ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Spells, Curses, and Bites

Back in the town, the young Wiley-Kat was wandering the streets, seeking for the perfect opportunity to pickpocket a suspecting victim. In an instant he found the perfect chance to nab a coin peruse, unguarded and unimportant to whoever it belongs to. So, naturally, he took his chance and reached for the bag. He silently made his way from the scene. However, the owner of the back made his presence known to the young cat. Frightened and determined to keep his prize, Wiley-Kat dashed from the elder. He informed a nearby guard of what had just accrued. Immediately, the guard charged after the young boy. The guard pursued him throughout most of the city. All seemed to end well for the young thief. Until, as if by chance, he ran into a young woman that was in his path, she was eighteen years of age, and was adored with a red hooded cloak. The two fell to the ground at that instance. When Wiley-Kat picked himself up, the guard was standing behind him, giving the boy an anxious look of pleasant. The guard grabbed the boy by his arm, escorting him to the purse owner.

Owner: “Make sure this little runt gets whatever is coming to him.”

Guard: “Don't worry, we'll know what to do with him.”

Woman: “Constable! The boy's my responsibility. I'll see that he'll be dealt with.”

Guard: “Boy, is this true? Do you know her?”

The kitten looked to the young woman, who in turn gave him a wink of insurance that everything would be alright. The boy turned back to the guard to reply to his question.

Wiley-Kat: “Yes, she's looking after me while my mother's away.”

The guard turned to the owner, with a look of reassurance to the incident would not happen again.

Guard: “Alright, I'll let him go this time. Better keep an eye on him. Because if I find his hand in anyone's pocket, I'm going to cut if off.”

The guard released the boy, and the two men went their separate ways. Wiley-Kit turned to the young woman, standing there smiling at the little one.

Wiley-Kat: “Uh..., thank you for...”

Woman: “You don't have to thank me. Believe me, I know what it's like to be hunted down by those who call themselves upholders of the law.”

Wiley-Kat: “Really, how so?”

Woman: “Originally, I was part of a gypsy caravan. The roads got a little more dangerous since Mum-Ra returned. So I settled here, and made my business here. Now, how about you come with back to my shop, we'll talk about your presence here.”

The two made their journey to the Gypsy' shop, where the two carried on a conversation of their journeys to the point of their meeting. The gypsy introduced herself Milena. As time passed, the kitten recalled his encounters in Thundera, his affiliation with the newly crowned king, and his epic tales on the battle field. In return, Milena spoke of her practices in the arts of magic and alchemy, she spoke of her quiet past. How she was once the daughter of a well-respected Wiccan family, how one night, a band of marauders raided their home and slaughtered her parents. She spoke of her inevitable escape and her adoption of a traveling gypsy caravan and her eventual settlement in the city.

Milena: “You’ve been quite a lot. More than I've been through all my life.”

Wiley-Kat: “I’m just one of the lucky ones, I would think.”

Milena: “I'm sorry about your city.”

Wiley-Kat: “Honestly, I and my sister weren’t living there for a long time.”

Milena: “True, but it was home, none the less?”

Wiley-Kat: “Yeah, It was. Wasn't it?”

Wiley-Kat noticed the time on the nearby clock, he knows that he will need to return to his companions.

Wiley-Kat: “I better get going. I have to get back to Lion-O and the others.”

Milena: “I’d better accompany you back to them. Tonight's not a good night to be wandering about the town. Especially this night.”

Wiley-Kat: “I'll be alright. Thank you for your concern.”

Milena: “I prefer to accompany you. But, if you insist, I'd advise you to take this medallion, as both a token of both my concern for your health, and my appreciation for your company these past few hours.”

She then handed him a silver medallion, depicting a pentagram, and in the five points of the star were the letters S, A, L, A, S.

Milena: “The letters in those stars are a protective spell against those spiritual forces who'd seek to harm you in your journeys.

Wiley-Kat: “Thank you. I hope I see you again some time.”

Milena: “I hope so as well.”

The young kitten made his way out of the alchemist shop, and into the cold, moon lit night. Later that evening, Wiley-Kat met up with Wiley-Kit, and they made their way back to the inn. They were nearly half way, when they came upon a moor clearing.

Wiley-Kit: “Kat, do you get the creeps just by walking by those moors?”

Wiley-Kat: “Why would I?”

Wiley-Kit: “Well..., it’s just..., we heard a sound last night, me and Panthro. It sounded like they were coming from the nearby moors, like this one.”

Wiley-Kat: “Like what?”

At that moment, the same spine chilling howl as was heard before the night before. This alerted the twins into state of caution. Casually, they began walking again. Again, the sound was heard again, this time as a nearby growl. This began to frighten the kittens. So, they hastened their pace into a speed walk. Once more the unsettling howl was sounded. Now the two ran for it, hoping to reach the inn as fast as they could muster. A few moments later, the twins began to hear trembling thuds behind them. As they looked back, all they could see was the blacken silhouette of a large predator, lunging towards them with frightening red eyes, and with unbelievable speed. Nearly a quarter mile away, the kittens were still pursued by the shadow. Just as they were coming up the road, they saw Lion-O, waiting for the two. As he was about to greet them, the beast made its move by pouncing upon the twins, biting and snapping at the helpless children. The two struggled and fought their way out by hitting the creature’s snout after several seconds of relentless attacks, coming out with numerous scratches and huge bite marks. The Kittens took cover behind Lion-O, whom drew the legendary blade and charged. However, the creature swung its mighty paw, launching him into the air for less than a second, until hitting the ground. Then the beast struggled with Lion-O, until in an instance, the monstrous creature bit right into Lion-Os' left shoulder. After struggling with the beast for a few seconds, Lion-O was able to break free of the beasts' grip and reach for the Sword of Omens. Sensing that the conflict will result in its termination, the dark figure made its escape into the night. Sensing that the danger has past, Lion-o put the blade away in its place in this gauntlet. Turning to see if the two were alright, Lion-O is horrified to see the two kittens lying on the ground, bleeding out from their severe wounds. He knew that he had also come across his bodily inflictions, as he saw his own blood, drip from the deep teeth marks and claw slashes. As he began to lose blood, Lion-O began to lose his vision to total darkness. He knew that he had to get the kids and himself back to the inn. But, as much as he tried, he kept falling to the ground. After several attempts to move, lion-O collapsed and began to blackout. As his eyes darkened, he could see in the distance, a feminine silhouette figure running

Towards them. He called out in the distance a name. A name he'd hope to call upon again in better conditions.

Lion-O: “Pumyra.”

In that moment, the young king blacked out before he could see who his rescuer was.
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