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My 6th story

Fantasy / Romance
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📢 Guk telling his story like the movie scenes playing with background of their hero’s voice okay, imagine like that now let’s get it 📢

Guk P.O.V:

My name, Kim Jeongguk!

I was the boy born to Kim Namjoon my dad and Kim Seokjin my mom, second son. My brother and their first son is Kim Yoongi. And his wife Kim Jimin. Then last but not least our little sister Kim Jennie.

We all are vampires!

I’m 22 years old, we have been living in this world for more than 6000 years. That’s what my dad and mom told me, but from my birth year as per human calculation I’m living for 2299 years?!

I don’t know much about the first vampire history or anything but I have just known they are the one who ruled this world billions of years back and they used their power to kill humans to keep the power to themselves. It had worked for thousands of years until they fought themselves to pull the powers to rule the world. It makes only them split into two groups and fights for power, at the end both of the group lose many of their own vampires and stand with only a few high level powerful vampires. And they are ready to fight back each team but the humans are used to that chance to get back their world to keep safe and peaceful. They can’t fight directly against our vampire powers so they used our weakness of sunlights. They had created artificial sunlights weapons to get rid of us from the world. And it was 80% work. They killed many of the vampires, we are not all the vampires are bad as who died for power and many things to take control. We are also still living, who live for love and support like humans. But they are denied to believe us due to our power, food system, everything, we are totally different from them except the body shape. Even our body growth also scares them, because we are getting old after the 100th year. It is like a human’s calculator is just one year. So they are trying to kill us completely, to keep their so-called pure world only belongs to humans and we are still fighting for our own freedom. Because they are also not completely pure, they also have the worst criminal mind just because they know our weakness doesn’t mean we can’t fight against them. It won’t take us time to kill them all and take our power back but we didn’t because we want to live with them.

There are bad people in every creature, for that doesn’t mean they do not deserve to live in this world which equally has rights to do. Yes, we are few but we will fight for our own rights and will prove them we are not bad like what they think or who they are in real life humans too.

Pfffs, it’s not funny?! To wait patiently to get back our own freedom from the pity people. Yes we are few but we have more power than human’s stupid artificial sunlights weapons. If we make a plan and spend the perfect time on the perfect person then no one can control us and we are one who is gonna rule the world but I don’t know why still my parents are keeping silent and begging for human’s support. I totally hate this.

Maybe the love my dad has for his dearest human wife?! Yes my dad is a vampire but my mom is a human!

After the biggest war in vampires themselves they splitted into separate ways to save their life from humans. So they selected the coldest place in all over the world to keep their vampire power, and after a few years they started to live in the staying places and hid their real identity. That’s how my dad ended up in a place called South Korea in Pyeongchang.

His native place is Canada! He is also one of the high level vampires, he doesn’t like other vampires who are killing for power and everything. He lives for unity and love, and that is the love and fate mates brings my mom Kim Seokjin as his beautiful wife.

Yes we have some special things to choose our life partner, it’s like a fate already designed by our mate. We will find them through their natural scent, it will become our addict that’s how my dad and brother told me, because I didn’t find my mate yet. It’s been 22 years already! I don’t even believe my mate will be alive!

“Shhahhhhhh..” I rubs on my head which is got hit by my mom just now “What mom? What’s your problem?”

“So you didn’t hear anything I said?” he yells at me again, I just rolls my eyes and groans as my reply, got another smack on my head “Mommmmmmmmm, just stop it okay”

“That’s what I want to say to YOU, stop your all shitty things okay? I can’t travel to any other country to save your ass anymore, Jeongguk”

“Who told you to get into my business” I murmurs to myself in anger not want to get another smack but, “Shhahhhhh” I rubs on my head in third time with gritted teeth “Don’t forget that I also have some vampire powers my stupid son. I can hear your gritted words in crystal clear”

Yes my mom is half human and half vampire, my sister jennie too. She is also not a complete vampire like us. But both have some basic powers like our vampire aging system and sharp hearness, some energy. But they won’t drink blood like us, it will be against their body functions. We can eat human’s food but it won’t fulfil us. We need blood to keep our body energetic, but we won’t drink from a living human’s body directly, we will take it from our blood bank or animal’s blood by hunting.

“Mark my words mom, he’s gonna get into a fight again in the new college as well as and he will make you and dad to stand in front of the principal again then I have to pack all my things for another country. How about New Zealand my dear brother? If we go there next then it will be our 10th time and will be added on our top 10 moved list” she asks with an open challenge grin, she is really an angel devil. I keep my dead glare to her but she smiles like it will never affect her.

“Why are you glaring at her? She is telling the truth only. We told you thousands of times Jeongguk, if you hate humans, stay away from them don’t pull them into show your shitty vampire powers on them. Why can’t you just listen to us?”

“Because they are the one who always bring me to say shitty things about vampires, not me. And what did they know about us or our powers, nothing. That’s why I showed a little to let them know where they belong and who we are” I says with proud tone.

“I remember you again Jeongguk, me or your little sister also not part of your vampire things. We are still half humans..” I cuts him “But mom, you both are different from others as you said you are not completely humans either you have vampir..” he cuts me “I was born as human being Jeongguk, so I know about them more than you all knows if I saw you use the power against them once again then talk to me ever” why did he brings into emotional way when he nothing knows of what really happened “Mommmmmm” I tries to call him, he turns his head to the window, 💭 Does he crying? 💭 “Mommmm, please listen I did nothing wrong, humans are the one who always..” “Jeongguk enough, we will discuss this later once we reach our home” dad says in a warning tone while driving to our new home in Pyeongchang.

I let out a deep sigh and remained silent the entire driving as simply staring outside. Pyeongchang, dad told me this is mom’s hometown and this is where they met and got married. They lived here happily for many years until the government planned to kill my parents, so dad left the country with mom and my brother. They started to live in many countries due to humans’ fear of us making us like this to keep running. Then dad comes forward to end this by standing against humans’ fear and tells them we won’t do anything against them, we just want to live like them. After a bunch of arguments dad won his first victory, they allowed us to live with them under a bunch of laws. That’s including one of the worstest laws we have to study like humans’ age. In these past 2299 years I have completed all the courses in this world, but still I have to go for college until I turn 23 years, I don’t know what the use in these stupid system and why my dad also agreed with those kind of useless ideas. It only makes me hate humans at the core.

The only thing that is happening for learning in a useful way is technology. But I have already started to create it! Just few more months I have to accept their shitty laws. After I turn 23 I don’t have to go into any college and sit in the boring classes for years.

Once we reached our new home, I kept silent and went to my already allocated room. As I wished my dad gave my room with one mini hall. This is the hall I’m gonna make my future video games. Yes I’m a video gamer and creator.

📢 Namjin’s New House in Pyeongchang 📢

My dad is working and leading position in vampires freedom, my mom loves cooking but sad we are not that much need it so he will cook for him and Jennie. Of course he will force us to eat his cooking monthly twice or thrice. We will act as eating in front of him then throw up all the shitty sorry mom. We do not disgrace your cooking mom, the fact we have no appetite for anything but blood. So most food tastes like nothing to us while blood is the sweetest of nectar. And the alcoholic beverages also like to get an experience of something like drunkenness but not completely get drunk like humans.

And I would drink more blood than my dad and brother’s drinks, including jimin. Because they already fated into their mates and after the vampire found their mate their body only will allow them to drink their mate’s blood and will reject others completely, if they are forced to drink others blood it will only make their body conditions worst. Even a single drop of their mate’s blood will taste like heaven and would make them fulfill. These one too I have not experienced, just my dad and brother shared with me!

Other than cooking, my mom is interested in interacting with humans! Then my brother, he is interested in business and doing with his beloved wife jimin. They won’t be in the house most of the time always traveling around the world like traveling in one city to another. That’s why they didn’t come with us today either. Then my sister Jennie, she is our pet, more close to mom since both are half humans they are like friends to share everything, yep fighting and barking everything. And their always target is me as I am the humans hater. Not exactly but kind of! Since she is interested in modeling and all the new fashions she will never get bored learning those things so she doesn’t hate going to college like me. And she is 18, devil, devil, devil but angel.

After I unpacking things I get downstairs, I saw my dad helping mom in the kitchen, headed to them and kept a blank face to mom, didn’t look at him, asked dad “Dad, has my new car arrived or not? I have to go out”

“Yeah, just now arrived keys on the table” he says and gestures the directions, I nod and head to get them hears my mom’s voice “Where are you going? If you come back with a fight then..” dad cuts him “Honey, please stop saying that again and again. He is just going out not for a fight okay” dad turns to me gestures as ‘Go’ I let out another deep sigh with my fist hands before grabs the key and heads out.

💭 I won’t get into their paths until they get into mine. If they did then it’s their mistake to choose their fate in my ways 💭

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