Mind Games

Gypsy magic

A little earlier, before Twilight and Spike left Carousel Boutique.

“How did I get myself into this mess?” Discord asked himself.

Earlier, inside the Royal Palace in Canterlot.

Discord was playing another game with Princess Luna, still toying with her for fun. He had set up a spider tossing game, much like the ones the ponies played with on Nightmare Night.

“All you have to do, is throw this spider at the web.” Discord told Luna, before picking one up and throwing it at the web.

He was confident that Luna would be too afraid to pick up a spider, so he chuckled to himself as he waited for her to try. Luna looked at the basket of moving spiders, a slight nervous look on her face. She walked up to the basket and picked up one of the spiders, yet she didn’t flinch in the slightest. She then tossed the spider at the web, and landed it right on the center.

“We feel as if we hath played this game before.” Luna said aloud, and slightly confused.

A disappointed look came over Discord, as he folded his arms in front of him. However, his frown quickly turned to a smile, as Princess Celestia entered the room. The thought of Celestia freaking out at a spider, prompted him to teleport above her, and lower a spider down in front of her face.

Celestia let out a slight gasp, much to Discord’s delight, before she looked, up and spoke to him.

“I’m afraid this isn’t the time for games Discord. Queen Chrysalis has requested your assistance in Ponyville.” She told Discord, an annoyed look on her face.

Discord repositioned himself in the air, so that he was laying on his stomach.

“Pfft. Sounds like a bore fest to me. There’s nothing of interest to me in Ponyville. Besides, I’m having…lots of fun here.” Discord replied, looking back towards Luna with an annoyed look of his own.

“Sister! Thou must join’eth us, so that the fun may be doubled!” Luna called over to her sister, holding a spider in her hoof.

Celestia looked over at Luna, and then saw Discord’s look of disappointment once more. An idea came to her head, and she turned back to Luna with a smile.

“Dearest sister, I’m afraid that I cannot join in your fun. Since Discord has refused to go to Ponyville, the Queen asked that you go instead.” Celestia told Luna.

“Whatever for sister?” Luna asked.

“It would appear that a lot of ‘chaos’ is going on in Ponyville, and the Queen has requested that the ‘harmony’ be restored there.” Celestia replied, hiding a smirk from Discord.

Luna thought for a second on what her sister had told her.

“But her majesty had just requested that we…” Luna spoke, but was cut off by Discord.

“Did someone say ‘chaos’!?” Discord said aloud, excitement in his voice. He then cleared his throat, to hide his enthusiasm. “I mean, if it’s harmony that the Queen wants restored, then I suppose that I could take some time out of my busy schedule, and help those ponyfolk in Ponyville.”

With a snap of his fingers, Discord disappeared in a flash, and Celestia began to giggle to herself.

“What is so humorous dear sister?” Luna asked.

“He he, oh it’s nothing Luna. Just having some fun of my own.” Celestia replied.

Back in the present, Discord grudgingly walked with the other ponies that had gathered to answer the Queen’s letter to help Ponyville.

“This isn’t chaotic at all!” Discord spoke aloud, literally pulling off and throwing his hands up in the air.

“Aww, lighten up sugarcube. Ah’m sure you can find yerself some of that chaos stuff at some point.” Apple Jack told Discord.

Flying slowly ahead of the group, Soarin turned his head from Discord’s direction, and looked back to Rainbow Dash next to him.

“Whoa, I’ve heard about him, but I’ve never seen Discord before.” Soarin spoke, as Discord’s hands landed on his back, and he quickly shook them off in fear.

“Yeah, I saw him a couple of times during the Friendship council the other day, he’s kinda weird.” Rainbow Dash replied.

Back on the ground, Sweetie Belle kept looking left and right, as she walked with the group looking for any ponies in need.

“Just so we’re clear, if there are any ponies in distress, I’m helping them first. This will be my cutie mark for sure!” Sweetie Belle spoke aloud.

“I’m not so sure about that kid. From the looks of things, everypony seems to have boarded themselves up in their homes. It doesn’t’ look like we’ll find anypony wandering around out here.” Soarin told the filly.

“Then how am I supposed to get my cutie mark in helping ponies, if there’s nopony around to help?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Beats me.” Soarin replied.

“Hey, I think I see somepony up ahead!” Rainbow Dash called out.

Everyone in the group looked ahead, as they saw the door to the Carousel Boutique open. Once they got closer, they could see a purple Unicorn, and a small baby dragon.

“Hmm, something about that Unicorn seems familiar.” Discord spoke, as he pulled at his goatee with the stub where his hand used to be.

“We should probably see if’n they’re alright.” Apple Jack told the group.

As Twilight and Spike exited Rarity’s home, they found themselves in the company of: Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Soarin, Sweetie Belle, and Discord.

“What the!? Guys it’s you!” Twilight said aloud, as she raced to hug Apple Jack.

“Come again?” Apple Jack responded, surprised at the Unicorn hugging her.

Twilight looked up at her friends smiling, until she spied Discord, and she quickly jumped back towards Spike.

“Everyone get behind me! I don’t know how, but it looks like Discord has managed to escape again!” Twilight told the group, angrily eyeing Discord.

“Uh, what are you talking about?” Rainbow Dash asked the Unicorn.

“You think maybe the rain waterlogged her brain?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Rainbow Dash, don’t you remember what happened when Discord broke free and he wreaked havoc on Ponyville? And Sweetie Belle, what are you doing out here? Rarity would be worried sick if she knew you were out in this storm, and even more so with Discord!” Twilight told the ponies.

“Okay, you need to calm down little lady. There’s nothing to fear here, the storms over.” Soarin tried to calm the Unicorn down.

“Twilight, these guys seem to be acting like Pinkie Pie was, they don’t remember us either.” Spike told Twilight.

“Guys it’s us! Twilight and Spike. Remember?” Twilight told the group.

“Given this weather, you look more like a Dorothy to me.” Discord told Twilight, as his hands finally walked themselves back to where they were.

“Can it Discord! I know your tricks!” Twilight told Discord.

“Well I never! I’m just here to cause a little chaos…I mean, help some ponies, and you definitely seem like you don’t need MY help.” Discord replied.

“Easy Twilight, if Discord doesn’t remember us either, then maybe things aren’t that bad around here.” Spike told Twilight.

“Now calm down everypony! Yellin at each other isn’t gonna solve anything.” Apple Jack said aloud. “Now, are you two by chance new to Ponyville or something?” She asked Twilight.

“Yeah, and how do you know about my sister Rarity?” Sweetie Belle added.

“Sweetie Belle, I’m your sister’s friend. Also, have you seen her lately? According to Opalescence, she hasn’t been in her Boutique for over a week.” Twilight asked Sweetie Belle.

“Who’s Opalescence? My sister doesn’t work here. She works with the Mayor in town hall.” Sweetie Belle replied.

“Opalescence is Rarity’s pet cat. She told me that Rarity’s been gone. How is it that she recognized us, but you guys don’t?” Spike told Sweetie Belle.

As the ponies continued to argue with Twilight, Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but think that something felt out of place here.

“Friends with us? I’ve never even seen this pony before in my life…but for some reason what she’s saying sounds true.” Rainbow Dash thought to herself.

“Okay, I’m going to tell you guys the same thing that I told Pinkie Pie when she started acting like this. Spike and I took a trip to the Griffon Kingdom, and we’ve only been gone for a week. I don’t know what’s been going on, or why everypony doesn’t seem to remember us, but we’re your friends, we’re all friends…except for Discord.” Twilight told everypony, glaring at Discord at the end.

“Griffon Kingdom? Those lion-bird creatures? Now they sound like the bunch that I could have a good time with! They’re a mix, just like me, plus I already have one of their claws and paws.” Discord spoke, admiring his hands.

“I might not leave the library much, especially when my sister and Mayor Mare have Derpy and I helping them, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen either of you around Ponyville before.” Sweetie Belle spoke.

“But it’s only been one week. Did you guys get so mesmerized by the Secretariat Comet or something while we were gone, that you don’t even remember us anymore?” Spike asked.

“Secretary Comet?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Now what in tarnation are yall goin on about now? A Griffon Kingdom? Some kind of comet? Ah’m pretty sure if griffons were in Equestria, then we’d have seen’em at the last Friendship council. Also, a comet sounds like the kind of thing that Queen Chrysalis would’a told us about.” Apple Jack told Twilight.

“Queen Chrysalis!?” Twilight and Spike yelled in confused unison.

“How do you not know about Queen Chrysalis? She’s been the ruler of Equestria for the past seven years now.” Soarin told Twilight.

“Seven years!? What are you talking about Soarin? What happened to the Princesses? Also, why are you here, instead of with the Wonderbolts in Cloudsdale?” Twilight asked Soarin.

“I LOVE APPLE PIES, ALRIGHT!?” Soarin confessed.

“ENOUGH!” A voice called out in the distance.

Everyone turned towards the direction of the voice, as a figure in a cloak, and a small yellow filly with a pouch in her mouth approached. Once the two of them got closer, the hooded figure revealed herself, revealing a tribal looking zebra.

“It’s Zecora the Gypsy!” Sweetie Belle yelled, covering her head.

“Ah haven’t seen you around these parts in a while. Come back to try and steal mah apples again!?” Apple Jack asked.

“It seems that I am not too late. Getting here when I did, must have been fate. You are named Twilight, and you are called Spike. Unless I have some look-alike.” Zecora spoke.

“Finally, somepony who recognizes us.” Twilight spoke, with a sigh of relief.

“You know these two, whoever you are?” Soarin asked the zebra.

“Yes indeed, I know them well. For I foresaw this Unicorn cast that rain spell!” Zecora answered, pointing at Twilight.

“What!? What are you talking about Zecora? There’s no way I could cast a weather spell on that magnitude.” Twilight told Zecora.

“Your excuses I wish not to hear. Now with me, you two shall come my dear.” Zecora responded.

“This doesn’t seem good Twilight. What should we do?” Spike asked Twilight, holding onto her leg.

“Don’t worry Spike, we’re not going anywhere until we get some answers.” Twilight told Spike, as she looked around and prepared herself for a fight.

“Resistance from you I did assume. Now if you would, dear Apple Bloom.” Zecora spoke.

Apple Bloom quickly tossed the pouch in her mouth towards Twilight, causing the contents to disperse from the pouch once it hit the ground at her feet. A yellow dust filled the space around Twilight and Spike, as they quickly covered their mouths.

“What is this!?” Twilight spoke, before she felt herself getting sleepy.

“Is…is it nap time already?” Spike asked, starting to get drowsy himself.

A few seconds later, both Twilight and Spike collapsed on the ground, fast asleep.

“That seems to have done the trick. But moving them now, won’t be quick. Would one of you be so kind? A helping hoof I wouldn’t mind. Perhaps you there in the sky. Would you help carry these passerby?” Zecora asked, pointing to Rainbow Dash.

“Me? But what about…” Rainbow Dash started to respond, before she was cut short.

“Yes, you shall be our escort. But hurry now, for time is short.” Zecora spoke, before turning around and walking away.

Apple Bloom walked over to Spike, and worked the baby dragon onto her back, before she too started walking away.

“Well…alright I guess. Give me a hoof getting her onto my back Soarin.” Rainbow Dash told Soarin, as she flew down to the now sleeping Unicorn.

“Okay Rainbow Dash.” Soarin replied, flying down to help her.

“Jeez, she’s heavy.” Rainbow Dash groaned, as Soarin helped get the Unicorn onto her back.

Before Rainbow Dash could get the chance to fly off, Soarin leaned in to whisper something to her.

“Hey Dash, try to figure out if they actually caused this or not. If Captain Spitfire asks me where you’ve been while we’ve been gone, I wanna make sure that we both don’t get in trouble or anything.” Soarin asked quietly.

“Sure…thing.” Rainbow Dash replied, straining under the weight of the Unicorn.

Rainbow Dash then took off from the ground, and slowly followed the Zebra and filly towards the Everfree forest.

“Well that sure was a lot of fun.” Discord said sarcastically. “I would’ve liked to have heard more about all the confusion they’ve had. It sounded quite funny.”

“How was any of that funny? I’m just as confused as they were.” Sweetie Belle asked Discord.

“Well I’m bored now. If there was never any real reason for me to come here, then I suppose I’ll go find some chaos someplace else. Oh! Perhaps that apple farm that I’ve heard so much about would be a good place to have a little fun!” Discord spoke, before snapping his fingers and disappearing.

“You stay away from mah apples!” Apple Jack yelled out, as she quickly took off back towards Sweet Apple Acres.

“I guess I won’t be getting my cutie mark in saving ponies after all. Even I wouldn’t try to save ponies from that gypsy.” Sweetie Belle said aloud. She then made her way back towards Town Hall, her head hanging low in disappointment.

“Guess I should get going too. Everything seems fine here now. I just really hope that Captain Spitfire doesn’t notice how long we’ve been gone.” Soarin said aloud to himself, before flying back into the sky.

Unbeknownst to all the ponies and Discord, Queen Chrysalis’ scout had been watching them the entire time.

“So much for her not finding out anything about Queen Chrysalis. I really hope my queen doesn’t get too mad at me. Though I wonder what that Zebra is going to do with them. Hopefully she gets rid of them for the queen, that way she won’t be scary anymore.” The changeling thought to himself, before flying away back to Canterlot.

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