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Tales of the Butcher

By MKnightium

Action / Humor

Chapter 1

It was a common day in the Institute of War; Summoners busy with their studies, Champions being selected for combat, and other various things occurred, as they always do.

At the time, in the lower holds where the League held the more dangerous, violent Champions, one of them remained in his cell of a room, his blade on the wall, as he slept in a tattered, large bed. Renekton slept somewhat peacefully, his snores loud, and somewhat labored; he was obviously having a nightmare. He awoke with a start, and shouted suddenly:

"Nasus! You will not prevail a second time!" He was silent for a moment, as he sighed. Sitting up, he rubbed the front of his snout, and scanned the room. He had the common things a normal participant in the League would have, but all his was damaged and once discarded. He had a dresser, a desk, and obviously a bathroom where he frequently ensured that he was ready for another day of bloodshed. Getting to his feet, he approached the dresser, and checked it, looking for whatever the Summoners permitted him to wear aside from his classic costume. He raised an eye when he saw a skin he had rarely worn; Outback Renekton. He never personally favored it; it seemed too...different from what he normally did. He sighed, and equipped it in a few minutes, watching his Bat'Leth magically change as well to a boomerang shape. Renekton approached it, and ran a large hand along it, smirking. He could barely recall all the people who had stared the blade down; he personally took pleasure when he had Nasus in his sights...only to remember that his long time foe would just respawn after he got his revenge.

"Eventually, " He spoke to no one in particular, as he made sure the shirt was adjusted correctly: "Nasus will finally fall. And when that day comes, so will this damned Institute of War."

The door to his cell opened, as he poked his head out. The cell door only opened for a few reasons: when Renekton was needed for a League battle, a training arena, or breakfast/lunch. Judging by the current standards, it was breakfast time. Shaking his head, he made sure he had a firm hold on the Bat'Leth, before walking out, seeing the other cell doors open, and other imprisoned Champions exit their cells; the hexes of the Summoners keeping them from either lashing out at each other, or causing other damage. Renekton could see Brand, Dr. Mundo, and even the Terror of the Void, Cho'Gath. When the large beast saw Renekton, he sped up in his lumbering pace to catch up with his ally.

"Renekton, a new skin?" He asked quizzically, to which Renekton nodded and continued walking, the both of them crossing over into the main halls. The crocodile enjoyed the Voidborn's presence; they were both prisoners; but unlike Renekton, Cho'Gath was imprisoned by choice, waiting for the Void to overrun the land.

"This new skin suits you; it holds much promise."

"Thank you friend; where's Nocturn and Kha'Zix?"

"Already in the Meal Hall's place for us; they insisted on getting there with Kog'Maw; something about ruining the food for the other Champions."

They shared a laugh, as they rounded a corner, and in a moment, were in the massive Meal Hall. Cho'Gath moved on his own to get his food, while Renekton followed slowly; aware of the other Champions eating...and several glaring at him. One of which was Ezreal; who was eyeing the Butcher with malice. Renekton stopped in front of him, and glared back.

"What?" He demanded to know, as the explorer looked away, eating his soup. Renekton passed it off as nothing, retrieved his food, and sat down at a table slightly distant from everyone. His meal was obvious; a large burger with a side of meat clippings; bloody. Renekton picked up the burger, and before he could eat, the door opened, and his eyes narrowed.

Nasus stood there, his stoic expression unchanged as he took a few steps in, and was greeted by several Champions; many were the supposed good guys in this place. Garen and Kayle commented on the Curator's skill, Soraka said something Renekton didn't catch, and Annie said something that Renekton didn't give a crap about. When Nasus stopped in front of Renekton, he stopped, and his expression changed slightly.

"...Good morning brother, how did you sleep?" Renekton was silent, as he took a large bite out of his food. Nasus cleared his throat, and spoke again:

"I asked did you sleep well, I'm trying to be polite brother."

"You weren't so polite when you struck me down-"

"You were trying to kill me! I had no choice!"

"I was trying to get rid of the evil on our world-"

"You butchered all of them, and tried to kill me for no reason!"

"You were the only one who could stop me."

Nasus narrowed his eyes, as Renekton finished his food, and stood up. He ignored the glares of the Champions, and felt the quizzical gazes of his allies. He turned to leave, and after taking about three steps before he was called out by Garen.

"Hey, show some respect to him; least he's liked here." In a flash, Garen was on the ground, staring at Renekton's blade. The croc could already see numerous champions around him, all ready to fight. Garen was out of reach of his blade, and could only stare at Renekton with fear yet malice.

"Learn to hold your tongue Demacian; else I'll cut it off and feed it to the Mouth of the Abyss." He walked away, leaving the Meal Hall without looking back.

"He's right to caution you Garen," Nasus said, as Garen got to his feet shakily: "I had that under control; I've grown used to that."

"I begin to wonder why you didn't kill him when you had the chance. That monster is a menace to all of us; even more so than the Terror of the Void, or even Brand over there."

"That monster is my brother; do you even know how hard it is to strike down the one you've been around your entire life. It's easy for you to strike down Luxanna; but it's beyond difficult for me to strike down Renekton."

Nasus left quickly, as everyone resumed their eating; Nocturn and Cho'Gath slightly worried about their friend.

"Pathetic excuse for a human..." Renekton said, as he entered the Main hall; avoiding the Summoners due to his dislike of them. He needed to get somewhere he could be alone; the Courtyard. He placed the Bat'Leth on his back, and began walking at a hurried pace; no doubt his brother would soon be here to attempt to help him. Why did he even bother; Renekton was trying to kill him.

"Attention Champions; report to the Summon Hall at once to be selected for a battle."

Swearing under his breath, Renekton reported to the room in record time, and took a spot in the corner as he watched the other Champions fall in. He kept his eyes lowered, not wanting to see any of the ones he disliked. He heard the names of Champions being called for their matches, and finally perked up when his name was called.

"Renekton, you side with purple team." He sighed, approached the others, and looked around for his Summoner, his gaze tracing back to the Grand Summoner, and he bellowed:

"Human, to which of your pathetic Summoners and I condemned with?"

"That would be me."

He looked, to see a Summoner in the same robes...but a major difference.

She stood at a mere 4'9, and had a soft, rounded, innocent face. Her eyes were as yellow as Renekton's, and she had long red hair tied into a pony tail. Even under the robes the croc could see she had a lithe, feeble form, yet her voice contained unseen hostility.

"You? I'm being teamed up with a female of weaker origins?"

"Yeah, and first thing you could do is learn a few manners."

His eyes narrowed, as he opened his mouth to reply, and was warped away to the Field's of Justice before he could say a snide remark.

Summoner's Rift; Renekton barely liked it, yet it was where the majority of his time in the League was spent. He took this time to see his team, and smiled when he did so. All of his allies were there: Cho'Gath, Nocturn, Kha'Zix, and Thresh. The Chain Warden looked at the Butcher, and gave a nod, as they all bought their items from the store; Renekton buying a few things to lead him up to the Black Cleaver. He decided to mid alone; wanting to test his might. His Outback skin was still present, giving him a slightly comic look as he sprinted towards Mid. He stood there for a few minutes, stabbing the Bat'Leth into the ground as he looked around. When the minions spawned, he heard his Summoner's voice in his head, due to the telepathic link.

"Hello, does this thing work? Can you hear me?"

"I'm trying not to Summoner. Just leave this to me; don't interfere."

"Hey, we're a team, so shut up and listen. You're fighting Garen, Lux, Singed, Katrina, and Rengar. Chances are Garen's going for you."

Renekton remembered the Meal Hall, and smirked.

"Let him come; he'll be the first in pieces."

Just as he said that, the Might of Demacia rushed towards him, with a whole hoard of minions surrounding him. Renekton charged at him...and never saw Lux and Rengar coming at him as well.

Respawning a moment later, anger flooded Renekton, as he charged out again, only to meet the same fall at the hands of the enemy. An hour was all it took before his team lost, and in the Summoning Room, Renekton turned to leave immediately, anger at his very teeth as their enemy was praised by the other Champions. Cho'Gath placed a pincer on Renekton's shoulder to stop him, as the croc looked into the Voidborn's face.

"We all have bad games my friend," He said, patting Renekton's shoulder to cheer him up:

"Best to put it behind you, and keep going."

"Yeah, ok-"

"Guess you'll think twice before hitting my brother, right gator?"

Lux's annoying voice made both of them turn, malice in their eyes, as she stood there, a cocky smile on her face. Renekton pondered hitting her, but ceased those thoughts at the sight of all the Summoners. All of them had dangerous hexes; that could easily end him.

"No, light mage, I won't think twice; only once and do it. And by the way, it's no secret you fuck your brother when no one's looking."

She and Garen's shocked expressions and the roar of laughter at them actually brought a smile to Renekton and Cho'Gath's faces, as the croc left the room, the rest of his team following suit.

"The nerve of that asshole!" Garen shouted, as many of the Champions and Summoners left the room:

"I do not fuck my own sister; why would I fuck Luxanna?!"

"Calm down Garen," Nasus spoke, as he approached the Demacian:

"My brother is obviously angered once again; be thankful that it was only a verbal assault, and not one with his blade, like in the Meal Hall."

"Can you not control him?"

"I've tried, but he has his mind set on seeing my blood run. It's no real threat to me; he's been saying that for a while."

Garen sighed and left the room as well, his footsteps retreating in the direction opposite to Renekton's, and thus Nasus pondered something; where'd his brother's Summoner go?

In one of the Courtyards, the one with a large pond and tree, Renekton stood alone, his blade stabbed into the ground as he stood there, attempting to at least lower his rage so he wouldn't butcher his mockers in their sleep.

"Renekton?" That voice? The Butcher turned, to see his Summoner standing there, and looked back towards the tree a moment later.

"You did good back there; it's my fault we lost."

He was about to turn and throw a snide remark...but her look. She had her head lowered towards the ground, and had a complete sullen look. For a few minutes, Renekton felt his rage and anger...fade suddenly. He felt like how he did years ago, back when he and his brother were closer.

"No...I deserve some of the blame. I was reckless...and..." Renekton had to struggle a few times, to even form the words:



"Yes, that."

She giggled for a moment, and instead of suddenly growing hostile, Renekton...chuckled. Now that he was level headed, his plan to dismember Garen did sound foolish.

"By the way, I'm Willow. It's an honor to meet you Renekton."

"The pleasure is mine."

She looked back towards the Institute, and said she needed to tend to some reading. She took a few steps with Renekton's gaze on her, before she stopped, and turned to face him, a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

"Hey, I know it's sudden..." She said, as she twiddled her hands:

"But I know this great bar in the town nearby. Do you wanna get a drink there?"

"...Sure. As long as I'm with a Summoner, the idiots here won't try to stop me."

Willow beamed with joy, and bided Renekton goodbye, a bounce to her step. As Renekton watched her leave, he asked himself something; what was this feeling he had just then? The felt...distant. He finally remembered hearing his brother lecture something to his words resonated in Renekton's head.

"When the time is right, someone of great power will come along, and finally remove your sickness, either the easy way, or the hard way, just know that it will be done."

Was Nasus right? Was this...Willow the one who would heal him? That thought would have driven Renekton to slay her in the past...but now he felt...passive about it; maybe even happy a little. He smirked, as he continued to stare at that tree. That remark still had him laughing though; Lux and Garen banging. The sad part is Nocturn told him he saw them in the act a month ago...

End of Chapter 1

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