ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Hunters and the Hunted

The next morning, when dawns' light had shined, Lion-O, Tygra, and Liliotus were finishing their breakfast, and finishing their preparations for the big hunt of the day.

Liliotus: “Today, we'll be hunting for of the bigger game residing in the flat grass lands of the valley, that's where most stag and deer feed. That'll be this evening's meal. If we nab any predators in the area, they'll be the evening’s special. That's if it's edible.”

Lion-O: “We're ready when you are.”

Tygra: “The sooner we hunt, the sooner we get out of here.”

Liliotus: “Alright then, Lets go.”

The trio made their way from the table where they had consumed their morning meal, and went straight to the front entrance. Cheetara stood at the stairs, giving Tygra a confident look that made Tygra smirk. He then winked back at her.

Liliotus: “Cheetara, Why don't you help Arcion out in the kitchen? There's always a hoard when it comes to lunch and dinner.”

Cheetara gave her a glare of confusion as to why she needed to help the cook.

Cheetara: “But, I need to gather the supplies we need before we...”

Liliotus: “I took the liberty in having Morconas find the supplies you'll need. I had Lion-O and Tygra write a list for him. He should be back in a couple of hours.”

Cheetara: “Oh, thank you. You didn’t have to.”

Liliotus: “I thought it'd help you more. You can thank Morconas later. For now, I need you in the kitchen with Arcion and the little ones.”

Cheetara felt revealed after hearing about the supplies being taken care of by both her king and her lover. Both dearest friends.

Cheetara: “Alright, I'll report in.”

She turned to the kitchen door and pushed forward, disappearing behind the wooden door. At that time the threesome had opened the door leaving one by one until the door slammed shut.

Meanwhile, on the mountain road. A small lizard platoon led by Slithe, Vulture, Kaya, Addicts, and Palmyra in a full Mum Ra general armor. They were about to enter the mountain pass, when the lizards packed away their camp.

Slithe: “We’ll, need to keep up a Hansen passé if we are to beat the ThunderCats, from what Claris or, and Gorgeous reported.”

Kaynar: “If I have to wait two days just to skin one of those cats, I'm going to go berserk! Heh, heh.”

Pumyra: “Knock it off, Kaynar! Keep your task ahead of your pleasures. We need to get that stone first, then you can deal with them as you like.”

Addicus: “What's gotten into her?”

Kaynar: “Don't know. She's been so uptight since she broke that poor, little Lion-O.”

Kaynar and Addicus laughed at the fact. Suddenly a laser blast was fired from a short distance. Startled by the blast, Addicus yipped and leaped into Kaynars' arms. Instantly, the two dropped to the floor. The blast came from a fire arm, fired from Pumyra.

Pumyra: “Anyone else have anything to say?”

The reptiles kept quiet, and continued their work.

Pumyra: “Now, pick yourselves of the grass, and get moving. We need to make it half way by sunset.”

The Jackal and Ape pulled themselves from the ground and followed their comrades, along with the entire troop towards the treacherous mountain pass.

It was noon, when Lion-O, Tygra, and Liliotus had arrived to their designated hunting grounds there, the wild game grazed and moved thought the plains. The trio made their way to a camouflaged pit that served as their base of operations.

Liliotus: “This will serve as our camp for the day. We'll need to nab at least two of those Elk, out there.”

Lion-O: “Alright, let’s get started.”

For those few hours, they hunted for the elk, although they weren't successful as in catching one of those majestic creatures. Lion-O and Tygra decided to chase the creature to the Forrest edge, with high hopes as to catch the beast. A few minutes later, they were about to acquire the beast when suddenly, Lion-O had stepped onto a branch, which then caused the earth beneath him to shift and slide into a deep ledge. Lion-O had been dragged into the clearing a couple of feet below. Although he was not seriously injured, Lion-O suffered from minor injuries, such as a bruise to his head, a few cuts on his arms and feet, and multiple scratches all over his body. After gaining consciousness in a matter of seconds, Lion-O picked himself up from the floral floor. Tygra looked below the ledge, to be sure that his king was not injured.

Tygra: “You okay, Lion-O?!!”

Lion-O: “Just a few cuts, bruises, and scratches. Otherwise I'm fine.”

As the Cat king stood, He felt a moist, clump beneath his foot. The pile was smelled foul. But this was no foul made of any Forrest creatures' digested meal. As Lion-O looked down, he noticed the lump was crimson red, fluid covered. He could recognize that as the flesh of some animal. As he looked down, he notice a trail of blood leading him to the half-eaten corpse of one of the local townsfolk he had noticed the night before. The lower half of the body was completely gone. The entrails were laid bare before him, inside of the clearly visible skeletal rib cage. Overwhelmed by the stench of the bloody skeletal remains, Lion-O quickly turned away, holding down his breakfast. At that moment, Tygra and Liliotus had made their way down the hillside to see if Lion-O was alright. When Tygra stood in front of Lion-O, the king hurled all his breakfast all over his brothers' feet. Tygra stood still, shocked a d disgusted at what had just happened. He gave the Lion a look of frustration, as he shrugged in the muck which he felt, chunky and slimy.

Tygra: “I'm going to give you ten seconds to tell me why you vomited on my feet.”

Lion-O: “There, go have a look.”

Tygra and Liliotus looked upon the skeletal remains, Liliotus bent down it confirm who the victim was and the cause of death. During her years of hunting, she had seen every kind of predatory mutilation known to the region. As she searched, she stumbled upon a golden amulet, buried within a small patch of the poor corpses' flesh. After investigating the remains, Liliotus picked herself up from the ground. She turned to her companions with a face of grave concern.

Liliotus: “I know this man. He's a regular at the inn. Nice fellow, hot tempered, but a good man.”

Tygra: “So, what happened to him?”

Liliotus: “Well, it looked as if the predator slashed his jugular vein, and obviously the legs and feet are completely gone, from then on, the beast held him down, breaking his neck in the process.”

Lion-O: “Do you know anything that could have done this?”

Liliotus: “Not really, all the game wouldn't attack him, unless he provoked them. I doubt it, but it's possible. Although...”

Lion-O: “What?”

Liliotus: “There is a local legend that on nights of the full moon...”

Before she could continue her story to the brothers, they heard bristles in the bushes, and a large growl. Appearing from behind the bush was a Kirronyx bear, a local predator of the region and lethal to any lost travelers. The band armed themselves in caution.

Tygra: “It’s friendly, right?”

Just then, the beast roared its cry of attack, and charged its massive body towards the three. They cleared its path just before coming into contact. The beast stooped in its tracks. The group circled the creature. Liliotus pulled out her hunting bow. But, before she could fire any of her arrows, the monstrous bear stood on its hide legs, towering over the innkeeper. The beast swung its massive paw, launching her as if she were a rag doll. Before he could react, Tygra was knocked down a small hillside, along with Liliotus. When the two had reached the bottom, the unconscious pair were laying there. With Liliotus rested upon the tigers' chest. Now, the beast had turned its attention to Lion-O. Making his last stand, Lion-O drew the legendary Sword of Omens from the Gauntlet, ready for whatever outcome awaits him. The two stared at each other for a few minutes, both anxious for the first move. With a sudden impulse of anxiety, The Kirronyx charged towards Lion-O, the king mimic the creature’s move, both charging towards one another. As the creature was about to pounce onto the Lion, Lion-O, with one swing of his sword, delivered a mortal blow to the bears' throat, severing its jugular vein. The two passed one another. The beast dropped to the ground, still and lifeless. At that moment, Tygra had regained consciousness, to discover the beautiful innkeeper, lying on top of him. Shortly after he gave a look of surprise and amusement, Liliotus had too gained consciousness. She was intrigued in the position she was in. Liliotus simply maintained her position.

Liliotus: “Well, it's not too often I find myself on top of a good looking man often. We'll have to pick this up some other time.”

Tygra: “Actually, Uh...I uh...”

Before he could finish her statement, Liliotus hushed Tygra, gently touching his lips with her finger.

Liliotus: “We'll talk later.”

Lion-O gazed down on the two, hoping they were uninjured.

Lion-O: “I hope I'm not interrupting anything.”

Tygra: “Uh, no, actually, you picked a good time.”

Lion-O: “Not to brag or anything. But, I believe that I just caught tonight’s' dinner. Does Arcion know how to prepare Kirronyx?”

Liliotus: “You bet he does.”

Tygra: “We'll be up in a moment.”

Lion-O: “Take your time.”

The two picked themselves off of the ground and made their way to aid Lion-O with transporting the corpse of the massive beast.

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