Love's Not a Competition, But Who's Winning?


Edward saved a girl 70 years ago when she was turned into a vampire, she returns to declare her love for him. He has a choice to make. Evelyn or Bella? Vampire or Human? Who will he choose?

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:


London – 1930

Carlisle had brought his small family of vegetarian vampires to his home of England. He had wanted to go back for several years but because of his unpleasant memories he hadn't decided to return until now. He'd brought Esme and Edward with him as an excuse for a holiday; however, both he and Edward knew that he'd brought them here to overcome his demons and settle his uneasiness towards the place he had been born and grew up before he was turned into a vampire.

Esme clutched at Carlisle's hand as they walked though the crowded streets of central London. Edward was pacing behind them trying to ignore the potent smell of blood that was wafting around the market place they'd decided to visit.

Over the past few months Edward's self control had been getting better, he didn't flinch every time a human walked by and he didn't need to ball up his fists to retain control either. Nowadays it was just a delicious smell that he tried to ignore, but because he hadn't fed in just under two weeks, the blood was starting to smell like a dessert he couldn't resist. As they walked past random people some smelt better than others, but none had driven him to the point of falling off the wagon and slaughtering someone in broad daylight.

"How do you like it here Edward?" Carlisle asked over his shoulder.

"It's ok, nothing special." He replied moodily. He just wanted to get away from possible temptation; it was starting to drive him crazy.

"You've been asking me for years what London was like, and now that I've brought you here you don't seem to be enjoying yourself."

"I thought it'd be different from your stories, but it just looks the same as you described it from your time here." He didn't want to admit that he was hungry in front of them, they'd only start to get worried and lock him away in the house until they left to go back home.

"It has modernised since I left all those years ago."

"There's still poverty and disease everywhere. What's different is that they're using automobiles instead of walking on foot. I could run faster than those things."

"Lighten up Edward." Esme smiled "we're on holiday you're supposed to be enjoying yourself."

"Sorry Esme, it's just everyone's voices. It's giving me a headache." He lied.

"We'll get something to eat later on, maybe that will get rid of your headache." Esme said with a forgiving smile, she could tell he was hungry and that he didn't want to show signs of weakness. "Just enjoy the sights for now."

"Thanks." Edward replied with an embarrassed smile "but what sights are there?" he added with a low voice. He had made sure that Esme wasn't listening because he could see in her mind that she just wanted him to enjoy himself, he knew he'd be better once he'd fed.

The low hum of everyone else's thoughts was starting to irritate him as well, all he could hear were unspoken cries of hunger and worry. If he wasn't feeling hunger himself then Edward would've felt compassion towards them, however his hunger was getting in the way of other emotions. He tried not to dwell on his stomach but it was screaming inside to have some form of sustenance. The voices kept ringing in his ears until...

"We're going back now Edward, it's getting late."

A ray of light had finally shone through, it was sunset.

"Finally." He replied as he felt the air around him get colder as the sun was descending into the skyline.

Dinner could not come soon enough.


Edward was hunting on his own, the way he liked it. Another reason for hunting alone was that if he, Carlisle and Esme were caught together leaning over the dead body of an animal it would look pretty suspicious and weird. He was sure that the town's people would revert back to pitchforks and torches trying to run them out of the country, and he was sure that Carlisle didn't want another situation like that.

He was running after a fox which he had chased into an abandoned alleyway when he spotted a girl slightly younger than him lying on the floor. She'd lost a lot of blood and the smell was causing the venom in his mouth to disperse. He hadn't been this close to blood since he'd taken to a diet of human blood almost ten years ago.

"Is someone there?" the girl asked hoarsely, she'd been screaming in pain earlier but when nobody came to rescue her she'd stopped. "Please 'elp me." She added pathetically.

Edward held his breath as he approached her, Carlisle had taught him that it was best to block off the sense of smell because it would dull the desire to feed.

"What happened?" he asked her as he carefully picked up her wrist to check the pulse. It seemed slower than normal, she was dying.

"'Ad a run in with some men." She whispered.

"What did they do?"

"Hit me, everywhere."

"Please lift up your shirt." Edward asked politely.


"I want to see if they've given you internal bleeding." He replied simply.

As she obeyed, Edward found a large bruise covering her stomach.

"You're not from 'round 'ere are you?" she asked as he put the shirt back down.

"How did you guess?" he joked lightly as he lifted her from the ground. He hoped Carlisle could do something to help.

"Where you taking me?"

"To a doctor."

"I ain't got no money! 'E won't see me!" she cried out as she flinched from the pain.

"The doctor we're going to is my father. He won't charge you." He told her soothingly.

She mumbled something before falling unconscious and that's when Edward started to run at vampire speed, he was sure that no one could see him as it was two o'clock in the morning.

He returned to the house they'd decided to rent within two minutes and as soon as he walked in Esme held her nose.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked as Edward laid her on the table.

"She had a run in with some men. It looks like they beat her within an inch of her life." Edward explained.

"But why did you bring her here?"

"You need to help her Carlisle, I couldn't let her die."

"Are you sure about this Edward? Her injuries are extensive, she won't last the night."

"Just do what you have to do, please."

"Are you sure this is what she wants?" Carlisle asked seriously, he was going to change another person's life, hopefully for the better.

"I looked into her mind, she's an orphan there's no family to miss her. All she wants is to live."

"Very well then. You and Esme should leave whilst I begin the transformation. Go and get something to eat."

Esme gave her husband a comforting smile and left the house to go and hunt. Edward stood where he was and looked at the unconscious girl on the table. She had a heart shaped face and a small button nose, she had wavy chestnut brown hair and freckles on her cheeks. When he'd looked into her eyes earlier he saw she'd had green eyes, the same colour eyes he'd had before he was changed into a vampire.

"Come on Edward, you need to leave. She'll be fine."

"Take care of her." And then he left until the next morning.


At first the screaming was so loud that Carlisle was sure that someone was going to bring the police to the door, luckily for them no one seemed to want to know what was going on in the newly occupied house.

There were various times where the girl had opened her eyes and looked straight at Edward.

"It hurts!" she'd screamed at him "What did you do to me?"

"It'll be over soon." Came every reply as he dabbed her head with a cold cloth, "It'll stop hurting soon I promise."

By the end of the second day she remained silent.

"Is this normal Carlisle?" Edward asked worriedly. "Is she supposed to be quiet?"

"It seems that the pain stage is over." He replied "she should wake up tomorrow and that's when you start training her."

"Me? But I'm no expert."

"Teach her what you know, and then we'll take her to Denali so that she can perfect her skills."

"Is she not staying with us?"

"No, not for now."


"I've taken up that job as a doctor in Forks, and you have enrolled at a school. We do not have enough time to train her."

"If that's what you think is best."


It was five in the morning before the girl's eyelids started to flutter.

Carlisle and Esme had gone out leaving Edward and his charge alone. He'd been sitting at her side for the whole three days and they'd decided to stay away for when she woke up.

When she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was an angel standing over her.

"Am I dead?" she asked as lay looking up at him.

"I'm afraid not." He replied.

"Why aren't I dead? I could feel myself fading away and then this terrible pain brought me back and when it left I felt peaceful and now I'm alive?"

"Pretty much. You were dying but I brought you to Carlisle, he changed you so you could live."

"Changed me?"

"Yes, he turned you into a vampire."

"A what?"

"A vampire, an undead being, but we're not monsters like they portray in books. We do consume blood, that part of the myth is true, but I'm going to train you so that you don't drink human blood, just animal blood instead."

"Train me?"


"I should be dead." She said sitting up and looking over at a mirror. Her appearance had changed, her eyes were no longer green, they were black. Her skin was now a chalky white but beauty radiated from it, she was a different person now.

Not the orphan girl who'd stolen from the baker, a vampire who'd been saved from the brink of death.

"I couldn't let you die." Edward told her as she started to walk around the room.

"Thank you." She replied as calmness washed through her, this boy had cared enough to stay by her and watch over her like a guardian angel. She was forever in his debt.

"What's your name?" Edward enquired as he watched her with an intense stare.

"Evelyn, but you can call me Evie."


Three Months Later

The day of separation had come about all too soon, Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Evie had arrived in Denali and Tanya was happy to house another vegetarian newborn.

"I'll take good care of her." Tanya had told them in confidence. "Then when she's ready she can come back to live with you."

Edward and Evie gave each other a look of unease before she stepped away from him to stand next to Tanya.

"I'll be fine. Edward's taught me the basics." Evie smiled over in Carlisle and Esme's direction. "I'll be the top student by the time I come back."

"Take care Evie." Esme said as she held Edward's hand tightly. She could see that he was going to miss their temporary family member. If Carlisle hadn't decided to send her to Tanya's Esme had hoped that Edward and Evie would become romantically attached, but it wasn't meant to be.

Edward walked over to Evie and pulled her into a hug.

"Come back as soon as possible." He breathed into her ear.

"I'll miss you most Edward." She whispered as she held him as tightly as she could muster.

"I'll miss your stupid accent."

"I'll miss yours too."

Evie let go of him and walked into her new home.

That was the last day she saw the Cullen's before returning seventy years later to be reintroduced as a member of the family.

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