The Paradox of Attraction

The Boss

Tokiya: The Boss

Was this really happening? Maybe, out of initial shock at seeing Fuuko in the flesh, I had checked out of reality and on the very first account, misheard something relatively lucid. I have never believed in karma and could not find any appropriate reason why fate would conspire against me in such a bizarre tactic.

Yet a greater part of me was actually relieved it was Fuuko, and not some random constituent of the opposite sex severely lacking in IQ points. Those episodes required a great deal of patience, a term which I am not yet completely familiar with. Fuuko, at least, was tolerable…(at least when she wasn't in one of her crazy moods). And she could take hints. Unlike some other people who could not seem to comprehend subtle statements such as "I'm busy." Or "Take a hike."

It was rather ironic, since I was under the impression that after I left for college it would make scarce the possibility of crossing paths with any of the Hokage members. Yet I was a bit amused, the minute she breezed into the room with that familiar grin and unmistakable purple tresses altogether proved that this was, indeed, a small world.

My reaction to this situation was definitely uncalled for. There were various emotions battling for recognition - shock, thrill, and annoyance. I shrugged them off and settled for detachment.

Cobalt blue orbs quickly scanned the room, finally resting on me. Her jaw dropped open and something akin to disbelief tarnished her face. After half a second, it was completely replaced by a broad smile and a slight wave in my direction. I nodded back coolly. Time must have ceased, for everything and everyone froze in their respective positions, assessing the seemingly surreal occurrence with building curiosity.

"Ohmygosh… He, like, nodded at her. *sob, sob* It's the end of us!" someone cried.

Fuuko snickered and raised an eyebrow at me. Sighing, I gathered my things and stalked out of the room, ignoring the awe-blended-with-curiosity glances thrown my way.

"It's nice seeing you again!" Fuuko exclaimed enthusiastically as we breezed past a number of students. A wide grin lifted the corners of her mouth and she clapped me on the back with a force enough to asphyxiate me momentarily. "A pleasant surprise."

"I didn't know you'd be here." was all I could say.

She shrugged. "You pretty much fell off the face of the planet after you graduated."

This was awkward. I had no intention of apologizing for not keeping in touch. That wasn't part of my plan.

"Aren't you happy to see me, Mi-chan?" she asked with a cheeky grin.

"Maybe, Kirisawa."

She frowned. "You're still frozen. Do you actually have friends here?"

"I'm quite a busy man."

"Hey… Fuuko! That you?" a plump girl with curly hair seemed to materialize out of nowhere. She glanced self-consciously at me. "Um, I-uh, just wanted to relate to you the assignment in History. You have to draft an essay on the Meiji era, it's due tomorrow—"

"Miss Kirisawa! The incoming freshmen have an orientation today, at 6 p.m. Your attendance will be highly appreciated." Another freshman called out as he passed by.

"Oh! Fuuko! I'm glad I bumped into you. Here's your copy of Newton's biography. Be sure to present an outline in class tomorrow." Another one stashed a piece of paper at Fuuko and waved distractedly, rushing to her next class.

"Hey, hey! Fuu-chan, I was wondering if you had extra time. Your demonstration on the elements of weather was bogus, would you mind tutoring me on that?" another girl with strawberry blonde hair suddenly appeared at her side. She flipped back her hair and grinned at me.

I had suddenly accumulated a healthy interest on the cerulean tiles of the floor.

"Fuuko, I gotta go. See you." The first girl sauntered away, giggling self-consciously as she passed by me.

"Me too. Bye!" the girl with red hair walked away as well.

Fuuko slumped to the floor and looked at me despairingly. "This is soooo not happening…" she ran a hand through her short violet hair and sulked.

I felt a tinge of pity which dissolved quickly into amusement. I managed a smirk. "It's called freshman initiation, Kirisawa. You'll survive."

"I guess - with a little help from my friends." she looked at me with a suggestion written across her face.

I sighed, realizing it would be downright rude to refuse a friend in need. "Little. Fine, Kirisawa. But I'm the boss."

She rolled her eyes. "I suppose I can live with that. For now, anyway." Then she grabbed me by my left arm and looked me in the eye. "Thank you."

I swallowed. "Don't thank me yet."

She looked like she was stifling laughter. Her attention skipped to the piece of paper she was holding. "What about this?"

"Go to your dorm and get a shuteye. You have requirements that are more urgent."

"Okay then. I guess I'll be seeing you." she said in a tired voice.

I nodded.

"Tomorrow, 2 p.m. That coffee shop beside the music conservatory."

"You got it, Kirisawa."

Feeling exhausted as well, I made an about-face and walked to my next class. Today was bizarre. I did not object to pair work. I did not expect Fuuko to appear out of nowhere and then end up working with her. But I could not control the effect of her presence on my emotions.

I frowned. I will not let my guard down. As the boss, I'm fully in charge.

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