Sugar Rush Circus

By nettle46

Action / Mystery

Chapter one

Vanellope awoke to the sound of shouts coming through her window. Rubbing her eyes, she dragged herself out of bed and stumbled over to her window.

“What the…” she said, completely awake with the shock of the scene in front of her.

Out of her east window, which usually overlooked the peaceful Sugar Rush Park, she saw a sight so unbelievable she thought she was still dreaming.

In the centre of the park, an enormous big top had been erected, towering as tall as the trees surrounding it and coloured so vividly it gave her a headache. In front of the entrance, there were several smaller stalls, all as bright as the top itself. North to the big top was an enormous ramp, a giant metal wheel, and a pool with a very high diving board. East, concealed by the trees, was a line of caravans. She could she people moving in and out of these; grabbing supplies, shouting orders to each other, eating hasty breakfasts…

Vanellope rubbed her eyes once more, filled with confusion. She ran to her north window, and saw all the other racers gathering outside, befuddled by the shouts and sudden noises. She frowned – she couldn’t have all her subjects in confusion and panic. She grabbed her emergency megaphone.

“Racers of sugar rush, please meet your president at the finishing line ASAP. Citizens of sugar rush … just stay calm and carry on.”

When Rancis arrived at the track, he was greeted by Taffyta and Candlehead. “Rancy!” said the lollipop girl, smiling at him and hugging him. What he didn’t see, as he gave her a friendly squeeze, was the way she smirked at Vanellope, who had just pulled up. The president gave her a stony glare, which only caused her to hug Rancis tighter.

“Ahem,” said Vanellope, clearing her throat loudly. “Oh, hey Vani!” greeted Taffyta warmly, as if she hadn’t just been staring at her for the last two minutes. “Hello Taff.” said Vanellope. They stood in an awkward silence until all the other racers finally arrived.

They stood in a half circle, awaiting news. It was obvious they’d rushed down – Torvald’s hair was an absolute mess, Snowanna still had her pyjamas on, Jubileena couldn’t stop yawning, and Swizzle was only half dressed. Vanellope laughed internally as she watched Sticky blush in embarrassment, trying to keep her eyes off the unicorn pop boy.

“Well everyone, I called you here, because-” the pint-sized president was interrupted as an enormous ‘HEAVE-HO!’ surged up from the direction of the park. “Well, because of that.” she finished.

“D’ya know what it is?” asked Citrusella.

“No,” admitted Vanellope “but I thought it would be best if we approached it together.” All the racers nodded in agreement, and they ran to the garage, climbed in their karts, and drove to the park.

What they found was absolute pandemonium.

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