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Meeting the parents


This is about James Potter and Lily Potter (Evans in this book). James will be meeting Mr. and Mrs. Evans today in this Fanfic Want to see more follow @all_about_harrypotter23 on instagram

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

James perspective

I start getting dressed and doing my hair I want to look nice for Mr. and Mrs. Evans. But my hair won’t stay down no matter how much I try my hair is always messy.

“Dad we have a problem!” I said

“What is it son?” Dad asked. Not looking up from the newspaper.

“I’m meeting the Evans tonight and my hair is messy it won’t stay flat on my head.” I said.

“Fleamont, please help your son out.” Mom said.

“Talking about me.” Padfoot asked.

“I’m pretty sure you are a Black not a Potter.” I aid hitting in the arm.

“Fine James I have sleekeazys hair potion in the bathroom cabinet.” Dad said.

I run to the bathroom to get some, this better help my hair. Sirius walks in.

“Are you excited, Prongs.” Sirius asked.

“I honestly feel like Mr. Evans will kill me. But other than that I’m completely fine.” I said.

“You will do great Brother, don’t worry.” Padfoot said.

“Thanks! You are a lot of help you know that.” I said.

“I help where I can.”Pads said.

I’m about to walk out the door when Mom yells. “Good luck. I would suggest you don’t go as Prongs and scare her parents and her.”

“Why would I ever go as Prongs I wouldn’t be able to fit through the door.” I said.

I’m going as Prongs, Mom doesn’t need to know I did. I disaperate to Lily’s house her parents car I think that’s what muggles call it Isn’t here yet so I’m safe for now.

I hope over her iron fence that surrounds her house. When I hear a car pull into the drive way.

“Wow great start James great start.” I said to myself.

“What are you doing in my yard Son.” Mr. Evans asked.

“Sir, Mam I’m James Potter.” I said.

“James.” Lily said. She jumped from the top stair into my arms.

“Lily I missed you so much.” I said.

“Mom, Dad Lily has boyfriend.” A girl said. From a high window.

“That’s Petunia my older sister.” Lily said.

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans I’m sorry for barging in but Lily invited me over.” I said.

“James welcome you are welcome to come in for dinner.” Mrs. Evans said.

“Mom this James guy comes over right before dinner and you welcome him inside. When Vernon isn’t even allowed in our yard.” Petunia said.

“James come on let’s go inside.” Lily said.

I rush to the front door and hold it open for Lily, Mrs. and Mr. Evans.

“Potter is it?” Mr. Evans asked.

“Yes sir but please call me James.” I said.

“For now it’s Potter. Don’t try anything with my daughter.” Mr. Evans said.

“Ok sir.” I said.

I let him go in front of me. I take my shoes off at the front door and lay them off to the side. Lily pulls me into a side room.

“James you are not acting yourself. You are being more polite and generous.” Lils said.

“Lils can I act like a gentleman around your parents.”I said.

“Please don’t pull your stupid toy out.” Lils said.

“You mean this.” I said. Pulling out the golden snitch.

“Put that stupid thing away. My parents don’t want to see that.” Lils said.

We walk to the kitchen with Lily in the lead. “Thank you for having me for Dinner, Mrs. Evans.” I said.

“Anytime James.” Mrs. Evans said.

“Do you need help cooking dinner it will be my pleasure to help you?” I asked.

“No thank you James. Lily set the table please.” Mrs. Evans said.

I go to help Lily set the table with a smile on my face. Lily sits down and I help Mrs. Evans carry the food over to the table.

We sit down to eat. “So Mr. Potter.” Mr. Evans said.

“Yes sir?” I asked. I sit my knife and fork down on my napkin.

“What are your intentions with my daughter.” Mr. Evans asked.

“Nothing bad sir, I love Lily so much she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I said.

“Ok I believe you for now.” Mr. Evans said.

“So James do you play any sports?” Mrs. Evans asked.

“I play quidditch mam.” I said.

“Do you have a ball in this quidditch you play?” He asked.

“Yes sir there is actually four sir. A golden snitch, one quaffle, and Two bludgers.” I said.

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