ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

For the better

High above the temple, there stood an altar. On that alter were the remains of all the Lycan warriors that were slain in battle. Among the victorious dead was the remains of Liliotus. The priestess stepped forward with torch in hand, and lit the pill of dead wood until the pill blazed with flames of eternal glory. The remaining council members, Morconas, Milena, and the ThunderCats along with their long lost ally, Pumyra.

Lion-O: "It's really great to have you back, Pumyra."

Cheetara: "I must admit it is nice to have you back on our side again."

Panthro: "It's a mistake if you ask me."

Wiley Kat: "Come on, Mr. Sourpuss."

Wiley kit: "If Lion-O could find it his heart to forgive her, and we can. Why can't you?"

Panthro: "I didn’t say I didn't. It's just."

Pumyra: "It's okay. If it's alright, I think we need to pay our respect."

Panthro: "since when'd you become so respectful all of a sudden? Never mind."

The rest of the ceremony continued as the Lycans all contributed their prayers to their fallen siblings until the flames died and all that remained were ashes and bone.

After the funeral, Morconas and Milena met with Cheetara in the room that once was her mother's quarters. Milena held in her hands the small black box that her mother had described to her before she disappeared back into the plain of the dead. She opened the lid to find a small note inside. As she unfolded the piece of parchment, she began to read through the words that her own mother written just before she died.

Morconas: "So, what's it say?"

Cheetara had cleared her throat, as she began to utter the written words of the woman who brought her into the world.

To my only daughter,

By the time you read this letter, I am most likely to have perished. With my death, I have taken many answers to your endless questions about our past. I cannot help but feel heartbroken that I cannot hold you in my arms and raise as the mother I should be. But, for your own safety, and the safety of your father. I had you away from all of the coming pain and suffering that I will be forced to bare. But the love I have for you will be the only fuel I need to keep going, even in the face of death. While I was carrying you in my belly, I had learned of Karnack’s plan to betray all of our kin, and planned to murder us all on my wedding day. Unaware to Kornack, I gave birth to you in a far off cave, while accompanied by Milena, who I entrusted you to find the best home she could find. I hope that you'll be raised in a warm loving home, and have the best education that is available to you. I hope that you'll grow up to be a fine young woman, and accomplish so much by the time you read this letter. All of the precautions I took was best for your survival. I understand if you feel such anger towards me. But know this, even in death I will never stop loving you, and I will always be with you until we meet in the next life. I n what I hope will be paradise.

Your loving mother


When Cheetara raised her head, her eyes were gushing with tears as a result of her mother's letter impaction goon her heart for the first time essence she was accepted into the clerics when she was just a child. She felt arms rap around her gently. She was surprised to find that it was Morconas, her own father, was holding his little girl for the very first time in both their lives.

Several hours had past. Lion-O consulted with both Cheetara and Tygra, who both agreed that for the better of both The Lycans and ThunderCats that the ThunderCats should be on their way to the last stone. Melena took Lion-O aside as the others said their fair wells.

Milena: "I understand your reasons for leaving, Lion-O. But understand this, if you ever need extra hands, we won't be far."

Lion-O: "Thank you, and I'm truly sorry about everything that's happened."

Milena: "You know, death comes to all of us. But, that does not mean she lost her honor along with her life. Besides, she's told me that you've all completed her life."

Meanwhile Cheetara was conversing with her newly found father, saying her goodbyes for the time being.

Cheetara: "I wish I could sat long."

Morconas: "I know, kiddo. But you also know where to find me."

He then drew his daughter close for a tight hug as all fathers do when they see their little girls go. She then parted from him to rejoin the others as they set off to complete their quest to defeat the greatest evil that has ever befallen the lands of third earth. Lion-O looked over to both Cheetara and Tygra. All three expressed feelings of some joy about themselves and each other. He looked back to see Pumyra helping out the little ones by answering their questions about Mumm-Ra's fortress.

Cheetara: "Well, this has been quite an interesting experience."

Tygra: "No kidding. You, learning about your family's history, Lion's history. And I, myself got lucky with the lovely later talking to our trusty sneak thieves."

Lion-O: "Pumyra? How'd that happen? If you don't mind me asking."

Tygra: "As a gentleman, I'm not at liberty to say anything. But, let's just say that she's had this crush on me for a very long time and the moment seemed right."

Cheetara: "Fair enough. But I have to say, that didn't take you long to meet someone."

Spontaneously the threesome laughed at the comment. They continued to chuckle at the remark until they silently calmed down.

Cheetara: "Lion-O, before my father let me go, when we were leaving, he gave me this.

She then pulled out a small package from behind her. Lion-O took the package that was wrapped in a linen cloth, with leather straps. He loosened the straps that reviled a note from Morconas.

Hopefully this'll help you out kicking some ass.


He pushed the note aside, and was stunned to find what was in the package.

Lion-O: "The power stone."

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