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What if bardock survived planet vegeta destruction


If goku had bardock and Gina to help raised goku or kakarott

Action / Adventure
Asad Chaudhry
Age Rating:

Introduction the sayian on earth

A day before planet vegeta is about to explode in bardock vision is decide to tell his teams mates tora, fasha, borgas to meet him at earth and remove there scouter microphone as bardock goes with Gina and kakrott to earth to run away from the destruction from planet vegeta. As to not cause alert from the frieza force they will go in two different times and remove there scouter when leaving planet vegeta. As bardock arrives at earth with Gina and kakrott. As bardock is waiting for crew to come as well. Meanwhile they see a old man in the woods, the old man is worried about the family being homeless and ask who are you guys, bardock explains the old man who is he, the old man calls himself gohan and gohan take the family to his home. As gohan cooks them a large meals for the family as the family are very hungry. Gohan is curious about there tails and ask what are you and bardock tell him about his sayian origin and how his home planet was destroyed. Gohan would build the family a home near his because gohan home would be too small for them. Gina is thankful and decide to let bardock babysit kakarott as Gina help gohan with the dishes. A day would pass as 3 more space pods would land down as tora, fasha and borgas would get out and see bardock in the woods. Bardock would ask them is the microphone is off in which they replied yes. Bardock would introduce his crew to gohan and would be surprised with getting amazing food on earth then planet vegeta fasha and Gina stay together but sometimes trains with bardock as bardock, borgas and tora train. There starting power would be bardock 20k,tora 9k,borgas 8.5k,fasha 8k and Gina 2.5k with kakarott 1. Gohan would be 210.but kakarott only being 2

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