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Behind The Silence- YoonMin, VKook, Namjin

Yoongi's POV

Dear Little Brown Piano In The Back Of My Memory,
I swear the little bunny is such a brat! He's lucky he's my brother or else I would've kicked him out in an instant. The absolute nerve of this brat!
I swear I'm going to pick a fight! I need to be at school early today but this kid decided he was going to wait until THIS MORNING RIGHT BEFORE WE HAVE TO LEAVE TO DO HIS HOMEWORK!!
I even told him to do it right when he got home from school because I would be at the basketball meet first. Now he's scrambling around while yelling at me. "HYUNG WHERE IS MY HEARING AID?!? HYUNG?!? HYUNG ARE YOU ALIVE?!?" This kid, you would think someone who was born death would remember that they couldn't hear a response. But I- Dang it! I think he fell down the stairs!
-Genius JJang JJang Man Boong Boong

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