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Humans In Littlebark


The story about a teenage goth girl name Olivia who moved to Littlebark with her parents. She meet a snake girl name Natasha and a blue bird name Ginny. Then Olivia, along with her new friends, embarked on an adventure through Littlebark meeting tons of people and animals. In this fanfic, you shall experience all the exciting things a teen can do. Note: This fan-fiction take place after the end of the Harvey Beaks series, so you’ll probably won’t see all of the characters of this friendly but awesome show. Good luck! May the Metal Gods be with you!

Drama / Other
Levi Phipps
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Welcome To Littlebark

A moving truck pulled into the driveway of a white house, which looked absolutely gorgeous to the eyes of many. Then a black family van pulled up next to the moving truck.

A woman got out of the van to look at the house. She has her long blonde hair tied in a bun. She’s dressed in a white sleeveless blouse, a blue skirt, and pink high heels. She took off her sunglasses with amazement.

“Wow! This house is exactly as I pictured it would look like,” she said happily.

We can clearly tell she was pleased with the appearance of the white house, with its double oak doors, huge windows, and it has two very large porches, one in the back and one up front.

“Hey, dear? Are you seeing this?” the woman asked her husband.

The handsome man got out to get a better look at the house. His brown hair is nicely groomed, complete with sideburns. He wear some fancy looking suit, dark green, and a dark red neckerchief. He also has a charming smile.

“Now that’s what I call a house,” he said impressively. “Nice idea for a place, Baby Cake!”

“I knew the town of Littlebark is a great place to live in,” his wife said with a smile.

One of the moving truck guys got out. A lean red fox named Laus approached the couple.

“Alright, Mrs. Thornton, shall we begin moving your stuff right away?” he asked the woman.

“Actually, Alan and I are gonna check out the house first,” she tell him. “Then you can take the stuff inside after.”

“Sure thing, ma’am,” Laus tell her with a nod.

The couple went inside the house. Then Laus and the other mover, a rooster named Daniel, begin to unload the truck. While this is going on, a teenage girl was still in the van wearing a gloomy impression on her pale face, and it was obvious she was not at all looking forward to her new home in Littlebark.

This particular girl is gothic. She has long black hair, pale skin, wore black eyeliner, and also has thick eyelashes. She wore a red violet hair bow, a pair of skull hair clips, a pair of red velvet shades, a long red violet dress, and a pair of long black leather high heel boots. She looked nowhere near like her parents at all.

The girl finally got out of the van. Then she slowly head to the trees from the right of the house. She begin to amble through the forest aimlessly. She also begin to drown herself deeply into her thoughts.

Every since she was forced to move into some small town she never heard of before, she was feeling more terrible than ever. She missed her gothic friends terribly. She never wanted to move away out of the city. Now her parents are already into the town of Littlebark and they didn’t acknowledge her reason not to leave her life behind!

She wished she could find a place to live all by herself, but she wasn’t old enough. She’s only sixteen years old, in fact. So until then, she had to learn to settle for her new home in Littlebark.

The girl sighed miserably. She didn’t know what else to do now but wander around the woods moping.


The girl jumped. Then she noticed up ahead of her a bush was rattling violently. She begin to approach it slowly. Once she got close enough to the bush, she reach for the twigs, then slowly pull them out and —

“HEY!!” a voice roared out in fury.

The girl frightfully jumped.

“Can’t was enjoy our family time in peace?” the same voice yelled out.

There was a family of squirrels inside the bush. They were staring at the girl with anger on each of their faces.

“Sorry,” the girl muttered.

She wandered off again. The squirrels were going back to their family time in peace hoping for no more interruptions to ruin it. I guess you can say some people never want to be disturbed!

As the girl ambled on, she noticed a group of animals playing around like wild children. She stopped to stare at them from a distance.

Each of the animals are different species. There’s a big chubby owl dressed in pink, a chickadee and a fox both doing each other’s hairs, a huge rabbit was speaking to a blue bird with a huge head, an Australian hog threw his boomerang in the air, a bear in tight underwear was doing break dancing, and a skunk was drawing what appeared to be a comic in the tree shades.

‘They must be little kids,’ the girl thought. ‘And they looked more happy than my parents.’

It was true the kids were playing around joyfully while laughing happily. None of them, not one kid, even noticed a human teenage girl dressed all gothic standing from a distance and staring at them. But she didn’t care about this. She just ambled off in the opposite direction. She decide to head back to her new house to miserably begin her new hometown life.

The girl sighed. ‘Those kids she saw a minute ago sure seem to have life inside of their little bodies,’ the girl thought. The teen doesn’t feel happy, and it doesn’t have something to do with her gothic personality —


The girl jumped by that rapid sound. She turned around and saw a figure hanging upside down on a tree branch from some skinny tree nearby.

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