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Revenge (The story of vampire Huntress)


Rose Rogers was a normal girl with a beautiful family (as she thought ).until her 21st birthday. That day changed everything for her forever ,her family got murdered on this day in very weird way. And her inner instincts told her that it wasn't just an animal attack ...so for searching those answers she starts the journey towards 'black hill' town which her grandfather mentioned before dying ..on the journey black hill she must discover what her real identity is to sick a revenge from the people who did this to her family.... #vampire hunters #vampires #warewolves #romance

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

The beginning (part 1)

Life could get messy , dirty but I didn't know that it could get more worse than you ever imagined , until now…..

Everything I ever loved , ever had is gone .my family is gone …someone murdered my whole family . And now I am sitting in front of there graves thinking about what happened. I never thought that God will give this kind of twisted haunting gift to me on my birthday….

20th January (20 hours before …)

I was sleeping soundlessly then suddenly I heard a thud on my bed ..and I woke up almost screaming …

"What did you thought a big ass ghost landed on your bed ?" Joshua my brother asked while laughing at me ,I glared at him "what do you think you__" I stopped in mid sentence looking around .my whole room was decorated with Polaroids , balloons except my bed of course because I was sleeping . I was so involved in admiring the view that I almost didn't hear people coming into my bedroom ."Happy birthday Rose!!!!!" My whole family started singing the song they always sang for everyone's birthday ..it was like some kind of family birthday song ,if that even makes sense…"Happy birthday , Happy birthday, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday , Happy birthday, Happy birthday to you!

I want to do something special for you,

It's your birthday and you are so special to me

So I brought some guabs from the outer guab zoo

They honk (honk) and squak (squak) and sing just for you….

Oh my pretty little princess Happy birthday to you…"

___ " You guys just love that song don't you" I said laughing delightedly "of course we do princess" my dad sat besides me planting a kiss on my forehead "alright lets eat the cake now it's waiting for me to come eat it " Josh said and everyone laughed ..after sometime all of them left my room planting slight kisses on my temple ..and went back to sleep .

~The morning of Rose's Birthday~

"Okay now wake up birthday girl you have slept enough it's 10 in the morning we have a lot to do …wake up!!" Someone screamed loudly in my ears and I exactly knew who was that "ugh Emily let me sleep a little more" I told sleepily to my best friend . " Nope ,god I can't believe it you are finally 21!!!" She squilled excitedly grabbing my blanket off me , I woke up sighing " yeah yeah I know " "and stop getting over excited it's not like I turned 18 right now and officially adult or something "

" Ugh you are so boring" she said dramatically ,and then hugged me tight "Happiest birthday my favourite best friend " .."you mean your only best friend " I said laughing

" Yeah yeah now get your ass off that bed and go get ready we have so many things to do " she said

"And what exactly are those things ?" I asked raising an eyebrow at her " well ,today is Saturday and there is no college today and as you know it's your birthday so we are gonna go shop some pretty dresses for you ,and then in evening we are going to celebrate your birthday at the new hotel opened nearby with all of our friends"

"Oh my god Emily you know how much I hate going out can't we just celebrate my birthday ryt here " I said pointing at my bed and whole room . " Nope, we are going out and that's final " she said rolling her eyes "and yeah you're gonna get laid today no matter what cause you need to lose it girl!" She said with that chirpy voice of her .

Before I could argue I heard my mom's voice from downstairs " okay girls get downstairs in 5 the breakfast is ready and it's family time " "yeah mom we'll be there in 5 minutes" I said heading towards the bathroom ……….

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