe: "Move in! They're bound to surrender soon!"

As instructed, the lizard forces continued their assault on the wolf temple. Suddenly, the twelve or so soldiers were utterly blown away by a large electrical blast that originated at the temple's entrance. There stood Lion-O, lord of the ThunderCats, wielding the powerful sword of omens. Slithe smirked with anticipation at the feline's presence.

Slithe: "We've been expecting you, Cat."

Lion-O: "The same can said about you, Slithe."

At his side was the wise and quick cleric, Cheetara, Lilious and Mileana. Along with Panthro and the twins.

A familiar voice from behind the generals was echoed into Lilious and Mileana. They knew who the voice was.

Voice: "Six against five? That seems a little unfair, even to you, Right?"

He quickly took to the general's aid and drew his silver tipped blade, ready for the kill. Angry eyes only gazed upon the traitor.

Lilious: "You dare show yourself at the very temple you defied your gods and friends?"

Kornack: "I present myself where ever I so choose. And your so called gods could not provide me with the very thing I wanted in life. Humanity!"

Lilious: "You cured yourself?"

Kornack: "An herbal remedy that is now lost in time. No matter."

Pumyra: "Enough with the talking. Go in for the kill!!!"

Kornack: "Agreed. You heard the lady! Charge!!!"

In that instant, the dark forces charged into battle. Likewise the ThunderCats and Lycans retaliated with their counter charge. When both sides collided, Lion-O was face to face with Slithe and his Assault Rifle. Lilious blocked Pumyra’s bow shots with her mighty shield. Panthro was forced to match his strength with that of Addicus. The twins could only grapple themselves onto the Vulture's legs and begin biting them. The bird squeaked and shrieked in agony. The crazed Kaynar toyed with the Lycan leader Milena. Only Kornack was left with the Thunderian Cleric. Cheetara whipped out her staff, and dashed into the heat of battle. As the cheetah charged with such animalistic rage, Kornack braced for impact. He managed to block or avoid each of her fierce shots. He could sense the tension she has on him. Cheetara continued to swing a dub the traitor who murdered her mother to no evil.

Kornack: "Such hatred towards me. Have we met before? Have I done something to you in the past?"

Cheetara: "Something like that."

She continued to best him in the combat. She was then able to land a blow to his torso. Sending him to the ground. Cheetara quickie fell upon him, holding him down with all her strength. However, Kornack was able to push the cat off him. He quickly took his blade and pointed it at the cleric, who was lying on the floor. As Lion-O finished his battle, he quickly glanced over where Cheetara. He saw her at Karnack’s mercy.

Lion-O: "Cheetara!!!"

Kornack was about to unleash his blade that targeted her body, when a familiar voice called him out.

Voice: "I can't let you do that!"

The traitor glanced over to find that his old friend was standing there with hi blade drawn.

Kornack: "Morconas? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I'll be right with you."

Morconas: "No!!!"

The blade had begun it's coarse towards the young cleric's head. Splitting the cranium into two halves. She had shut her eyes. Embracing her fate. The blade was but a few inches close to its target when a clang was heard. When her eyes opened there was dead silence, and a blue transparent blade had stopped the steel tip from touching her. Wielding the spectral blade was none other than Yale. The blade pushed Karnack’s sword to the side, disarming him. Kornack was horrified to recognize the face of his once beloved friend. Morconas was shocked even more to notice the similarities between her and Cheetara.

Kornack: "What, What, What sorcery is this?"

Morconas: "Yale, is that you?"

Yale: "Hello, Marcy. It's been ages. I see you've met our daughter. If there's one thing you never knew about cats is that they tend to breed faster than most other races."

Morconas: "My daughter? I have a daughter?"

Kornack: "Daughter? That's impossibuaaahhhhhh!!!"

In that instant the spectral figure morphed itself into a fire sphere that penetrated through Kornack and disappeared. Igniting the traitor until all that was left were his burned crisp ashes.

As the battle began to end, the Lycan forces had held their ground, and many of the lizards had fled in fear of certain death. Slithe began to regain his consciousness as his forces had fled for their lives. He shouted in rage to his troops to return.

Slithe: "Come back here, you cowards!!!"

There was no acknowledgment to his cries of rage. It was in that moment that he noticed one of the Silver blades riffles was lying at his feet. He checked for ammunition inside the barrel. Only one bullet was inside.

Slithe: "One shot is all I'll need."

He then loaded the bullet and took aim. Right for lion-O's head. From the distance, Liliotus saw the lizard aim the riffle to her pack members. As sloth steadied his aim, Liliotus rushed to lion-O's unexpected aid. As she approached the cat, Liliotus took a deep breath before shoving him to safety.


The Pack and ThunderCats heard a shot fired from Lion-O’s location. Slithe assumed that he had shot both of them. But to his surprise, the King was back on his feet in a matter of minutes. He was furious at first. But when Lion-O saw that Liliotus' body was motionless, he turned her over to find her armor stained with her own life essence. He looked for a breath, a pulse, anything that would indicate that she had survived. But, Lion-O was quickly pulled back into reality. He knew that she was truly gone. He removed the shared of metal from the wound, only to feel its burn on his skin. The bullet was made of silver.

The others rushed to the scene where they saw Lion-O holding Liliotus' body. Cover in blood. They knew that they had lost a crucial ally. As lion-O wept for her. Slithe continued to walk forward, along with the rest of his generals and remaining troops. Slithe placed an armed blaster against the king's forehead with his finger gripping the trigger.

Slithe: "Any last words before I send you to meet her?"

Lion-O: "Only these few..."

He then stood on his two feet pulling the sword of omens from his claw shield, and uttered the words "Thunder, thunder, Thunder." as he did so Lion-o began to change his shape. The others soon followed like wise. They too, began to morph and change, until they all shared the likeness of a wolf. The generals and troops were shocked at this sudden change. The troops began to back slowly away.

Slithe: "What the hell is this sorcery?"

Lion-O stepped forward, the generals began to take steps back as the wolves drew closer and closer. Lion-O finished his battle cry in a growl like voice.

Lion-O: "ThunderrrCats, Hooooowwwwwlllll!"

All at once the werewolves all howled in harmony. Sending cold shivers down the lizard's spines. Unable to take any more of the frightening howls the troops began to disband one by one in all directions until all that were left were the generals. Even then Vultaire took flight away from the beasts. Kaynar and Addicus fled with the troops. Pumyra had slipped away, until Slithe was all but alone. Lion-O grasped the lizard by his armor. Petrified beyond imagination, he did not notice when the riffle fell to the ground.

Slithe: "No, No, No! Please! Spare me! I'll do anything, but please! If you can understand me, please!!!"

The titan drew the little fat lizard close to his face.

Lion-O: "Get out."

In that instant, Slithe was dropped to the ground. He was then allowed to flee with the rest of his platoon.

Not far from the Temple ruins, Pumyra was making her escape from the valley through the ruins of an old building. There was a sound of rocks moving and falling over that alarmed her. She quickly readied her bow gauntlet, firing on whoever was following her. She heard the sound of foots steps behind her. Instantly, she turned one hundred and eighty degrees to the direction of a figure standing behind her.

Pumyra: "Don't come any closer, Lion-O!"

Figure: "You really think you have the upper hand. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not Lion-O."

To her surprise, Pumyra saw the figure step forward, reviling himself to be Tygra.

Pumyra: "You!!!"

Tygra: "I have a name you know."

Pumyra: "I don't care whoever you're Lion-O or Tygra. You move and you're as good as dead."

Tygra: "Tough talk for a puma."

Pumyra: "Watch it, pretty boy. Wouldn’t want to damage your pretty face for the cleric."

Tygra: "Cheetara? Sorry to break it to you. But, we're not together anymore."

This had caught Pumyra’s attention. She now has nothing to hold her back from letting go of the bow string.

Pumyra: "Really? This'll be interesting."

Tygra: "What do you...?”

Before he could finish, Pumyra open fired a tiny smoke pellet that busted on impact on the ground surrounding Tygra in complete smoke. He decided to use the smoke to his advantage. He then used his power of invisibility to blend into the smoke. Pumyra searched endlessly for the tiger to no success. Tygra saw this as an opportunity to strike. She felt a presence behind her. Quickly she turned to look. But as luck would have it, she was struck in the torso by what felt like his hurtling fist. This blow sent Pumyra on to the ground her back. Unable to get herself up, Pumyra was then helpless as Tygra crouched down upon her. She felt a sensation of both fear and argument.

Tygra: "That wasn't much of a fight. What'd you think would be interesting?"

Pumyra: "It may have been not much of a fight. But, I do have you where I want you."

Tygra: "What?"

In that instant, Tygra was pulled by his shirt collar, until their lips touched. Tygra was in a state of shock.

Tygra: "Uh…, Whoa!"

Voice: "Eh humph, I'm not interrupting anything. Am I?"

The two look dupe to find Lion-O, leaning against the ancient pillar.

Tygra: "Uh, no! No, not at all."

Pumyra threw her opponent off of her and stood up. She dusted off anything that would be visible to others. Lion-O gave her a look of some degree of anger, and pleasure to see his old flame.

Pumyra: "My king."

Lion-O: "Pumyra."

Pumyra: "It's been ages."

Lion-O: "Yeah, it has."

Pumyra: "I was just about to leave when he intercepted me."

Lion-O: "why're you in such a rush? Was it because of me?"

Pumyra: "Well, yes and no. I simple didn't want to."

Lion-O: "It's okay. I understand. I don't blame you for being angry with me, and why you did what I guess you felt you had to do. I was mad at first, but, then I thought about it. I've realized that I should have been the one to apologies. I'm sorry for all the pain I didn't know I caused you."

Pumyra: "I,I don't know what to say. But, thank you."

Lion-O: "I guess you'll be on your way."

Pumyra: "Yeah, maybe."

Lion-O: "Maybe?"

In that moment, Pumyra reached into a satchel she had on her, and presented a small item rapped in a linen cloth. Lion-O accepted the gift and untied the knots of the cloth. This surprised him to find that the Technistone resided in the cloth.

Pumyra: "It's real, I assure you. Whether you choose to believe me or not. Don't ask me how I got it, I don't want to go into too much detail. I'll be on my way to who knows where. It's not likely they'd welcome me back."

She then made her way past Lion-O and continued her way towards her unknown destination. Lion-O returned to reality just in time to speak out to her.

Lion-O: "Pumyra, wait. If you'd like, you can travel with us again. What you and I had is over. But, I want to be your friend."

The lion reached out for Pumyra, seeking her hand in friendship and agreement. Pumyra was hesitant at first. She didn't know what would happen with the other when they'd find out. But, she remained calm.

Pumyra: "Lion-O, Mumm-Ra is my master, a cruel, heartless master. But you, you are still my king. If you'll allow it, I'd be glad to travel alongside you once more."

Her hand placed it self upon his, and the deed was done. All that remained now was to gather the dead and morn for their losses.

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