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Night Bound


Chris is a doctor in Texas.Whe he visits his childhood friend Kristin he didn't expect to be attacked by a bloodwraith a merciless killing machine . He is rescued by Nick a Nighthunter , Chris ,Nick and some paranormals go in search of the one who controls the blood wraith . During this journey Chris finds out about his true lineage. Now he must stop the person who is killing off the powerful paranormals of New Orleans , or be one of the blood wraiths victims

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I woke up gasing for air, that dream felt so real. I thought that creature was really killing me, after roll everyone does not get such terrible dreams.

"Your ok son?"the cab driver asked with concern all over his face.

"Just a bad dream, but it feelt so real". "Hmm, most of the people get bad dreams in New Orleans". I didn't know what reply should I give for the drivers statement.

After 5 minutes we reached our destination. Kristin was waiting there for me, she was jumping with happiness"where do you want to go?"I asked her."hey I know a good club here we shall go there and have a blast"
We were walking to that club suddenly someone crashed into me"hey watch your step"I snapped at the person"sorry"that person replied. That was when I noticed that person's face, she flashed me a smile and went forward. I was still staring at that lady who crashed into me, then she looked at me and smiled, suddenly her hair turned white and her eyes turned red and fangs appeared in her mouth.a1

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