Mind Games


The next day in Ponyville.

Twilight opened the door to the library and made her way outside, Spike on her back.

She was making her way to the café to meet her friends for breakfast. It was set to be the first normal thing they did after the past days’ craziness.

As she arrived, she found her friends already sitting at one of the tables, waving over to her. She walked over and sat down to join them, before they began talking about everything that had happened.

“It’s so nice that everything is finally back to normal.” Rarity spoke, sipping her tea.

“Ah’ll say.” Apple Jack replied. “Although, just this morning Ah was walking through the fields and decided to stop by the treehouse in the orchard. Ah found Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Derpy all asleep inside. Ah’m not sure if they all spent the night or something, but it was a little strange Ah guess.”

“When I woke up this morning, I found all my animal friends huddled around my bed. They seemed so happy to see me and said that I’d been gone a long time.” Fluttershy told her friends. “I sure hope they weren’t too worried about me.”

“Well I’m just glad that everyone is back to normal.” Twilight said aloud.

Just then a crack let out in the sky, as the girls looked up to see Spitfire and Soarin flying around, before landing outside the café.

“Hey! Soarin’s a Wonderbolt again!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, excited.

“Again?” Soarin replied, lifting up his goggles. “I’ve always been a Wonderbolt.”

“Don’t worry about it Soarin.” Spitfire told her team member, before walking up to Twilight and her friends. “Listen, I just wanted to apologize for everything that I did. It was because of my competitive and stubborn attitude that I wasn’t affected by Chrysalis’ magic.” She went on to say, turning her head to the side. “And when I found out what was going on, I felt like I had to do something. However, I see now that that something wasn’t right, and was made even worse by the ponies I made as allies.” She continued, looking to Rainbow Dash. “I only wish I could have made it up to Soarin and you before he returned to normal.”

“Hey, it’s no problem.” Rainbow Dash told Spitfire. “I’m sure I would’ve done the same thing if I was in your shoes.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Spitfire nodded to Rainbow Dash, smiling. She then put her goggles back on and turned to Soarin. “Let’s fly.”

The two Wonderbolts then took back off into the sky, leaving the ponies and Spike alone once again.

“I’m glad she was able to make peace with herself.” Twilight told her friends. “I just wish she could’ve trusted us more when she was carrying out her plans.”

“When ya get yourself wrapped up tight in something, it’s often hard to know when to ask for help.” Apple Jack replied. “Ah know that pretty well.”

“I suppose all’s well that ends well, hmm?” A voice spoke up from above.

This time, it was Princess Celestia and Princess Luna making the appearance, landing nearby the group.

“Princess Celestia!” Twilight called out.

“Hello Twilight.” Princess Celestia replied, smiling.

“So, does this mean you’re back to normal?” Spike asked.

“Oh, I’ve been back to normal ever since Chrysalis took over.” Princess Celestia answered.

“What!?” The group exclaimed.

“But how?” Twilight asked.

“I was suspicious of Chrysalis even after I too fell under her spell.” Princess Celestia replied. “However, after eavesdropping on most of her conversations; it didn’t take long for me to return to normal.”

“But, if you were YOU the whole time; why didn’t you do anything?” Twilight asked again.

“Yeah!” Spike added.

“I wanted to keep a close eye on Chrysalis to see what she was up to.” Princess Celestia answered. “It didn’t take much to fool her, and after I became aware of what Trixie was up to, it was all a matter of time.”

“So you two were in on it from the beginning?” Twilight asked, still curious.

“We never collaborated until the end no, but I played my part just as she played hers to make sure that neither of us were discovered.” Princess Celestia told Twilight.

“So how did Trixie retain all her memories?” Twilight asked. “Did she ever tell you?”

“That I’m still not sure.” Princess Celestia replied. “I feel though, that there was a strong magical presence about her that allowed her to be unaffected by Chrysalis’ magic. What that magic was however, I’m not sure.”

“I guess there’s still more to Trixie that we really don’t know about.” Spike told Twilight.

“What about Princess Luna and Discord?” Twilight inquired. “And furthermore, how was she even able to free him and where is he now?”

Princess Celestia raised a hoof to hold off Twilight’s questions.

“I didn’t want to run the risk of trying to keep both of them on the same page as well during my spying. Honestly, I almost thought that Luna would turn on me when she first caught me listening in to Chrysalis, but luckily she seemed more interested than concerned, so I didn’t need to worry.” Princess Celestia explained. “As for Discord. The imbalance in the world was most likely what released him, and she used her magic from there to somehow control him as well, as unbelievable as it sounds. However, just as he was before, Discord is now once again trapped in stone after you used the Elements of Harmony to restore peace and balance to all of Equestria.”

“Speaking of the three of you though; what happened when ya’ll two ran off after Princess Luna?” Apple Jack asked.

The Princess each turned their heads away from one-another, before Princess Celestia spoke.

“It was a fierce and horrifying battle. Discord and I were doing our upmost to apprehend Luna and stop her, but she was in her natural element in the darkness as Nightmare Moon.” Princess Celestia began to shiver.

Princess Luna then turned back to her sister, and placed a wing on her, comforting her.

“In the end however, before you even used the Elements of Harmony; Luna managed to bring herself back to the Luna I knew, before the elements helped release her from the darkness completely.” Princess Celestia finished, placing a wing on her sister as well, the two now smiling at each other.

“Well from the looks of things everybody made it out okay and is back to normal.” Spike said aloud.

“Not everypony Spike.” Twilight replied, a somber tone in her voice.

The rest of the ponies quickly caught on to whom Twilight was referring to, and soon they too began to feel remorse for the one in question.

“Oh…yeah…Zecora.” Spike replied, a down look on his face as well.

“My sister and I searched all over Equestria.” Princess Celestia told the group. “And even though we ensured Chrysalis was contained back in her kingdom, the same couldn’t be said for Zecora’s whereabouts.”

Everyone remained silent for a bit, reflecting on the zebra they’d once known, before the silence was broken by the waiter talking to a customer.

“I am sorry, but you will have to repeat your order.” The waiter said in his fancy accent.

“I would like mixed with some water, some fresh organic nectar.” The customer replied.

Hearing the bizarre rhyming scheme, everypony immediately turned their head to find Zecora sitting at one of the far tables.

“ZECORA!” Twilight and her friends exclaimed, leaving their seats and rushing over to the zebra.

Zecora turned her head just in time to see all the ponies gathering around her to hug her.

“It is wonderful to see you all, my friends. I trust that you have all made amends?” Zecora told the group finally being released from the hug.

“Zecora! You’re alright!” Twilight exclaimed. “What happened to you?”

“Yeah! We thought that you were a goner.” Spike asked as well.

“I’m am sorry to make you worry, when your future was very blurry.” Zecora replied. “I suppose I should begin, by telling where I have been.”

Zecora then sat down with her friends and the Princesses, explaining how she had woken up in the Everfree Forest where her home used to be and why she didn’t stay when Sweetie Belle and Derpy came looking for her.

As much as she wanted to let everypony, especially Apple Bloom know that she was okay, she knew that her vanishing would leave more motivation to stop Chrysalis than by staying.

She also went on to explain that it was SHE whom had saved Rarity and her friends from the collapsed ruins, as well being the one that freed Spitfire and put Scootaloo to sleep. Zecora had freed her, but was unable to persuade her to stop before she took off, heading after Twilight and her friends.

Zecora was also the one that gave the map to Discord, accounting for the unexpected meeting that he had referred to.

Finally, she told Apple Jack about how she had taken care of Apple Bloom while she was with her and how wonderful of a filly she was.

“Aww geez. Thanks Zecora.” Apple Jack told her friend, giving her another hug. “Ah really appreciate everything ya’ll did for mah family.”

“Thank you Apple Jack, though I must confess. About the reason you had come and made a mess.” Zecora told Apple Jack.

“Pardon?” Apple Jack replied, confused.

“When you came looking for your fruit, I really did have your loot.” Zecora explained. “I indeed took them for Apple Bloom and myself. Hiding them behind a well-hidden shelf.” She admitted. “Forgive me for taking from your farm. Against your crops I meant no harm.”

“Ah shucks.” Apple Jack replied, waving it off. “For what you took’em for, you can have some anytime.”

“I’m so glad everything turned out alright in the end.” Twilight said aloud.

“Indeed.” Princess Celestia agreed. “And I’m sure there’s an important lesson that we all have learned.”

“Yes there is.” Twilight replied. “Under any adversity and against all odds, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of true friendship and the magic it brings to us all.”

“I was gonna say that we shouldn’t go on vacation again for a while.” Spike spoke up.

“Oh Spike.” Twilight replied, laughing to herself.

Everyone else joined in on the laughter as the sun rose higher in the sky, signifying the start of a new day and the bright future ahead.

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