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Bed of White Clovers

Kotomi rushed Nagisa with the children to the General Hospital, but as the wards were already occupied, not to speak of those rushed in who were injured by yesterday's gang fights, they had to look for another place. It was a good thing they were able to find a facility right in Hikarizaka, Dr. Kirishima's clinic.

"Please charge expenses to me," said Doctor Ichinose. "Here are my two account numbers."

"Bleh," declined Dr. Kirishima, "let's put the patient to bed first. We don't even know if she would recover."

"Doctor!" cried Kotomi, "We wouldn't bring her here if there was not the faintest hope of recovery. Won't you just name your price?"

"What I mean is," she replied, exasperated, "I'm a professional and not a vending machine. I want to know how to get about the patient first, or else, payment is moot."

They lay her down with life support. Her breathing was still shallow and her heartbeat irregular, but Dr. Kirishima assured them the supports could be removed within a few hours if everything goes well. "You wouldn't want additional expenses, would you, now?"

Ushio and Mizuumi sat at the lobby the whole day in agony. Mimi cried on and off, and later fell asleep on the bench exhausted at about noon. Ushio could not eat. It did not help that Aunt Ryou was far away with her family in Osaka.

At about two in the afternoon the distraught Furukawas arrived and were about to rush to Nagisa's room when the young aide stopped them. "Madam," she told Sanae, "the patient has to stay in for the day. You may return later if you want to see her."

"Nagisa," sobbed Sanae. She turned and wept in Akio's arms. He himself was gritting his teeth, trying to hold back his own tears.

But he couldn't hold back the words. "Do we have to pay you just for us to see our daughter?" he reproached.

"No need," said someone behind them. Dr. Kirishima. "You were only the second person to talk money to us today. My, why do people always treat us doctors like we're swindlers running freak shows?"

"Because nothing matters to you but the money!" shouted Akio. "You pretend to cure people with your worthless medicine but all you do is charge for every twitch and turn and skip we do. I will make sure Ushio will never become a doctor!"

She simply yawned loudly in his face. "Your daughter's life support has already been removed and her condition is stable for the moment," she said indifferently. "She needs plenty of rest so if you don't mind please don't make any noise in here."

Sanae looked up. "If that's so, doctor," she said, "Can we at least look through that door window?"

"Help yourselves," she replied motioning carelessly to the door without another look at them. Ryou's friends sure are overdramatic like her. She went to the information desk to watch her afternoon soap at a small TV on the counter.

By nightfall, Kotomi has returned, and with her came the Yoshinos as well as Kyou. Nagisa has regained consciousness so Dr. Kirishima allowed visitors into the room, but she was too weak to stand up. "I'm fine now," she tried to reassure them. Well, truth to tell, aside from her body, she felt strongly encouraged seeing them crowd round her at bedside. Kyou embraced the woman but the aide coaxed her back, reminding her of Nagisa's frail condition. Dr. Kirishima did allow Kouko to hold her hand, though. "Ibuki-sensei," said Nagisa, "I'm sorry if I had been a bother to you."

"Oh no, Nagisa-chan, we must be the ones bothering you. You should be resting now, but we only wanted to see for ourselves that you were fine. Pardon us please."

"Iie," Nagisa insisted. "The truth is, I want you all to be with me here everyday. Please do—" She halted, embarrassed. "I-I'm so sorry. I was so selfish. D-Don't mind me."

"There's no way we could do that," reprimanded Kotomi holding her arm. "As long as school is suspended, I and the girls will watch over you everyday as you wish. Kyou will be able to do that, as well. Perhaps even Yoshino-san can be here, too, if their company has also closed temporarily."

Nagisa squinted her eyes in apology still thinking that she shouldn't be indulged so, but she evidently felt otherwise. In the end, she said, "Arigatou gozaimasu."

Tomoya dialled again and again but he couldn't get through to the house. Nobody was answering the phone at home. Could it be that Nagisa was outside? She shouldn't be. She needs to stay in bed all the way for weeks at the very least if she is to fully recover. He decided to phone Kyou instead.

"Hello? Oh, good morning, Kyou. I wonder if Nagisa brought Mizuumi over to school today?"

There was a brief silence. Then, "You haven't heard of the news?"

"Um, I was too busy lately."

There was a longer silence. It seemed to echo Kyou's thoughts from the other end. Busy, huh? I would have thought as much. With some bitterness, "You don't even have any radio there?"

"Kyou, just get to the point. Is Nagisa there?"

"Must I spell it out for you? Your wife has collapsed. She is in a clinic because the hospital is full of the injured from the other day's gang fights here in Hikarizaka. Schools are closed so don't go looking for Mimi-chan there."

Tomoya was enraged. "Did somebody attack the house? Who did this to Nagisa?" he demanded.

Another brief silence. "No, the house wasn't attacked. Mimi-chan was so worried about you she told everybody where you really are. And Nagisa heard of it." It sounded like there was sobbing over the line.

He felt his hand grow weak. He would have dropped the phone then and there but he wanted to know more right away. "Nagisa... Which clinic is she in? Tell me!"

"I'll give you the number," went the broken voice at the other end.

"Tomoya-kun," sobbed Nagisa, overjoyed at hearing his voice again, "are you even eating well over there?"

"N-No, Nagisa," stammered Tomoya at the other end. "D-Don't mind me." He seemed to be crying, as with a child who has broken a very expensive vase. "Nagisa, please, forgive me..."

"Iie. I only wish you told me you were going to Iwaki so at least, I could..." See you off? Could I really do that? "Tomoya-kun, please take care. Please."

"I will, Nagisa," he said earnestly. "When I get back, I will use all the money to cure you completely, once and for all."

Conditions have improved in Hikarizaka over the week. Although there were pockets of fighting in some street corners and isolated places—the gang wars were clearly not over—many gangsters were now lying low to evade the police. Hikarizaka High and the other erstwhile shuttered schools and establishments will now reopen tomorrow.

The mood of relief over the whole town was reflected in the room at the clinic were Nagisa was confined. Thanks to Dr. Kirishima's efforts, she wasn't pale anymore but the doctor didn't want to take chances and thus ordered that she stay in bed indefinitely for observation. Far as the doctor knew, what afflicted the woman was a very treacherous condition. Still, Nagisa was strong enough to eat and to talk, and she did so heartily, wanting to return to normal life as soon as possible.

Mizuumi rambled on about games and shows to her mother as she would at home, while Ushio listened and often broke into the conversation. The sisters would even argue playfully, and it brought much-needed laughter to Nagisa.

At that junction, a certain visitor arrived. Nagisa was delighted to see her.

Ushio was not.

"Mimi, hide me!" she cried rushing behind her little sister as if they had switched their ages. Mimi was now the one facing up calmly to Miss Sunohara while Onee-chan cowered like a frightened toddler.

"Hey," Mei chided her, "I didn't come for you, you know. I brought your Mommy some fresh flowers and fruit to wish her well." Seeing Mizuumi, "Say, why is there a cute little girl here?" She sat down to Mimi's level. "I don't think I've seen you before. Are you also Nagisa-chan's daughter?"

"Hai," affirmed Nagisa happily. "I think she was at school or asleep when you came to the house. She usually sleeps early, you know."

"Really?" She excitedly carried the little girl in her arms. "Kawaii!" She kissed Mimi in the neck and it tickled her.

"Hey," protested Ushio, "don't prey on my kid sister. She didn't do you any wrong."

"Really now?" flourished Mei. "Just so you know, your sister's much more polite, much nicer, and much cuter than you." To Mizuumi, "Right, sweetums?" Kiss.

Yeah right. You belong with the kindergartners, anyway.

"Ushio," reminded Nagisa, "don't talk back to your teachers like that. Your father will be much bothered if he were here."

"Sorry, Ma," mumbled Ushio.

"See sweetums?" said Mei. "Your Onee-chan's a bad girl."

Mizuumi vigorously gestured a negative. "Shio-chan is the nicest and most beautiful hime in Hikarizaka, and she loves me very much! Right, Shio-chan?"

Oh mush. You could be worse than Miss Sunohara at times.

"But I want to see little sweetums." Mei kissed her profusely again and Mimi's laughter resonated all over the room. Ushio would rather have it that way. It wasn't so bad. Mimi would serve as appeasement so Miss Sunohara won't turn on her. The little girl isn't bothered, anyway.

"Then again," said Mei putting Mimi down, "sweetums likes Onee-chan very much. In that case... Whoever sweetums likes... I also like!" And she pounced on the hapless freshman again, "Come here, U.F.O.!", who struggled tooth and nail to break free of Mei's affectionate stranglehold. All the while her mother and sister looked on... laughing.

"Mama! Mimi!" she groaned, "I always thought you'd be on my side."

Mimi only squealed. "Shio-chan's so cute, isn't she?"

"Ushio," said Nagisa. "I think you should also kiss your teacher for all the love she's showing you."

I give up!

Mei then suddenly sobered up and held Ushio at arm's length. She looked her over more tenderly, and finally gave her a serious warm embrace that surprised the girl. It was so unexpected that she found herself gingerly responding with a hug of her own. "Uh, Miss Sunohara, are you OK?"

Mei looked at her endearingly one more time and touched her cheek. "You know, Ushio, you have been such a good girl to me. I hope you'd bear with me for being such an annoyance to you, but the fact is, there isn't a single night that I don't think of you ever since I first saw you. I could tell you myself how much your Papa and Mama loved each other, and I just wish you would love them as much, too, 'cause I know how symbolic you are to their relationship."

Ushio was quite stunned to hear this coming from her, but at the same time, she was warmed and wanted to hear even just a bit more.

"Oh yes. Onii-chan told me how beautiful your hair is." She admiringly fingered the girl's mane. "He's right." She smelled it gently, almost solemnly. "I will miss you. Seriously."

"Seriously?" she echoed. "I mean, why will you miss me? Are you going away?"

A look of disappointment struck Nagisa's face.

Mei only smiled weakly. "Mr. Nishimura is coming back next week. And I got a job opening back home. It's another high school. You know, Kouko-san told me to make my students my friends. She told me it was important for high schoolers." She chuckled. "Well, I guess I must have overdone it. The only pupils I have handled thus far were quite young so I just kind of carried over. Actually, I still don't get most of the ropes of teaching teenagers, but I will grow with it somehow."

Perhaps for the first time, a genuine affection for her teacher sprung up from the depths of Ushio's heart. She took Miss Sunohara's hands and said, "Actually, Ma'am, if you are sincere and true to us, most of the time, it's enough."

Mei acknowledged what she said with a smile. "I'll remember that, Ushio."

"Mei-chan," said Nagisa, "could you not spare at least another week with us?"

She gently gestured a "no," smiling sadly. "I'm so sorry, Nagisa-chan. The school back home is already in urgent need of a Science teacher. And I really don't belong here." She went onto the bed and kissed her. "Don't worry, Nagisa-chan, I will send you pictures every now and then. I promise. And I will drop a call as well if I could."

"Well, then," sighed Nagisa heavily, "if that's the case, then I wish you a safe trip. Please, come visit some time."

Mei flashed a beautiful smile as she stood to go. "I will, Nagisa-chan." At the door however, she stopped and turned to talk to Ushio. "I only have a favor to ask of you, Ushio. Please make friends with Tenshi. I know he's really a kind person."

This will be a tough call. She tried to repudiate her. "I remember you said we would make a great couple, not friends."

She only laughed this off. "Well, everything has to start somewhere."

"But Mama and Papa told me I shouldn't go dating anyone while I'm at my studies."

"They're right. I'm not saying you should rush. Everything takes time. If you're really meant for each other..." She shrugged. "At least be friends with him, OK?"

No, it's still hard. And she's not the only one having trouble with what Mei's saying. "Umm, Mei-chan," ventured Nagisa, "her Aunt Ryou also seems to want her son to be Ushio's... er... friend."

Mei laughed again. "Well, I must say sweetums is right! Onee-chan's the nicest and most beautiful hime in Hikarizaka. Everybody falls for her!"

Ushio tried to hide the blush that put a bright crimson on her cheeks. Indeed? Then perhaps Takafumi...?

As she departed, Mei reassured Ushio that she won't "harass" her in class anymore, and that she's still staying in Hikarizaka for the remainder of the week. Nagisa watched her go with regret showing in her eyes.

It turns out Miss Sunohara wasn't the only one leaving Hikarizaka High.

"Minako?" chorused Ushio and Tomoe. "You don't say!"

"I say!" she retorted. "Ma wants me to study in Nagoya as there's a school there that will prepare me for foreign service."

"So your parents have finally decided that you will be a diplomat?" asked Tomoe.

"Yeah," she shrugged. "It really isn't bad, actually. You get to meet a lot of races, see a lot of places."

Ushio laughed. "Ha! Diplomat? I knew a very diplomatic person like you would have the temper for the job!" More laughter.

"Cut that out, girl! At least I have a path already marked out for me. And Tomoe here already aspires to be a writer-journalist. And you? Maybe you're just waiting for the right man so you could chill at home as a housewife." It was her turn to laugh. "You got the looks for it, girl!"

"Ah! Enough! What's so bad being a homemaker? I know Mama's a wonderful housewife. What will happen to our labor force if they haven't been potty-trained while young? Have you realized that? Miss Diplomat?"

Hmmm. It sure is uncomfortable to wear a diaper at the embassy.

"Besides, I don't give a fig about boys! If you want to know what I want to be... What I really want to be... well... uh... I want to work in the army!"

Blank stares. Then, uproarious laughter. "What!" exclaimed Minako. "You just picked the opposite! Excellent method to choose a career!"

All three of them laughed, but as the mirth gradually died down, Ushio found herself pained and starting to choke from a growing sadness. Is she really going away? "Mina-chan," she said, "After you go, there won't be three of us anymore."

"Why, of course," said Minako apprehensively. "Three minus one makes two."

"Are you going to let it that way?" said Tomoe plaintively. Minako couldn't answer. She opened her mouth in an attempt to again laugh, or bite back, or whatever, but it only hung limp and the sound that came out was a short whimper. Before long, tears were streaming down her cheeks and she frantically covered her face. However, the two also started to weep, but not for long. Slathering her open palms on her face, Minako immediately dismissed it all. "Enough! Enough! It will ruin our powder. Say, why don't we just have a farewell party right now? Come on, come on, what do you say?"

"Alright!" shouted Ushio also dismissing her tears. "Each of us will buy the food she likes most!"

Tenshi was very agitated as he waited on Miss Sunohara outside the faculty door at lunch. He knew that his time was painfully short. Miss Sunohara would be gone by next week and it appeared he was nowhere near impressing him. True, there were times when her smiling to him—oh man, those smiles—made him believe he was singled out for special treatment, but whenever he did the same to the other guys he felt threatened. But he didn't have much of a chance to get close to her other than carry her things, which he realized did not guarantee him her teacher's heart; she used other students, including the hated Ushio.

Miss Sunohara appears to be chatting and laughing with her co-teachers over lunch. She wouldn't be going out anytime soon. He couldn't think of any other way to get her attention now. Except with what he has. His body. He knew those giggling schoolgirls in his class always whispered behind his back, and he knew it was about his figure. It mustn't have degraded just yet despite being away from the gym for some time. After all, his biceps and his quads still bulge just a bit through his clothing. All he needs, he surmised, is to get a really hard workout for a full half-hour nonstop and his merely slumbering body will snap back to shape. There's still time. When he had finished, Mei-sama will be going out to class and they would meet with his new figure.

He'll wear a shirt in the hallway, pass it off as soccer practice to any passing teachers, lift all of Mei-sama's things with his muscles and abs jutting proudly through, and wear his uniform before going back inside the classroom. It will work.

He hurried to the gymnasium where a few basic equipment lay. Nobody's using them. Excellent. Nobody could be seen anywhere, either, being out to lunch, so he didn't mind taking off his shirt as well. If his upper half is naked he could better see how far he's going.

He started to doff his attire. Tie, off. Uniform, off. Shirt, off. OK, body check. Arms, OK. Chest, OK. Abs...

What the...

I'll be...


His six pack, while it has not really disappeared, has visibly receded. Not just from misuse. Creeping up the sides, carpeting the front and everything in between like a flood that threatens the hills, was a modest layer of belly fat.

It even rippled faintly when he touched it.

His throat constricted and his fists grew white as bitter tears rolled down his grimacing face. There's no way he could undo this now on short notice. He slumped down and wept unashamedly and his muffled wailing fanned out as that of a three-year-old who lost his way home. If only he had started to flex his muscles that time long ago upstairs. If only he kept it up everyday like he usually did back home.

Then, he remembered. The reason he stopped his workout.

It's her.

He gritted his teeth and his vision clouded as he stood up and donned his uniform. She never was any good to him, he gathered, and now she even made his life miserable! Why did he ever had to know her at all in the first place? He sallied forth out to the courtyard. A number of students were chatting over their meals, laying out bento on picnic mats on the ground, or sitting under the shade of evergeen trees. And, yes! There she is! Under one such tree. She sat between her two friends sipping off that weird super-thick peach concentrate. Laughing. She appeared to much relish his agony.

"Wow, Ushio," marvelled Tomoe, "you really can't get over that stuff, huh?"

"Never saw anyone bother taking half of that carton, much less three!" seconded Minako.

"Alright!" said Ushio, "Let's sip like there's no tomorrow, right guys?" She made an exaggerated long-drawn sucking noise as she slurped the box empty as the two clapped at her performance. It was easy to do for juice that thick. She grabbed her fourth carton and started to sip again.


Who grabbed my juice?

Her two friends stared in horror as they found the carton in the hands of an enraged Tenshi. Ushio watched helplessly as he flipped the box upside-down and squeezed all the juice out with all his furious might. The box practically shrunk into his fist. Ushio's precious juice snaked out in all directions and lay sticking to the dirt.

"Gut-rotting filth," spat Tenshi as he flung the empty carton away. He stamped off like a boy who lost at a game.

Minako was incensed. She went after him. "Hey! You apologize to my buddy or I'll knock you out! You hear?" She didn't mind the gathering onlookers.

As soon as she got to him, Tenshi pushed her to the ground with one smooth movement of his hand. Ushio had her last straw broken. That Tenshi was obnoxious enough, she felt, but now he even had to hurt her friends? She bounded across the yard, caught him by the collar, flipped him over to her... and punched him in his face.

It resounded like a gunshot.

Tenshi doubled over writhing in pain. It seems his cheeks were rapidly swelling. He never tasted such force from a single blow before, for he had unusually tough skin and facial muscles, much less from a girl. Ushio's hand was also in pain as she held it down, but she was still eyeing Tenshi. It was then that several students and a few teachers, including Mei, had gathered around them and parted them.

"Ushio!" cried Mei. "What's going on?"

No one gave her any thought as the crowd led the two to the principal's office.

The whole of the rest of the day they spent sulking before the principal. They had by this time been patched up and accompanied by adults. Takafumi sat beside his nephew and Mei with Ushio. Doctor Ichinose also stood there.

"Miss Okazaki," said the principal, "you truly couldn't hold yourself down, couldn't you? I must warn you that you're already a repeat offender..."

"She is not," corrected Doctor Ichinose. "Didn't I tell you to forget that other incident? This will be her first misdemeanor."

The principal sighed in acknowledgement. "Well, then, Miss Okazaki, when will you bring over your parents?"

"Her mother is very sick," said Mei. "And her father is working a long distance from here."

"Very well, I might as well be forced to take matters in my own hands. A month's suspension for you, Miss Okazaki."

"Is it right to lay a suspension on a first-time offender?" asked Doctor Ichinose.

Once again, the principal had to comply. "But," he replied in protest, "what are we to do with this girl? Her incorrigible behavior will keep manifesting itself if left unchecked!"

"Sir!" complained Ushio, hurt by his speedy assessment of her character. "He hurt my friend! He just came up from nowhere and took my juice when I don't in the least remember what I've even done to him."

"Okazaki," reprimanded Doctor Ichinose, "Are you trying to cook up a lame excuse for physical assault? If Mr. Sakagami has hurt your friend, as you say, then you're no different from him."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am," she whimpered. And Takafumi is here to see all this. How shameful I am!

He grudgingly consented to listen. "So," he said to Tenshi, "Mr. Sakagami, what can you say about her charge against you?"

He could not speak. It will be way difficult to make up an excuse for this. If he mentioned Mei, on the other hand, that is the surest way to permanently lose her favor. Before long, however, Mei herself stood up.

"Mr. Principal," she began, "I believe I have a hand in this. I teased the girl with Mr. Sakagami, and, well, I don't know what transpired after that, but perhaps they got together and had a love quarrel or something. In any case, I think this wouldn't have happened had I not intervened."

"You think such shallow reasoning would explain these injuries?"

"Do you have any other explanation? Perhaps we should question a few witnesses just to make sure?"

He loathed the hassle. "Well, then, Miss Sunohara, since you have taken responsibility for this, I guess I must hold your papers until I could make sure that these two will reform. What do you say, Doctor Ichinose?"

She cleared her throat. Mei-chan, I'm sorry. "I have long wanted to talk to Miss Sunohara about her acting irresponsibly around the students. But now that the matter has come to a head, she would have no choice but to take the consequences. She must think of a way to make sure these students get along well together or else we will not clear her papers for release."

"Well, now, Miss Sunohara, what do you say?"

"I agree."

"The only way to ensure that they will work harmoniously is to put them in the same project. I will have them do a guide to our most esteemed city and they will cooperate to provide all the commentary as well as the pictures."

Tenshi smiled to himself. Not only will he have a chance to "save" Miss Sunohara, but he will do it in his own element. Let that Ushio take on the drudgery of writing the text while he goes around town taking pictures. He will definitely do his best for Mei-sama. He could only picture her thus, O Tenshi, you saved my job! How could I ever repay my eternal gratitude to you? I want to be by your side forever...

"If these people don't do well together," warned the principal, "as a second offense, they will both get suspension, and Miss Sunohara will get a blacklist from this school."

Mei gulped. She didn't anticipate that last part. Tenshi, however, was even more pleased. Leave this to me, Mei-sama.

Everybody finally stood to leave. Takafumi bowed deeply in apology. "Please bear with Tenshi."

Nagisa could not do much now that she was bedridden. Dr. Kirishima put a TV and some DVDs in the room but she had little interest in watching anything. It was the phone that she kept counting on, waiting for long, quiet hours to see if her Tomoya would call. Oftentimes she ended up doing some cross-stitching that the doctor also left her, as if she wanted to see what kind of complicated picture she could create over time to indicate how long time passes between calls. Right now she was finishing an image of a flower bed, quite complex in its own right, and it was already half-done, such was the wait that Nagisa had that day.

Tomoya-kun, when you get home, I will hang this in our room so you could see something new in our house. And, at this she giggled, it will remind you how much trouble you caused me.

The day was sunny for a change. A soft wind blew on the flowerbeds of the clinic garden. It was refreshingly quiet as only the purring of the breeze on the greenery and the murmur of flapping clothes out to dry in the wind. The window was open and it allowed the fresh air to waft in and the scenery to spread across a frame of lilacs by the window. Nagisa found herself humming the tune that reminded her of white clovers, since she is hearing the lovely flute-and-guitar score in her head. She is finding it a bit more enjoyable to wait upon the call of her beloved.

A cheerful ring from the phone burst upon her idyll. She immediately perked up and reached out excitedly to the phone. "Tomoya-kun! Ohayou gozaimasu!"

"Nagisa-chan..." said Kyou at the other end.

"Oh," she faltered. However, she's too much in a good mood to be troubled. "Sorry. I must have been used to receiving calls from him."

"And it's already two in the afternoon, sleepyhead."

"Oh yes," she giggled. "I completely forgot. Ehehe."

"Hey, I got good news for you. Even if that husband of yours is too busy to call you, I just found out their field office has an answering machine. So if you want to, I'll connect there right away."

"Please do!" And indeed, in a moment the sounds of the answering machine came up with the instructions to leave a message.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Tomoya-kun. I say 'good morning' to you even though I don't know what time you will pick this up, because, I want you to know I always feel as fresh as I am on a fine morning whenever you're around. I wonder if you will call me in a day or so, 'cause I get bored sometimes and nothing really makes me happy except talking to you.

"Well, of course, I'm truly happy whenever Shio-chan and Mimi-chan are here with me, but you know they have to go to school and leave me so. Tomoya-kun, I wish it was always vacation, if that were possible, so we could all be here, the four of us. I really look forward to the time when you could be here again.

"Tomoya-kun, Shio-chan is already becoming a lady. You should see her now. Mei-chan said everybody's falling for her. Ehehe. Well, I mean everybody wants to be friends with her, 'cause I know you want her to finish a degree before anything serious. And I know you want her to be properly married as soon as we hand her over to her man, unlike us when we first moved out.

"Tomoya-kun, what I say may be too distant from now, but I can't help wondering what she'll be like when she's no longer with us. I know it sounds funny, but you know, in the end, it will only be the two of us. Shio-chan and Mimi-chan will leave us someday. I can only think of Otou-san and Oka-san right now. They have nobody else at home, but even if I'm not there always, I'm sure they are happy with each other.

"So, Tomoya-kun, I want to be by your side always, because that was what we were meant to be.

"Goodbye, Tomoya-kun."

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