ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Dark Changes

Next morning, Lion-O had awaken in his bed, bandaged and completely bare. He removed the covers and reached for his pants. After getting them on, he stood from his bed and made his way to the door, opened it, and made his way down stairs. There he found his comrades sitting at the table, enjoying a delicious breakfast. All but two, Cheetara and Tygra kept starring at one another. Both with aggressive expressions over their faces. Lion-O looked both concerned and confused as to why the two are at each other’s throats so suddenly, after all they've been through. Calmly, Lion-O took his place at the end of the table, right next to where Cheetara and Tygra were starring off at each other. The former couple just sat there, motionless, as if there were made of stone. Neither one had touched their food, the freshness of their warm meal had gone cold.

Lion-O: “Have I missed something while I was out?”

Wiley-Kit: “Isn't it obvious? They broke up after an argument last night.”

Lion-Os' eyes had widened due to the shocking news he had just heard. He had never thought that their love could end in an instant.

Lion-O: “Really? How did that happen, and how do you know?”

Wiley-Kat had finished what he had on his plate. He let out a silent burped, excused himself, and cleared his throat in preparation to tell the tragic end of their relationship.

Wiley-Kit: “Basically, They got into an argument, well, not much of an argument. Anyway, they both had different ideas about their relationships' future. So ultimately, Tygra broke up with Cheetara. That's what Kit told me.”

Lion-O sat there, looking down at his plate of breakfast. In deep thought of the news.

Lion-O: “I don't suppose you know what the argument was about.”


Cheetara: “Who are you to interfere with anyone else' lives?!!”

Lion-O: “I'm..., I’m sorry. I'll...Stay out of this.”

Tygra: “You better!”

Cheetara: “Don't you threaten him! He only was curious! You don't have to be so mean to

Him like the ass you've always been!”

Tygra: “Whatever! I'm out of here.”

In that moment, Tygra stood from the table and made his way out to the door.

Lion-O: “Where're you going?”

Tygra: “Out!”

In that moment, He was gone. After he slammed the door shut. Cheetara then pushed her chair in and excused herself upstairs to be alone. Lion-O turned to the stairs. He stood and pushed his chair in.

Lion-O: “I don't care what she says or what you have to say, I'm going up there.”

Lion-O made this way towards the stair case and made his way up. Wiley-Kat looked at his plate, seeing it empty. He looked at the last piece of butter milk flat cake left on the platter. As he reached for it, it was suddenly swiped away from his tiny grasp by none other than Panthro. This enraged him so.

Wiley-Kat: “Hey! That's mine!

Panthro: “Sorry. Once you've driven a tank of your own, you'll get the last flat cake.”

Unknowingly, the boys' eyes began to glow a bright, bloody red, as he began to hear voices in his head. Tempting him to strike at the panther and claim what is rightfully his. Panthro turned to Kat, seeing the brightness of his monstrous eyes. This made him unsettled, and honestly, a little frightened of this new behavior.

Panthro: “Uh..., are you okay?”

Meanwhile, upstairs from where the dining hall was, Cheetara was standing near the window, looking out in the distance, over viewing the great moors. She saw that the lush green hillsides, full of life. Sheltering local wildlife and their families. This brought tears to her eyes at the very thought of starting a family. Tears overwhelmed her, she fell on her knees and covered her face in agony over the thought that her one true love would reject her idea of starting a new life with Tygra. There was a knock at the door, she immediately removed her face from her gentle hands. She saw that Lion-O stood at the door. With nothing more but the clothes he wore. She felt a pulse through her body at the very sight of Lion-Os' fit abdominal region.

Lion-O: “Hi. Can I come in?”(Gently speaking)

Wiping her tears away, Cheetara picked herself from the floor and sat on the bed.

Cheetara: “Yes, come in.”

Lion-O stepped into the room and took a seat next to the heartbroken girl, in an effort to try and comfort her.

Lion-O: “Look, I'm sorry if I was prying into anything you didn’t want me to hear.”

Cheetara: “No, I'm sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you, you didn’t know what was going on. But, thank you any way.”

Lion-O: “If you don't mind if I ask. I...”

Cheetara: “...Want to know why we separated. Right?”

Lion-O nodded in reply.

Cheetara: “It was over an idea that popped into my mind last night, after seeing Kat and Kit sleeping peacefully. I had the feeling that he'd would be thrilled if I'd asked him to be the father of my children. To my surprise, he has better plans than to settle down and have a family, once this war was over.”

Lion-O saw the sadness in her eyes at the very thought of Tygra leaving her over the silly idea. Lion-o gently placed his hand over Cheetara'. She turned to the young king, starring off into his eyes, seeing one door close and another one open to her. She did not know what to make of it. She felt like placing her lips on his for some strange reason, maybe it was out of desperation, or grief, or maybe even out of pure love. But, she pulled herself back from his lips.

Cheetara: “I'm sorry. I..., I didn't know what came over...”

Lion-O grasped her hand gently as before.

Lion-O: “I'm sorry. You're still in grief after what you've been through. I shouldn’t have pushed into telling me, and I should have left you in peace.”

Cheetara: “you were only caring about me, you don't need to be sorry. You're a good man Lion-O, you've always have been, no matter what.”

She leaned to his face and kissed his cheek ever so gently. At that moment, the two heard screaming coming from Panthro and Wiley-kit, downstairs. They leaped to their feet, made their way down. They found Wiley-Kat, scarfing down what was on the table. Panthro cover his arm where the boy attacked him.

Lion-O: “What happened to you?”

Panthro: “The little brat bit me and Tygra, after I took the flat cake left over.”

Wiley-Kit: “He just went berserk. His eyes were this reddish color.”

Cheetara: “and Tygra?”

Panthro: “Out again! He said.”

The boy continued to eat in his savage ways. Until suddenly as if he was waking up, Wiley-Kat had stopped and wiped his mouth clean. He looked around, only to see his friends terrorized by his unconscious actions. He leaped from the table and stood firmly on the ground.

Wiley-Kat: “Do I have something in my teeth?”

Panthro: “What's the matter with you?!!”

Wiley-Kat: “What..., what happened?”

Lion-O: “What are you talking about? You just attacked Panthro and ate all the food with nothing, but your bare teeth.”

Wiley-Kat: “I did?”

Cheetara: “You don't remember any of it?”

Wiley-Kat: “Should I?”

Everyone in the room looked confused at one another over the current situation as to why he simply cannot remember what had happen.

Lion-O: “Alright, let's just let it go. But, I want all of you to keep an eye on one another Just in case this happens again.”

Lion-O left the room to help out in the kitchen. So too did Cheetara. Panthro and Kit kept their distance.

Later that night, after business had taken its course. The ThunderCats had sat down to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by theirs' truly. Liliotus had finished setting the table, with the help of Lion-O and Cheetara. During the course, it was pleasant, besides the facts that were confirmed this morning. This time, Cheetara sat next to Lion-O, rather than Tygra. The tiger noticed her sudden interest in Lion-O, the Wheels of jealousy began to turn in his head. Near the end of the meal, Panthro reached for the last piece of Salmon Steak and placed it on Wiley-Kats' plate. Wiley-Kat looked nervously at Panthro.

Wiley-Kat: “It's yours if you want it.”

Panthro: “Uh..., no thanks. I'm good.”

Cheetara: “This has nothing to do with the fact that he bit you, now does it?”

Panthro: “Not denying it, or admitting it.”

Lion-O: “Panthro, he said he was sorry.”

In that moment, Wiley-Kat began to feel pains in his stomach, thus began to moan and grunt a bit. The other turned to see if he was alright. Liliotus stepped out of the kitchen to discover the boys' condition. This brought great concern to her mind.

Liliotus: “Are you okay?”

Wiley-Kat: “Just a stomach ache. That's all.”

His eyes began to take their crimson shade as they did before. This began to make him show his canine teeth and draw out his claws. He barked several times, as if he were a wild dog. He leaped from the spot on the floor and onto the table where he snatched the Salmon Steak in his mouth and made his way up stairs. After a few seconds, they began to hear shouts and cries of pain. While the others went upstairs to investigate, Panthro stayed behind. He felt woozy and overheated. He looked at his hand and began to notice sudden changes.

Upstairs, Lion-O and the others discovered that the door had been shut. They try to open the door, and found it to be locked from the inside.

Lion-O: “Wiley-Kat?!! Are you Okay?!!”

The only response to his questions were more painful screams, and monstrous howls. It was in this moment that lion-O and Tygra broke down the door, to discover that Wiley-Kat was in the process of a dark metamorphosis. His ears were more pointed, his fur more thick, and his feet and had taken the form so similar to that of a wild dog, a wolf even. The Beast spotted the group and slowly made his way towards them. Lion-O just knelt there, curious enough to find out if Wiley-Kat was still in that new form.

Lion-O: “Wiley-Kat?”

The beast only whimpered and whined after the transformation, until it let out a spine chilling howl, much like the creature from the night before. This triggered bodily pains on Wiley-Kit, as she began to back away from the group and shift into her new form, ripping her clothes off, trying to find relief for her body over heating to no avail. Frightened and confused, Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara made their way down stairs. Upon arriving to the dining room, they had discovered a tall greyish creature standing over where Panthro had been sitting. Back at the top of the stairs, the twin wolves stood their preparing to make their way down. The threesome then made their way into the dining hall to confront the one beast. Behind the beast was Morconas. He struck the creature with nothing more than his bare fist, he challenged the beast into unarmed combat. The monster replied by throwing one of its powerful punches, right into his gut. The two fought their way in the hall, blow after blow. Near a hallway with caged doors stood Liliotus. She signaled lion-O and the others to stand by her.

Liliotus: “Lion-O, I need you and your friends to get the little ones into these cages. I will explain later.”

Lion-O nodded, and as they turned back to the stair case, the two wolves were making their way down. The three lured the puppies into the hall where Liliotus stood in, and made their way into one of the cages at the end of the hall. While Morconas, head locked Panthro into submission, and threw him into one of the cages. The twins, however, would go in so easily. Lion-O and Tygra stood at the door way of one of the cages. The two pups began to growl and prepared to pounce upon the princes. As they leaped towards them, Lion-O and Tygra backed away from the door way and let the two collide with the wall, disorienting them into unconsciousness. Then they simply shut the gate and locked it into place. They looked towards Liliotus and Cheetara, only to find that she too had sure come to the change. Cheetara looked at her comrades as she began to shift.

Cheetara: “I think what's happened to Wiley-Kat, Kit, and Panthro is also happening to me. Please..., help me into one of those cages.”

As requested, Lion-o and Tygra took Cheetara on each of their shoulders and laid her gently into one of the cages. Upon locking the door, she had completed the change into a monstrous she-wolf. Tygra began to feel lighted and leaned on lion-Os' shoulders. Lion-O himself came under to the transformations. He helped Tygra, and himself into one of the nearby, empty cages, and had Liliotus shut it on them. As she did, she had witnessed their transformation from her fond Thunderian friends, in to monstrous, Wolf like titans, capable of who knows what.

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