ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Questions needing Answers

Several hour shad past, Lion-O had slowly awaken from a most horrid sleep. But, soon he discovered that he had awakened inside of a cage like structure. He looked all around him when he discovered Tygra, lying next to him. A whisper called out to Lion-O from behind the wall behind him. It was Cheetara’s voice.

Cheetara: “Lion-O, is that you?”

Lion-O: “Cheetara! Cheetara, are you alright?”

Cheetara: “Well, I'm cold, Naked, and sitting next to a pile of rotting meats. Other than that I'm fine. And you?”

Lion-O: “Same here, and a little light headed.”

There was another voice calling out to them from the other side of the hall. There Wiley Kat and Kit were calling out.

Wiley-Kat: “Guys, you alright?!!”

Cheetara looked around the little room. She began to think that this was some sort of cell or cage at least.

Cheetara: “Where are we?”

Lion-O: “Looks like a prison.”

Panthro yawned awake and aware of the situation at hand, and pushed himself up from the hay pile he was sleeping on.

Panthro: “Sounds just about right to me.”

A knock was heard by the ThunderCats, coming from the door way leading out of the little jail. Standing there in the door way was none other than Morconas.

Morconas: “Good, you're up. About damn time.”

Lion-O: “Morconas?!! We're at the inn.”

Morconas: “No Duh! Brought you all a new set of clothes, Figured you'd need them after last night. Liliotus' waiting for you in the dining room.”

He then reached for the nearby lever that triggered the cage doors to retract up, opening the cell doors for the captive ThunderCats. He left the pile on the floor for the felines to sort through.

Morconas: “Be quick, it’s important that you should know.”

Lion-O: “Know what?”

Morconas: “You'll see.”

Lion-O and the others stood from where they were, then made their way towards the pile.

After getting dressed, the ThunderCats made their way into the dining hall. There, Liliotus sat with her face looking down on a medallion. To Wiley-Kats' surprise, that medallion was completely identical to the same amulet that Milena had given him. Liliotus cleared her throat softly, and raised her head.

Liliotus: “I suppose you all want answers about the cages I had set up?”

Lion-O: “Well..., yes, that would answer my questions.”

Tygra: “It'll keep me from giving you a piece of my mind.”

Morconas: “Watch yourself, kid. That's all...”

Liliotus: “Morconas! It's alright. They have a right to know.”

Lion-O: “Know what exactly?”

Liliotus gestured her feline guests to seat themselves.

Liliotus: “Remember, a while back, I was about to tell you about a local legend, Lion-O?”

Lion-O: “Yeah, what about it?”

Liliotus: “There are tales throughout this world, and worlds beyond about people of every race, and social status becoming one with nature. Mostly becoming beastly beings with enhanced abilities. Most cam change at will, while others can only maintain one single form. I happen to be one of those Man-Beasts that can change from one form to another, and back. So is Arcion, and Morconas. A Lycanthrope.”

Lion-O: “Lycanthrope?”

Tygra: “What's that?”

Liliotus: “In other words, I am a Werewolf.”

Lion-O looked to Cheetara, hoping she knew what Liliotus was talking about. Alas, she knew not of the creature Liliotus announced she was.

Lion-O: “What's a Werewolf?”

Liliotus: “A Werewolf is a person that's been given the ability to change their shape into the likeness of a wolf. They usually change during the nights of the full moon. However, the Werewolf can change at will, if they can. The Transformations can be caused by other things, like allowing your primal senses and instincts to be affected.”

Cheetara: “Not to interrupt, but what has this got to do with us being inside all those cages?”

Liliotus: “The reason why you were inside those cages was because you're all werewolves now, ever since the incident a night ago.”

Their eyes widened, they turned to one another, confused and shocked at the news that was delivered to them.

Cheetara: “That's the most ridiculous explanation! That's impossible!”

Lion-O: “That..., that would explain what happened to all of us last night. The way Kat behaved, the way he looked, why we felt such horrible pain. Think about it. We all suffered from these transformations. “

Tygra: “What I don't understand is, how’d we end up as these “Lycanthropes”?

Liliotus: “There are several ways to become one, however, most of them never worked. The only real way to be infected by Lycanthrope is to make direct contact with someone infected by it. Through bites, scratches, even seemingly harmless acts such as kissing, and even through intercourse. Lion-O, Kat and Kit caught it by coming into contact with a Werewolf that night. Tygra and Panthro must have caught it by being bitten by Kat. How Cheetara caught it is beyond me. Unless you'd like to fill us in?”

Cheetara’s' eyes widened. Nervously, she cleared her throat and filled in how she came into contact with the disease.

Cheetara: “You said that it can spread from kisses, right?”

Liliotus: “That's right. But, who...”

Tygra: “If I had to guess..., Lion-O.”

The king nodded in acceptance to the accusation. Tygra gave Lion-O a look that of disappointment and anger towards him.

Liliotus: “Well..., that explains that.”

Wiley-Kat observed the amulet, he continued to notice the striking similarity between his amulet, and hers. Finally, He got the courage to step forward to Liliotus.

Wiley-Kat: “Liliotus, Can I ask you a question?”

Liliotus: “Of course. What is it?”

Wiley-Kat: “That amulet you're wearing..., what is it?”

Liliotus looked at the amulet, picked it up from the table, and began to observe it. She continued to stare at the piece of jeweler for a few more seconds, until...

Liliotus: “This amulet was given to me by a member of the most highly regarded werewolf clans in all of the mortal realm. It's called “The Order of the Wolfs' Star.” They are made up of those who have been deemed worthy by the Groups' Alpha, the leader of the Order. They run much like a pack, they hunt and work together, dedicated to the kill, or their objective. Only those few, or anyone else the Alpha see worthy may run with the pack. I happen to be one of them. Why do you ask?”

The young boy reached into his shirt pulling out and revealing an identical amulet to that of Liliotus'. Liliotus gasped at the very sight of the amulet. Lion-O observed the amulet, comparing it to Liliotus'.

Lion-O: “Hey, I knew I'm stating the obvious. But, the amulets match each other. Does that mean..., He's one of them?”

Liliotus stood from her chair and walked up to Wiley-Kat. She placed her hand on his shoulders, and knelt down to make eye contact.

Liliotus: “Kat, Where did you get this?”

Wiley-Kat: “I got from Milena, when she took me in.”

Liliotus stood up and made her way to the window. She stared off into the distance, over viewing the town. She knew that Milena would have the answer for giving Wiley-Kat the amulet.

Liliotus: “We're going to find out. Have your things packed, all of you. We're heading off to Milena’s shop first, then we make for the wilderness. That's where the Order meets.”

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