The Paradox of Attraction

Promises To Keep

Tokiya: Promises To Keep

She was leaning sideways against me, her head resting on the crook of my neck. I was holding her left hand in mine, and my fingers were laced with hers. My right arm was slung over her right shoulder and dangling down towards her hips where the fingers of our right hands were also intertwined.

We were in the waiting area of the airport, anticipating our flight number to be called over the PA system.

She was singing some lines from a Rick Astley song, but with her own arrangement.

I’m never gonna give you up,

let you down
run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry,

say goodbye
tell a lie and hurt you

She stopped and yawned a little.

“Those are nice promises. Thank you, Fuuko.” I said. I sensed she was smiling.

I half-smiled as well. “In return, I promise to teach you how to cook properly, edit your research papers, get on the roller coaster with you, carry your bag, escort you to watch concerts, and keep checking on you until you’re sick and tired of me.”

She turned her head to give me a soft peck on the lips. “Thank you, my handsome henchman.” She looked up at me. “What do you think the future has in store for ToFuu?”

“You can ask Ganko and Kaoru when we get home.” I teased.

“You know what, I think both of them were waiting for this.” She used our joined hands to point to me and then to her.

I took a deep breath. “A lot of people have been rooting for us.”

She quirked her head to face me. “Now we’re all happy. Is that a good omen for the future?”

“Yes, Fuuko. As for the future, we have the rest of our lives to plan it.” I said and then pulled her back towards me for another embrace.

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