High Reason

The Case of Matching Patterns

The Case of Matching Patterns

It was positively awful. "You're not going out in that...?" John said, crossing his arms. "Tell me there's a costume party I didn't hear about."

"What, doesn't this work?" Sherlock looked down at the pinstripe shirt and the plaid tie which was knotted about his neck. Mycroft had summoned him, and grousing, Sherlock had made himself presentable. At least, his idea of presentable.

"Not really." John gave up trying to be polite. "Sherlock, it's atrocious."

"Well, I think it works."

"It doesn't."

"I can't respect a person who places so much value on outward appearances."

"No one could respect anyone in such a get-up." John exhaled through his nose. "It's the tie. It has to go."

"What if I like it? I think patterns should go together."

"Well, they don't," John said shortly. "So stop coming up with mathematical algorithms to prove me wrong, and just accept it is a societal norm."

"Hm..." Sherlock regarded himself before the mirror, before wheeling. "Well, what would go with this tie?"

"Nothing you've got in your closet," John said doubtfully. "Take it off, and begin again."

"New shirt and all?" Sherlock shook his head. "No. I like it. The diagonal lines of the tie are a nice contrast the the vertical ones presented by the shirt."

John rolled his eyes. "Fine, go then. But know that you look rather..."


"That's one way of putting it."

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