Mind Games

Friendship conquers all

Later that day, on the outskirts of a certain kingdom.

Twilight poked her head outside of the train car window, the fast paced air blowing her mane back.

“Look!” She called inside to her friends. “The kingdom’s starting to come into view!”

“I can’t believe we got here as fast as we did!” Spike said aloud, poking his head out a window as well.

“We need to be on the lookout for anything suspicious!” Celestia said from atop the train, using her magic to keep herself on the train, as well as increase its speed.

Meanwhile, several Discords shoveled coal to one-another down a line, before the last one threw it in the furnace.

“It’s about time!” One of the Discords said.

“I’ll say!” Another Discord spoke. “We’re almost out of coal!”

The train then screeched to a stop, causing all the Discords to fall forward, reforming into the original.

“Talk about running into yourself.” Discord said aloud, his eyes spinning.

All the ponies disembarked the train, looking around at the strange new land they found themselves in.

All around them lay the bleak landscape of a kingdom in ruins.

All the nearby buildings had been covered in a green sappy substance, while a lone decaying castle sat upon a hill in the distance.

Rainbow Dash took to the sky, calling out her friend’s name.


Meanwhile, in the center of the kingdom.

Trixie shut the door behind herself as she left a building. Inside she had left the Flim Flam brothers trapped inside a giant green cocoon. She turned her head to the shouting that she began to hear in the distance.


“Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash called out again from the sky.

“This place is really a ghost town isn’t it?” Spike said aloud.

“Well what can you expect?” Twilight told Spike. “Whoever lived here before must’ve been run out by Chrysalis and her changeling army when they landed here.”

“An interesting color palate. If I do say so myself.” Discord spoke.

“Bleh! Green! Such an awful color!” Rarity exclaimed, reeling at the horrible décor of the place.

“We should stay together, so as not to lose anypony else.” Celestia told the group.

“I’m getting an uneasy feeling.” Mayor Mare said aloud.

“I am too.” Braeburn agreed. “It’s like we’re being watched.”

“Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash continued to call out.

“Come on everypony!” Twilight told the group. “Let’s find Fluttershy and put an end to this nightmare!”

The group then took off towards heart of the kingdom.

The center of the kingdom.

Trixie walked away from a smaller cocoon that she had just placed Fluttershy into, over to a much larger one in the center of the hub of the kingdom.

“Now for you.” Trixie said to the cocoon.

Trixie’s attention shifted however, as the sounds of ponies approaching grew louder.

“Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash called out, arriving first and seeing Fluttershy in the cocoon.

She raced over to her and started to try to free her friend. Apple Jack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie quickly made their way over as well.

“Trixie!” Twilight spoke, spying the Unicorn by a large cocoon.

“Humph!” Trixie retorted. “Sparkle.”

“What’s going on here Trixie!?” Twilight demanded.

“What have you been hiding this whole time Lulamoon!?” Celestia asked as well.

“Trixie is here for a single purpose.” Trixie told the two. “But now that all of you are here, this poses as a problem for Trixie.”

“What are you talking about Trixie!?” Twilight asked.

Meanwhile; Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie finally managed to free Fluttershy from the cocoon, pulling her out.

“Fluttershy! Hey Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash spoke to her friend.

Fluttershy moved a little, before standing up, holding her head.

“…ugh…huh?” She spoke.

“Fluttershy!” The ponies said to their friend, hugging her.

“W-what…what happened now?” Fluttershy asked aloud.

“It’s alright Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash told her friend.

“We’re here for ya sugar cube!” Apple Jack added.

“You’re fine now darling!” Rarity spoke.

“Yay Fluttershy!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Y-you…you all…” Fluttershy said.

As the ponies continued to hug her, a warm feeling began to come over Fluttershy, as different memories started popping into her head.

Conducting a choir of birds at Princess Cadence and Shining Armor’s wedding.

Desperately trying to sort cherries at Cheery Jubilee’s farm.

Putting on the Hearth’s Warming Eve play in Canterlot.

Becoming Mare Do Well to help Rainbow Dash.

Eating at Donut Joe’s after the Gala.

Sewing Rarity’s dress for her.

Wrapping up winter.

All her friends.

As the memories continued to flow through her mind, Fluttershy slowly began ascending into the air, her eyes glowing white. A white line then formed around her neck, before the necklace of Kindness took its place. Her eyes then stopped glowing, as she began flapping her wings, bringing herself back to the ground.

“W-what happened? Eeep!” Fluttershy asked, as she quickly became confused and scared of her surroundings.

“Fluttershy! You remember!” Rainbow Dash told Fluttershy, hugging her again.

Apple Jack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie joined in again as well, while Fluttershy sat in the middle, starting to shake with fear.

Presently, with Trixie and the rest of the ponies.

“I thought you were on our side Trixie!?” Twilight asked.

“Trixie was only making sure that she could reduce the number of possible casualties to as little as possible, but since all of you are here, Trixie cannot promise that anymore.” Trixie replied.

“This isn’t what you told me was going to happen Trixie! Explain yourself!” Celestia demanded Trixie.

“What!?” Twilight exclaimed, confused.

“Trixie told you everything you ‘needed’ to know.” Trixie replied.

The previous night in the Royal Palace.

“Things are really starting to get out of hoof.” Celestia said to herself.

“Nopony ever said it was going to be easy.” Celestia heard Trixie Lulamoon say.

“You again!?” Celestia exclaimed, turning to face Trixie.

“Calm yourself Princess.” Trixie told Celestia, walking further into the room. “No need to go all supernova on anypony.”

“What have you been doing Lulamoon!?” Celestia demanded, stomping her hoof. “Did you ponynap Queen Chrysalis?”

“It was a necessity that needed to happen.” Trixie replied.

“So it WAS you!” Celestia yelled.

“There’s nothing you can do about it now.” Trixie told Celestia, looking out a window. “Instead, you should shift your attention to a more immediate problem.”

“Why should I listen to you?” Celestia asked.

“Because if you don’t, then you’re whole way of life may change again.” Trixie responded.

“What are you talking about!?” Celestia replied.

“There’s a love poison roaming around Equestria, and you need to find it before it falls into the wrong hooves.” Trixie explained.

“A love poison?” Celestia asked, confused.

“Yes. One that will prove fatal for Equestria if it is not contained.” Trixie told Celestia. “More fatal than what Chrysalis did.”

“What she did?” Celestia asked.

“That’s right.” Trixie replied. “Your wonderful Queen Chrysalis has been deceiving you for some time now, and it’ll be nothing compared to what the love poison will cause if you don’t stop it.”

“And why not you?” Celestia told Trixie. “You sound like you know a lot about what’s going on.”

“Let’s just say that as much as Trixie would love to take the spotlight and attention, it would look better if Equestria’s ‘Shining Princess’ saved the day instead.” Trixie replied, finally looking at Celestia. “Wouldn’t you say?”

Celestia eyed the Unicorn cautiously, wondering what she was really up to.

“What are you planning Trixie?”

“The safest place to be would be Rainbow Falls.” Trixie told Celestia. “If you can get it there and keep it there, then Trixie can retrieve it and dispose of it where nopony will be affected.”

“Why should I trust you?” Celestia asked once more.

“Because ‘this’ world isn’t meant for us.” Trixie explained. “Think about it. Trixie knows that you’ve been having your own doubts for a while now.”

Celestia didn’t respond, quietly admitting that she was right.

Trixie then made her way back to the chamber doors, opening them with her magic.

“Trixie must leave now.” Trixie told Celestia, before turning to her one last time. “Trixie knows you’ll make the right decision Celestia.”

Presently, in the kingdom center.

“You said that you were going to make sure nopony was hurt!” Celestia told Trixie.

“And Trixie would have, with this.” Trixie replied, pulling the vial of love poison out from under her cloak.

“Twilight! That’s!...” Spike began to say.

“You still have the love poison!?” Twilight asked Trixie.

“Trixie needed it of course.” Trixie replied. “For this!”

Trixie used her magic on the large cocoon behind her, opening up a window to reveal Chrysalis inside. She then summoned a glass dome around her and Chrysalis, her eyes glowing red.

“What!?” Everyone exclaimed.

“This is what would’ve prevented other ponies from getting hurt.” Trixie told everypony.

“That red glow! It looks the same as the one we saw erupt from Rainbow Falls!” Mayor Mare exclaimed.

“What kind of magic are you using Trixie!?” Twilight asked.

“Another time Sparkle, but not now.” Trixie replied, making the dome disappear and her magic returning to a light magenta.

Twilight’s friends, now with all their memories back, joined around Twilight as they readied themselves to try to stop Trixie.

“This isn’t right Trixie!” Twilight told Trixie. “But now that I have my friends by my side, there’s nothing that can stop our friendship!”

The two sides were ready for the first move, when the sky and area around them started to fade in and out of darkness.

“Discord! Now isn’t the time for games!” Celestia told Discord.

“Hey don’t look at me!” Discord replied. “This isn’t NEARLLY random enough for me.”

Everypony looked around for the cause, before a voice called out from one of the spots of darkness.

“…sssiiisssTEEERRR!” The voice called out, starting innocent, but becoming sinister as it finished. “…twwwiiiLLLIIIGHTTT!”

Everyone looked to where the voice was coming from, as they watched the tall dark figure of Princess Luna step out from the darkness. Her appearance shifted like static, as she went from her normal self to Nightmare Moon and back with each shift.

“Luna!” Celestia and Twilight called out.

“Talk about a Jekyll and Hyde.” Discord said aloud.

“What’s wrong with her!?” Spike asked, afraid.

“It’s like she’s stuck between being Luna and Nightmare Moon!” Twilight spoke.

“….cooommmeeee pllllaaaaayyy iiiinnnn thhhheee DAAAARRRRRK!” The alicorn spoke again, before fading back into the darkness.

“Discord!” Celestia called to the draconequus.

“Y-yes!” Discord responded, creeped out from what was going on.

“We have to stop Luna!” Celestia told Discord.

“Stop her!?” Discord replied. “And just how do you propose doing that?”

Celestia then opened her wings wide, preparing to take off.

“Anyway we can.” Celestia replied, before looking to Twilight. “We’ll handle Luna. You take care of Lulamoon.” She told Twilight, before taking off into the darkness.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Discord yelled out, running after her.

Having been distracted by Princess Luna, the ponies turned their attention back to Trixie, only to find her opening up Chrysalis’ cocoon with her magic.

Chrysalis slowly stepped out of the cocoon, before collapsing from not having fed in days.

“Trixie! What are you doing!?” Twilight asked.

“If I were you, I would leave while I still could.” Trixie told the group, before pulling the love poison back out.

“Trixie don’t do it!” Twilight pleaded.

Trixie lifted Chrysalis with her magic, while moving the vial towards her mouth.

“With this love poison Trixie will!...” Trixie started to say, before being blindsided my somepony. She was knocked to the ground, dropping Chrysalis back on the ground, and tossing the love poison up in the air.

“Wha!? Huh? WHA!?” The group all said at once, going from Trixie, to the love poison, and finally to the pony who knocked her down.

The vial fell back towards the ground, before being caught by Spitfire, holding another vial of love poison in her other hoof.

“I’m going to stop your reign of terror once and for all!” Spitfire yelled, kicking Chrysalis in the stomach, before pulling out both vial corks with her teeth and pouring the contents into the changeling’s mouth.

“Spitfire! What do you think you’re doing!?” Trixie, standing back up.

“Save it! I’m doing what needs to be done!” Spitfire replied, pouring the last of the contents of love poison down Chrysalis’ throat, before jumping away.

“Why did you use both love poisons!?” Twilight yelled at Spitfire.

“Double the poison, faster the results!” Spitfire yelled back.

“It’s essentially a love potion with poison joke!” Twilight retorted. “Except using two won’t cancel each other out, or double the original effects! Because she’s a changeling, it will only cause her to gain power!”

“What!?” Everypony yelled.

Seeing the direness of the situation, Trixie’s eyes glowed red once more, as she conjured another glass dome over the changeling queen, trapping her inside.

However, as the love poisons began to take effect, Chrysalis released a surge of power strong enough to shatter the dome.

“What!? That’s impossible!” Trixie yelled, shocked.

“MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm! Delicious!” Chrysalis spoke. “But I’m still hungry.” She continued, turning back to Trixie.

Trixie jumped and disappeared in a flash of red magic, before Chrysalis fired a magical blast, tearing through her black cloak.

“Hmm…I suppose she wasn’t as caring as she said.” Chrysalis said aloud, before turning to face Twilight and her friends. “But I know YOU have plenty of love to spare.” She spoke, licking her lips.

“Don’t think you’ve won just yet Chrysalis!” Twilight responded. “My friends and I are together again and nothing you can do will ever tear us back apart!”

“Is that so?” Chrysalis replied, grinning.

“Yeah! Just you try it!” Apple Jack yelled.

“We’re not scared of you!” Rainbow Dash yelled.

“You’ll pay for making me miss a fashion deadline!” Rarity yelled.

“Put’em up you meanie queenie!” Pinkie yelled, looking like she was ready to box.

“Um…or y-you could just…um…leave. I-I mean if…if that’s okay…” Fluttershy spoke quietly, scared.

“It’s over Chrysalis!” Twilight yelled.

“Not quite.” Chrysalis replied, before using her magic to absorb love out of Braeburn, Soarin, Mayor Mare, and even some out of Spitfire.

Twilight and friends looked on in shock, leaving themselves vulnerable long enough for Chrysalis to trap them all in cocoons. They quickly started banging on the cocoons, trying to free themselves.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Chrysalis laughed. “There was never any way you were going to stop me again Twilight Sparkle! Even if you did reunite with your friends; now that I have the power from this failed attempt to stop me, I’ll use it to drain you of not only your love, BUT ALL YOUR MAGIC AS WELL!” She continued, laughing again.

Chrysalis then lit up the cocoons with her magic, as she slowly started to drain the ponies of their love.

Twilight and her friends struggled inside the cocoons, as they could feel their love being taken from them, leaving them weaker.

“YES YES Yes yes…yes!” Chrysalis began yelling, before her voice lowered to a dull roar. “W-what?”

Chrysalis’ magic also started to fade from the cocoons, before the cocoons themselves burst, releasing the ponies inside.

“W-what?...no!...what’s…what’s happening?” Chrysalis exclaimed, feeling herself suddenly grow weaker and hungry once more.

Meanwhile, Twilight and her friends stood back up, facing Chrysalis.

“H-how?...how is this happening?” Chrysalis asked.

“T-that’s…that’s what happens when you mess with poison joke.” Twilight replied, her strength slowly returning.

“What?” Chrysalis responded.

“You see,…even if love potions affect you differently, since you’re a changeling…” Twilight answered, standing strong again. “When you mess with poison joke; the joke will always be on you in the end.”

“No…no! This can’t be!” Chrysalis yelled.

“It is.” Twilight replied. “But the power of our friendship isn’t a joke, and it will always be strong enough to overcome anything!”

Twilight and her friends then gathered the power of the Elements of Harmony and used them on Chrysalis. The rainbow of magic circled around Chrysalis, before exploding off into a giant wave all across Equestria, just like the Sonic Rainboom once did.

“No! NO! NOOOOOO!!!!!!” Chrysalis yelled, as the magic overtook her and she faded into white along with the rest of Equestria.

As the magic finally settled, a figure garbed in a brown cloak made their way out of Sweet Apple Acres, the moon above their head. The figure looked back at the treehouse within the orchard one last time, before continuing on, a smile on their face.

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