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Behind The Silence- YoonMin, VKook, Namjin


Here, in this very story: Taehyung's Hyung-JIMINIE PABO- (older brother) is deaf Taehyung's Hyung-WORLDWIDE HANDSOME- is WORLDWIDE HANDSOME YOU KNOW? Yoongi's Dongsaeng-JUSTIN SEAGULL- (younger brother) is deaf Tae and Jimin move into a new neighborhood. Hobi is Cupid... Okay seriously though, Hobi is the miracle worker of this whole story Make Sense? Good now come along!!

Romance / Other
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Taehyung's POV


I turn off my alarm on my phone and sigh. I think I’m going to hate it here...

I get up and head to Jimin, my hyung’s, room. I texted him and heard his phone vibrate through the door as his ringtone played,“Ayo~ Hitman Bang introduces! HitIt the seco-". Later I could feel shuffling, bumping, and a few slipping noises. Yep, he’s lost it again, I thought when the door finally opened.

His hair was a chaotic mess and he had obviously not slept well at all. ‘It’s time to get ready for school’, I signed to him. He ran his fingers through his hair, a habit of his, and then signed back, 'I hope that I won't be the only death kid at this new school too.' I sighed and gave him a small smile.

He smiled back then ran into this room, most likely to get ready for school. I went back to my room and changed into my favorite Gucci shirt and some jeans.

I went then fixed my hair and headed downstairs for breakfast. Jimin hyung and Jin hyung were both already in the kitchen. I sat across from Jimin hyung, who was playing on his phone, and tapped on the table to get his attention.

He looked up and smiled at me while putting away his phone. 'Jin Hyung is making Pancakes!' I smiled and quickly got up to help Jin Hyung set up the table. Jimin Hyung LOVES Jin Hyung's pancakes so this will definitely make him happy! I want him to be stress-free before we have to go to the School of Tears.

"Jin Hyung! Good morning," I said as I came up to him cheerfully. "Hi, TaeTae! Did you sleep well?" Jin Hyung had a plate piled with pancakes in his hands as he turned to me. "Mhmm! Nope It was great! It was terrible. I love this new house. I hate this new house. The neighborhood's very peaceful too! There was a cat fight, a dog fight, and then a group of kids were yelling too loud at the crack of midnight." He chuckled, knowing I was clearly lying. "Here," he handed me the plate," take these to that table and I'll bring everything else.

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