Mind Games

When it rains, it pours

The next day in Appleloosa, Fluttershy stormed out of the local watering hole, The Salt Block, in a fit of quiet anger.

“I just still can’t stand it! I think I’ll go out for a flight to clear my head.” She yelled quietly, knocking over a table on her way out.

“Well darn, there goes another pie.” Braeburn said with a sigh.

At the same time in Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash prepped to go for a flight of her own.

“So where are you planning to race to today?” Soarin asked Rainbow Dash.

“I think I’ll try and make it to Macintosh Hills and back before lunch.” Rainbow Dash told Soarin, as she put on her goggles.

“Alright, do it to it!” Soarin cheered back, as Rainbow Dash sped off.

An hour later near Macintosh Hills, Fluttershy started making her way back from the Badlands, after visiting the buffalo tribe.

“Those poor buffalo. Shame on that mean old Queenie! She should know better than to move creatures out of their natural habitat! I just can’t get her face out of my head!” She said aloud.

At the same time, Rainbow Dash came diving down from a cloud above, oblivious to anyone beneath her.

“Gee, I sure wish I could just try talking to her. She’d be a great asset to the Wonderbolts.” Rainbow Dash thought to herself, closing her eyes.

In the split second that Rainbow Dash closed her eyes, she collided with another Pegasus in the sky. As the two of them plummeted towards the base of the hill, they both braced for the ground. After landing with a thud, they rubbed their heads as they stood up, facing away from each other.

“Owie. That pony should’ve watched where she was going.” Fluttershy said quietly to herself, before turning around to see the other Pegasus still rubbing her head. “I suppose I should at least see if she’s alright.” She spoke again, with a sigh.

“Ugh, my head. Perhaps we should invest in helmets instead of goggles.” Rainbow Dash said aloud to herself.

“Um, excuse me! Are you okay!?” Fluttershy quietly yelled to the Pegasus, still a little annoyed.

Upon hearing the voice, Rainbow Dash quickly recognized that it belonged to Fluttershy, but she was too nervous to turn around and answer her.

“I said, are you alright!?” Fluttershy yelled again, this time poking the Pegasus in the back.

“Yaah!” Rainbow Dash screamed, before speeding off back into the sky.

“Humph! See if I try being nice to somepony like that again.” Fluttershy said to herself, before looking back at her hoof. “Hmm, it’s strange. Something about her, and that rainbow streak she left seemed…”

Up in the sky, and still speeding away, Rainbow Dash found herself getting caught up in what just happened.

“Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! I can’t believe that she actually talked to me!” Rainbow Dash said to herself as she flew. However, her excitement quickly lowered, as she started to think about what would have happened if she had tried to respond to Fluttershy. “There’s no way that I could talk back to her yet though…and yet…that kind touch and voice felt so…”

“Familiar.” The two Pegasi said in unison, yet separated by miles thanks to Rainbow Dash’s flying away.

“Hmm, I probably threw a pie at her in the watering hole once and forgot. Aww well.” Fluttershy said to herself, as she gave a shrug and then continued back to her flying.

Around mid-day, Twilight and Spike both finally managed to make it out of bed and head outside.

“Let’s agree never to leave town again without bringing our friends.” Twilight said aloud, shielding her eyes from the sun for a moment.

“You said it.” Spike replied, still rubbing his sore stomach.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Queen Chrysalis’ changeling scout continued to watch them from the top of the Library, as they started making their way into town.

“Heh heh heh. Seems like they’re finally on the move again. That must have been some party last night.” The changeling said to himself.

“You there, changeling peasant. We demand that thou come down here post haste.” A regal voice spoke to the changeling from behind.

Turning around from his hiding spot in the tree, the changeling scout discovered that it was Princess Luna addressing him. He quickly made his way out of the tree, and down to the ground behind the library.

“Princess Luna, what a surprise! Did my Queen send you?” The changeling asked.

“That is none of your concern. We demand that thou return to Canterlot at once.” Luna told the changeling.

“But my Queen ordered me to…” The changeling started to say, before Luna cut him off.

“We hath business to attend to here, so unless thou wanteth to get involved, we suggest that thou leave. Now!” Luna spoke in her Equestrian voice to the changeling.

“Oh, yes certainly…I’ll just…uh…I’ll be going now!” The changeling stuttered out, before zipping away.

“Hmm, it would appear that things hath been rather strange in Equestria lately.” Luna said to herself.

A little earlier, in the royal chambers in Canterlot, Princess Luna entered to the Queen’s summons.

“Thou requested an audience with us your majesty?” Luna asked Queen Chrysalis, bowing her head to her.

“Yes.” Chrysalis responded, before turning to Princess Celestia, who was also in the room. “You may leave us Celestia.”

“Yes your majesty.” Celestia replied, before walking out of the room, shutting the door with her magic.

Luna gave a little “humph” to her sister’s presence, before turning to face the Queen once more.

“I have a task for you Luna. It would seem that the weather ponies in Ponyville have been shirking on their duties as of late, and the entire town is experiencing a drought.” Chrysalis told Luna.

“What would thou have us do your majesty?” Luna asked.

“I want you to conjure up a rainstorm. One big enough to quench the town of its thirst for months to come.” Chrysalis told Luna.

“As you wish, your majesty.” Luna replied.

“Very well. You may go now.” Chrysalis told Luna, waving her hoof towards the door.

“Yes your majesty.” Luna responded, making her way out the door, and closing it with her magic. She then took a few step towards the staircase leading to the main entrance, before stopping, and speaking aloud to somepony. “Eavesdropping again, hmm? Thou never ceases to amazing us.”

Back in the present, Luna started to gather her magic, as she prepared the spell necessary to cause a massive rainfall.

“Let us bring forth the waters to wet the land, and end its reign of dryness.” Luna spoke in her Equestrian voice, as she flapped her wings to raise herself up.

After reaching her peak in the air, Luna released her spell, and clouds immediately filled the sky. They all then turned a dark black, as the sound of thunder rumbled amongst them. Then all at once, the clouds let forth a massive downpour of rain, causing the residents below to immediately seek shelter.

Caught off guard by the sudden appearance of clouds, and then further by the falling of rain, Twilight and Spike took off to find shelter of their own.

“Where in Equestria did this rain come from? I thought the forecast for this month was only supposed to have scattered showers?” Twilight said aloud, trying to see through the downpour.

“Rain? This is more like a waterfall if you ask me!” Spike answered, clinging to Twilight’s back.

“Ugh, I can’t see anything in this rain!” Twilight spoke, still finding it hard to see.

“Hey wait, I think I smell something up ahead!” Spike replied, sniffing the air once more. “Yeah, I’m positive! Up and to the right, I can smell Rarity’s perfume…uh I mean the gems from her Boutique!”

Twilight finally spied the outline of the Carousel Boutique, and managed to get to the door and open it, before the rain came down even harder.

Up in the sky, Luna ceased her spell, but left the clouds, so as to not have the sun evaporate the water too quickly.

“That should do. It is still strange though, the land did not appear as barren as the Queen had described.” She said to herself.

Back inside the Carousel Boutique, Twilight and Spike started to dry themselves off.

“I’m sure Rarity won’t mind us borrowing a couple of these sheets of fabric to dry ourselves off with. They don’t look…that expensive I suppose.” Twilight spoke.

“Where did that crazy weather come from anyway? Did they put Derpy in charge of the weather in Ponyville again?” Spike asked.

“No, that seemed like something far beyond what a single Pegasus could do in that timeframe.” Twilight replied. She then looked around the Boutique, and saw that it looked like nopony had been living there for a few days. “That’s strange. Normally Rarity would have fabrics and mannequins all over the place. Hello? Rarity? Are you here?”

Silence filled the Boutique, with only the sound of the now dying rain outside filling their ears.

“Gosh, Rarity is always here working. Where could she be? Even if she was gone on a delivery, I would think she’d be back here by now.” Spike asked Twilight.

“I’m not sure either Spike, but at least the rain seems to be stopping. Maybe somepony in town could tell us where she went.” Twilight replied.

Twilight and Spike were about to leave the Boutique, when the sound of a cat meowing filled the shop.

“Is that Opalescence?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, I think it is. Hey, wait a second! Maybe Opalescence could tell us where Rarity is!” Spike said excitedly.

Spike headed upstairs to find Opal, while Twilight continued to look around the shop for clues to Rarity’s whereabouts. Spike returned a few seconds later, before heading into the kitchen.

“Spike, this is no time to be making yourself a snack! Especially not with somepony else’s food.” Twilight scolded Spike.

“It’s not for me, it’s for Opalescence. She said she hasn’t eaten anything in almost a week.” Spike replied, heading back upstairs with a big bag of cat food.

“A week! That’s not like Rarity at all! She would have left out enough food for Opal if she was really going to be gone that long.” Twilight responded surprised.

A few minutes, and a lot of loud eating later, Spike returned downstairs to tell Twilight what Opalescence had told him.

“So, what did she say?” Twilight asked.

“She said that Rarity’s been gone for over a week. One day she was here, and the next, poof! She said that she didn’t even take any of her supplies or any dresses with her either. Even her giant hat collection was left untouched.” Spike told Twilight.

“Not even a hat? That’s not like Rarity at all. Something strange is definitely going on in Ponyville, and we’ve got to get to the bottom of it!” Twilight replied, stomping a hoof on the ground to sound her point.

“Yeah! But where do we start?” Spike asked.

“Well now that the rain’s stopped, we should start asking around town. Maybe we’ll be able to find one of our other friends besides Pinkie.” Twilight responded.

Twilight and Spike then made their way out of the Boutique, and into the company of a few ponies, and one creature that they had never expected to see again so soon.

Around the time the rain first started in Ponyville, Queen Chrysalis watched the entire ordeal unfold from one of the princess’ towers.

“Ha ha ha! Yes, that should do nicely. With any luck, that little treehouse of hers will have flooded over, and that will be the end of Twilight Sparkle. Hmm, but I must make sure that she’s gone for good. Ah, I can also take this opportunity to show my ‘affection’ for my citizens.” Chrysalis thought to herself. She then returned to her chambers, and called for Celestia.

“Yes your majesty?” Celestia asked, as she walked into the room.

“I need you to send out messages to the nearby regions to organize a search party. It would appear that a freak rainstorm has overtaken Ponyville, and I wish to ensure that everypony there is alright.” Chrysalis told Celestia.

“Yes your majesty. I’ll get on it right away.” Celestia replied.

“Actually, better yet, we should pull from only the closest areas, so as to not waste any time. Send letters to the ponies in: Appleloosa, Rainbow Falls, Ponyville itself, and Cloudsdale. Oh, and send Discord along with them. He can use the opportunity to mingle with the ponyfolk more.” Chrysalis told Celestia.

“As you wish your majesty.” Celestia responded.

Minutes later in Appleloosa, Braeburn burst into The Salt Block, as Fluttershy was licking a salt lick.

“Fluttershy, we just got a letter from Canterlot!” Braeburn told Fluttershy.

“Oh really? And what does that big meanie of a Queen want?” Fluttershy replied.

“It says here, that they need a group of ponies to form a search party for the ponies in Ponyville.” Braeburn told Fluttershy.

“More like a search party to find ponies to move somewhere else if you ask me! No! Ignore it Braeburn. If they want to go and round up ponies to take away from their homes, then we’ll have nothing of it.” Fluttershy told Braeburn.

“If…if you say so.” Braeburn replied, a little worried.

At the same time as the first letter, another appeared in the Mayor’s office in Town Hall in Ponyville.

Meanwhile, Rarity was trying to keep Sweetie Belle and Derpy in line, preventing their hijinks from causing too much trouble.

“Will you two stop that this instant! This is no time to be making a book fort! Can’t you see what the weather is like outside?” Rarity scolded her sister and the wall-eyed Pegasus.

“Aww, but we just finished the first bookshelf. There’s still at least twenty more!” Sweetie Belle told her big sister.

“No butts! Now you two put those books back right now! And in order Sweetie.” Rarity replied.

“Aww!” Sweetie Belle groaned.

“My bad.” Derpy added.

While the two of them started replacing the books on the shelves, Mayor Mare walked into the room.

“Girls, I’ve just received news from Canterlot.” Mayor Mare told the ponies.

“From Canterlot? What ever could they want? Are they aware of our situation here?” Rarity asked.

“Actually, they are. They’ve asked that we form a search party, to see if everypony is alright in town.” Mayor Mare told Rarity, reading off the letter in her hoof.

“Oh oh! That’s it! A cutie mark in searching for ponies! That’s got to be my special talent!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed excitingly, before leaving Derpy with the books and running outside.

“Sweetie Belle come back here this instant!” Rarity called after her sister, but she had already made it outside.

Rarity started to chase after her, but Mayor Mare stopped her.

“Mayor what are you doing!? We can’t just let her run out into that downpour! She’ll catch a cold and get sick!” Rarity tried to argue with the Mayor.

“I think she’ll be alright. The rain actually seems to be dying down, and it will give her a chance to stretch her legs. She has been cooped up in here all day after all.” The Mayor reasoned with Rarity.

“Oh, if you say so Mayor. I just hope she doesn’t slip and hurt herself.” Rarity spoke.

In conjunction with the arrival of the other letters, another one appeared to the ponies in Rainbow Falls. It just so happened to land on the ground nearby, as Flim and Flam were closing up shop from their latest scam once more.

“What’s this? A letter from Canterlot?” Flam said aloud.

“Ignore it brother. We’ve got much more important things to do, than to be listening to that Queen anymore.” Flim told Flam.

“How right you are my dear brother. We have much work to do indeed.” Flam responded.

Cloudsdale too received their letter at the same time as the others. Their letter appeared in the sky, and would have fallen down to the ground below, if not for one unlucky Pegasus flying into it, and it blocking his vision.

“Whoa!” Soarin cried out, as he found his vision go dark for a second. He stopped flying long enough for the paper to fall off him, and then slowly float down. He quickly chased after it, catching it before it fell too far. He opened it up to read it, and upon finishing, quickly raced back to the center of Cloudsdale.

As Soarin got closer to Cloudsdale, he found Rainbow Dash sleeping on a cloud, still resting from her race to Macintosh Hills and back earlier in the day.

“Hey Rainbow Dash! You gotta see this!” Soarin called out to the sleeping Pegasus.

Rainbow Dash stirred in her sleep, not wanting to wake up, until she heard Soarin call for the third time. She reluctantly stood up on the cloud, and stretched her back, letting out a big yawn.

“What is it Soarin? Can’t you see that I’m trying to rest here?” Rainbow Dash told Soarin.

“You gotta read this Rainbow Dash. It’s a letter from Canterlot.” Soarin replied.

The word “Canterlot” jolted Rainbow Dash awake, since she knew the urgency that letters from there came with.

“Canterlot!? What does it say!?” She asked.

“It says that some ponies from Cloudsdale need to form a search party. Apparently a crazy rain storm hit Ponyville, and they want us to go and see if everypony’s alright.” Soarin explained.

“Rain storm? I’m pretty sure we would have known about that before anypony. Never mind that though, we need to go now!” Rainbow Dash told Soarin.

“Don’t you think we should let Captain Spitfire know? We might need some of our fastest flyers to get there and help.” Soarin asked.

“There’s no time for that! We know about it, so we should get going! If anything, we can start clearing up the sky first.” Rainbow Dash told Soarin, before dashing off down towards Ponyville.

“H-hey! Wait up!” Soarin called after Rainbow Dash, speeding off to catch up.

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