ThunderCats - Call of the Hunt

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Enter the Order

Later that day, Lion-O, Liliotus, and the others made their way from the small inn, to the humble cottage shop of the gypsy woman known as only Milena. But, once they had arrived, they had discovered the store to be closed at the present time. The only soul there was a hooded figure with a note in their hand. The figure noticed the group approaching the shop, then walked towards Liliotus, and handed her the note. Once the note was handed over to its recipient, the figure made his way up the road, leading out of town. Liliotus opened the letter to find a message for her.


You most likely noticed that I am gone. I have left the town, in fear for my life, and for the safety of the order. Our old adversaries have come out of hiding. You know what that means. I had my associate hand you the letter, fearing that it would fall into the wrong hands. You, and your newly found siblings are to meet at the ruins of the Lycian temple of Lumitta. I'm sure that you know your way there. If not, your nose will probability catch our scent. I hope you reach there without delay.


Knowing very well what she meant by, Liliotus nodded to Lion-O to get the others to keep moving.

Liliotus: “We better get moving. We have to reach the temple before dusk.”

With that thought in mind, Liliotus and Lion-O gathered their comrades and made their way out of town and towards the temple ruins. The road lead the from out of the village, and into the deep of the woods, far beyond any sign of civilization. The ThunderCats and their allies made their way down the path for a good few hours. It was nearly sundown when Liliotus came across a far too familiar path, one she had journeyed on before. This path was hidden away by bushes and tree branches. Liliotus turned to Arcion and Morconas, who then began to remove the forest camouflage, revealing to the ThunderCats a dark cavern entrance leading to an unknown location. Cheetara and Tygra looked to Lion-O with a glare of concern. He simply nodded in assurance. He then made his way up to the dark cave and faded into the darkness. It was a few minutes until they heard a familiar voice calling from the other side of the cave.

Lion-O: “It's clear. You guys better come and see this.”

Tygra looked to his former lover. She too looked back, then they turned their attention to the cavern mouth. They headed down the cave entrance. It was dark for only a few moments. When they had reached the end of the tunnel, they could see Lion-O standing there gazing off into the wide distance of majestic natural mountain formation, lush green pine tree forests, soft, lively grass covered flat lands, teaming with numerous wild game, and other forms of life, from the birds in the sky, to the fish in the streams and lake, ruptured by endless water falling from the cliffs nearby. The only piece of any intelligent life was a massive temple like structure, carved in the high mountain side. With stairs leading from the side of the water fall, all the way to the bright moonstone door, adorned with ancient Lycian tongue and depictions of wolves and of course the moon itself. Their mouths just widened at the mere sight of the majestic, and hollow structure. Shortly, Liliotus and the others followed behind the threesome. Liliotus stood next to the young king.

Liliotus: “That's where we're heading.”

Lion-O: “Then, What are we waiting for?”

They continued to press on with their journey to the temple like structure. Supposed home of the order of the star.

It was at sunset when they had finally reached the great door way. The stones laid still before the band, displaying the sacred markings that had once blessed the halls of the temple. Liliotus looked to Arcion, who then made his way to the front gates, and pride the doors open by pushing the great stones open. There, they beheld the sight of web covered stone furniture. Torn drapery, scorched pieces of rotting wood, and the sight of crisp mummified remains of Lycans. These were not just the bodies of men, but also of women, and even children. All suffering the same horrible fate by fire. They all had displayed faces of horror, and grief at the mere sight of the horror, Mostly Liliotus, Arcion, and Morconas. Cheetara began to shed tears at the mere sight of those lives had been lost to whatever had caused the holocaust. She felt a hand grasp hers. To her surprise, it was her lord and king, Lion-O. Only trying to help bare this unspeakable feelings of fright.

Cheetara: “Thank you.”

She smiled as she wiped the newly drawn tears from her eyes. Tygra looked on in disgust at the mere thought of his own flesh and blood would steal away the woman he loved.

Lion-O: “What exactly happened here?”

Liliotus took a deep breath and turned to the young king.

Liliotus: “Now is not the time to ask questions. But, I swear, all your questions will be answered in time.”

She turned back to the stairs that laid in front and made her way towards them. Despite the sight of death surrounding them, the fellowship made their way towards the stairs that stood just across the hall, climbed the countless steps which lead them higher and higher up to the temple. When they had reached the top of the stairs, there was an open chamber, lit by both torch and open flame. Surrounding the flames were three, long tables, and at the end of the room was a throne. Sitting on the throne with their legs crossed on right arm was a hooded figure, accompanied by other hooded people, each seated at the long tables by eight. Both Lycans and ThunderCats stepped into the chamber. Liliotus was the first to step forward and presented herself to who appeared to be the ruler, or head of the group. The figure gestured Liliotus to disrobe a present herself to the group.

Figure: “Sister..., Disrobe and shift.”

Liliotus obeyed and Disrobed and presented her bare flesh to the gathered. After a few seconds, she voluntary shifted into her beastly form. The wolf stood calm and still, awaiting the next command.

Figure: “Welcome, Sister. You've brought with you our new sibling runts.”

Panthro: “Runts?”

Morconas: “New comers. They want to be sure if they see any potential in you guys.”

Lion-O looked at the hooded figure, and stepped forward, presenting himself to their criticism.

Figure: “You, there... Why have you stepped forward when you have not been told to?”

Lion-O: “Who are you to command me? I seek only to know what happened to us, and why we were brought here.”

The figure remained silently for a moment or two before retaliating.

Figure: “I see you as a man, simply trying solve all of life’s' problems and aid those in need, never thinking of himself. The virtues of a leader. But, you lack the respect that you so crave from your siblings.”

The hooded one then revealed herself to be none other than the gypsy woman herself, Milena. The ThunderCats gasped in surprise. Wiley-Kat stepped from behind the others, and presented himself next to Lion-O.

Wiley-Kat: “Milena, Are you the leader of this..., whatever it is?”

To humor her young friend, Milena nodded in reply. Declaring her leadership over the other hooded ones, who then unveiled their hoods, revealing themselves to be Werewolves in their beast forms. Lion-O and Kat widened their eyes at the sight of all the Lycans that stood before them.

Lion-O: “What..., what is all this?”

Milena: “I knew you would have many questions as to why we are all gathered here. We all seek the same answers as you do. We want to find out how you came to being Lycans in the first place. In return, we shall explain the existence of our order, and its purpose.”

Cheetara: “And, what is that purpose?”

Milena: “Come have a seat, and we can begin.”

The members of the order, along with the ThunderCats took their seats, as they began to converse with one another.

Milena: “I believe the best way to start the story is through the beginning.”

She goes on to tell the story as follows...

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