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Chanyeol X Baekhyun Chanyeol has a horrible life. His 'mate' left him with his three children that abuse him for anything. He hopes that one day, they'll appreciate what he does for them, but they won't listen to an omega. • • • • • • • • CONTAINS RAPE SEXUAL ABUSE ABUSE DEPRESSION

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"DAD WHERES MY SHIT AT!" My son yells from his room. "H-honey stop ye-yelling please." I say die to my son being an alpha, he makes me shiver.

"I'm going to beat your ass if you don't find it!" He then jumps downstairs, yelling in front of my face.

"IS THAT HOW YOU YELL TO YOUR BIRTH GIVER YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BOY!" I got tired of him, degrading me. He's even rub some of it off to his brothers.

"Dad make me an sandwich." My other son says rubbing his hand on my cheek. "Don't you touch me there." I say back to him. "Ha, whats a little omega like you going to do." My eldest says.

They both inch close to my face. "So dad, or Chanyeol. Be a good omega or we won't punish you with the belt again."

My name is Park Chanyeol and I am a disgrace to my family. I was the only omega made after all my siblings were either betas or alphas. When my parents found out, they treated me like dirt.

When I found my "lover" he gave me three...horrible children. The eldest Xiumin, the middle Kai, and the youngest Sehun.

One day I got mad at him for using other omegas when I was in the hospital and he left.

"YOURB THE REASON DAD LEFT US WHORE!" I hear that all the time. "KAI IF YOU DO-." I received a punch in the face by my eldest son, Xiumin, who hates it when I get after his younger brothers.

"YOU DONT YELL AT THEM! YOU KNOW WHAT, COME HERE." He says with his alpha tone. "N-no. L-leave me a-a-alone." I say crawling away.

Xiumin takes off his shirt and starts to unbuckles his pants. "Dad, I think it's time at WE ALL got to know each other VERY well."

"B-back o-off." I say with tears running from my eyes. "Kai, hold him down." Xiumin tells his brother. He obliges and he holds my arms down.

"S-son please don't d-do this." I say now having a waterfall come out my eyes. "Dad, or slut which one your prefer? It doesn't matter, I just want to show you how much I love you."

Xiumin then folds his belt and swings it across my face. "Aghh!" I scream with me coughing out blood. "W-why c-c-can't I h-have n-nm- normal kids." I say in which Kai knees me in my back.

"Xiumin, hurry up." Kai says which Xiumin then slides his pants down. "X-X-Xiumin, s-s-stop p-pl-please." I tell him but he disregards my plead.

"Man, I'm horny right now."-

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