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The other side/jeon jungkook


She was lost,not knowing which road to take in her life.All she needed was someone to scoop her up from her world ,her past,her cheating ex,MEMORIES. She built up her walls high only for him to wreck them down. Jeon Jungkook the leader of the biggest gang ,had his eyes on her and he never lose,whatever he want he'll get....HE wants her. She is his weakness,she took power over him with her innocence and he hates it.So he show her his other side..... When sun collide with the moon. -CONTAINS MATURE SCENES MOST OF THE STORY- Story by jessi salem.

Thriller / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Start writing here… It was raining heavily,I watch as the water drops go down on the window glass,Sighing I move my hot cup of tea from hand to another feeling the cold running through my bones,I sigh again loudly as if mother nature will feel my distress and stop the storm.

“I’m so not in mood for this”I point to the window with my covered hand from my long knitted shirt that is larger than my body. There was no response whatsoever so I turn around to search around the room for my best friend who is also my roommate,She’s sitting on the couch with her white macbook on her thighs,gazing at whatever is on the screen with her big reading glasses on.

I clear my throat loudly ...Still no response from her,I roll my eyes at her and went to see what made her so busy to ignore her “distressed” friend.“Umm what are you doin.. ”shhhh" ,Did she just shush me ? She look so concentrated pushing her glasses up her nose her ,manicured nails thumping on the laptop surface .I lean my elbows on the outer frame of the couch and read the article with her to see what made her this focused,my eyes go in slit.”Angela are you seriously ignoring me to read news about Shawn Mendes ?“I look down on her since I was leaned up on the couch frame ,She turn her head slowly from the screen to look at me ”Hmm ? what did you say?" I huff and narrow my eyes at her.

“I’m bored and in mood for some pizza”I whine slumping down next to her.“But it’s raining and I don’t have a car, I mean I would take the umbrella but the air is very strong and it will be dangerous on me since you know your “bestfriend” can be blown away with a huff.. “Luna just take my car keys and shut the fuck up”She cut off my rambling.

“You are the best I swear” I hug her before running on my tiptoes to change my clothe.

“yeah yeah,Don’t be late.” she sip on her tea focusing back on the article.

“I won’t” I Close the door after sending a kiss her way.


I blow in my hands hoping it will make them warmer,my nose is probably red and I can’t feel my face and the ponytail is not helping,the cold is running through my collar bones.why did I wear this?

I hug the jacket closer to my body as I near the diner ,I cross the road and open the door and as I enter the small diner I feel warm instantly, my nostrils filled with mouthwatering smell ,my stomach grumbel.

" darling, how have you been didn’t see you in the last two days” Jolene asked me behind the counter.She was the owner of the diner ,A very kind hearted lady she’s like the mother for me since I know her from 6 years ago and every day I would come to her diner help her out a little bit and she always award me with pizza ,what’s better than that?

“I had my period two days ago and you know how I get through these days”I smile at her.

She wrinkle her face “Ooo yes like a wild baboon”she joke with me and her eyes twinkle.

“Heyyyyy that’s mean” I pout at her,she chuckle “Come dear there’s fresh made pizza here on the counter”She point with her head in the pizza direction.

I go under the counter to her side and and she let me sit on her high chair where people usually pay.“is it good?” I nod rapidly at her while I shew on my pizza “Itsh sho gewd” she laugh shaking her head on me.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the outfit-----

“Ah,my susu is full” I rub my stomach feeling happy at the moment.

“you gave a name to your stomach?” alex stare at me his eyes filled with amusement ,he shake his head chuckling.

I waved him off with my hand ,and went to stand next to him.

Alex was tall with toned body,blue eyes and brown hair . he help his mom here in the diner and believe me when I say he can work as a model ,Jolene have tried before to set us up together but we can’t think of each other more than friends.

I Crack my neck and twist it left and right and my gaze went to group of guys sitting in a booth and one of them was already staring at me with hooded eyes, even when our eyes locked he didn’t break the staring.

feeling intimidated under his gaze I turn my head back to Alex who was wiping the counter beside me and I lean in his direction “who are these guys in the corner I’ve never seen them before?” I whisper in his ear.

His eyes search for the group of the guys and he scold “they have been coming here in the past week, don’t know them but rumors been going around in here that they are in some sort of a gang”He roll his eyes at them continuing his assault on the counter.

My eyes went back to the greek god man who had his eyes set on me with his elbow leaning on the table and his index finger rubbing slowly his bottom lip.

I swallow hard ,avoiding his gaze and feel nervous for some reasons after Alex statement.

Their shoes made noises as they stood up and came into our direction to pay for their food ,One of them pull his wallet after the greek god nodded at him signaling for him to pay while waiting behind him.

He seems like his the leader of them as they follow his every move or command.I shyly gaze at him under my lashes and my heart start to beat rapidly when I see his eyes are on me,taking me in from head to toe since He couldn’t see me entirely from where they were sitting.

His tongue stick out to wet his lips while he keep his eyes on me .and like the fool I am,I kept on stealing gazes at him from the corner of my eye.

His friend finished paying and went to him,the guy told him something and he nod at him and his group start walking out and he was the last to leave before giving me a short stare and smirked to himself.

I let out a breath I was holding “finally” I collect my keys from the counter and went inside to give Jolene a hug ,then went and kissed Alex on his cheek.

“It’s getting late,I should go home now” Alex nod at me.

“Do you need a ride?” I shook my head and smile at him and jingle my keys in front his face.

He chuckle “Okay then ,take care of yourself”

“I will Lexi”I say over my shoulder as I open the door and laugh as I hear him whine from the nickname he always tell me not to call him it.



welcome to my first story. This is the first time I write a book on here so it might have alot of mistakes and grammar error but I promise I will try my best.

Hope you like the first chapter and if you do please vote it will cheer me up to write more.

you can follow me too if you want !

NOW Back to the story:

this story contain swearing,drug,abuse,mature scenes,etc so if your no comfortable don’t continue with the story, and it might have some gifs too.

-Next chapter will be uploaded later if I get feedback from it.

-Thank you for reading.

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