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Light | Kim Taehyung


"You already took away everything from me, can't you just get out of my life!" He yelled with what I call hatred. "Okay I will" was my short reply. A short story with some unexpected happenings.

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Chapter 1

What a fine evening it was, daisies dancing to the sweet melodies of the chirping birds as the wind swayed through the rich leaves calming their nerves. I stepped out to take advantage of the serenity of the surroundings, enjoying the small cold drops of rain reminding me of my careless childhood.

In the middle of my stroll, my eyes met another striking pair of chocolate brown orbs almost crying for help. He was laying there helpless, his back leaning on a shabby wall, a probable reflection of his inner state. His hands covered with dirt firmly held a joint which he puffed ever so lightly. As he took another puff a single tear gently rolls down his left cheek. His state was one I could never wish upon anyone, even my enemies. He was almost lost and badly broken.

My heart cried a little seeing his state, although he was a stranger, he was still a human. My feet moved as if on their own and I was almost near him when my steps halted as his lips moved, “Stay back” he growled in a deep coarse voice. “Go away” he sounded somewhat angry and shattered at the same time.

I stepped a little closer and crouched down to his level. “I want to help you” I whispered, I really wanted him to be okay, feel happy, live life like a normal man should not here on the roads smoking joints killing himself ruthlessly. “I don’t need your help, I’m fine” he spoke through gritted teeth as he finally faced me. He was breathtaking, eyes matching his beautiful brown locks softly covering his forehead, perfect nose with a small beauty mark delicately decorated on the side, luscious pink lips that demanded attention, his skin had the perfect blend of melanin, his face still had some playfulness in it making me believe he wasn’t always like this. ‘I have to help him’ I promised myself, even though it was extremely dangerous to take a stranger in but it was as if someone was encouraging me to take care of him, someone shaking me to take a step forward and possibly hold onto him forever?
“Listen, you have to get up and get out of here, you can not just sit here wasting your whole life away” I said sternly. “I can do whatever I want, now take your face out of my sight. I don’t want you near me” he replied. The guy was now testing my patience, “I’m not taking no as an answer, get up right now” I commanded with the same coldness. I was met with a deathly glare but somehow it managed to make him stand up increasing his intimidating aura by at least four times.

I realized while talking to him, I got so lost that I couldn’t even hear the ballads of the bluebirds complementing the rain which was getting dense every passing second. I escaped my trance with his rich voice, ” Can’t you leave me alone?” he sounded almost hurt, his words made my heart feel an unknown melancholy. “I’m sorry but I can’t” I was able to reply barely above a whisper, “Let’s go, the rain is getting heavy, you don’t want to get drenched now do you?” “It doesn’t matter” he sighed. I took a deep breath, “We need to go” I took his big cold hand in mine, electrifying me to my core, and started walking with long strides to evade the frostiness of the wind.

In about 10 minutes which felt like 10 hours, we were finally at the doorstep of my home. It was a modern residence with contemporary design, color pallet consisting of mostly grey and white.

We entered the cozy building and were met by the classy interior of the place, decorated til perfection. Nothing was out of place and there was no imbalance. Every time I enter my house I get reminded of the day I was kicked out of my old house, the house I used to call home but isn’t a home made with feelings? Feelings that I wasn’t able to find all my childhood, yet I used to call it home, oh the naivety of children. That doomed place was a living hell. That’s when I found this safe haven I decorated with my bare hands pouring all the feelings I couldn’t find while growing up.

“Please make yourself at home, take a shower I’ll prepare something to eat in the meanwhile, I’ll shower when you’re done” I tried to sound as soft as I can, not to hurt the fragile soul standing in front of me. I didn’t want to break him beyond repair but little did I know even his soul was torn. “The towel is already in the bathroom, oh there’s also an extra tee shirt and trousers in the small cupboard” with that I entered the kitchen to prepare a dish to drown our hunger.

I heard the bathroom door closing and I let out a sigh of relief as he wasn’t being too stubborn. I decided to make kimchi fried rice to treat my tastebuds. In about 20 minutes I was done with preparing our meal as the appetizing smell sneaked up my nostrils, but he still wasn’t out. I waited for about 10 more minutes before knocking at the bathroom door, “hey, the food is getting col-” I was almost ending my sentence when the door suddenly opened revealing an astonishing man, probably in his twenties, looking manly in his black shirt with wet hair forming small droplets at the ends griping his hair tightly afraid to let go of this appealing creature.

I was short of words, his ethereal beauty made me speechless. His dirty skin was already perfect and now he was all clean revealing how porcelain his skin look. He was unreal. ” Uh- the food is ready, I’ll quickly microwave it” with that I turned around and released a sigh I didn’t know I was holding. I quickly warmed up the food and set it out on the table. ” I don’t want to eat” a grumpy voice said making me divert my attention to the source of the sound. “Look um, I don’t know what your name is, but I don’t want you to starve and get sick, please understand I’m trying to be nice to you” I tried to caress him with my voice but as if it fell on deaf ears “I don’t need your pity” was his cold reply. “Please eat the food” I said gently as I quietly sat on one of the chairs and waited for him to sit down. It took a while for him to fight with his ego but ultimately he sat down with a sigh. I felt a little victorious at the moment and a small smile crept its way on my lips. I scooped out some kimchi fried rice in a plate and passed it to him, motioning with my head signaling him to take it. I then filled my plate and started devouring the goodness. It was pure silence for a good 15 minutes making the situation a tad bit awkward. Ending the dinner with a sip of water I cleared my throat, “I’ll show you your room.” As I navigated him through the living room, we reached the guest room which was also embellished with love by me. As he entered the room I spoke again, ” I’m Sierra Skarsgard, you are?” And once again I was met with utter silence. “Um okay goodnight I guess” I said unsure and turned around and within a second I felt the door closing behind me with a slight slam causing me to flinch. ‘Jeez he doesn’t have to be this rude’. I finally entered my bathroom to wash away the tiredness of today.

I turned on the shower making the temperature high enough to slightly burn my skin but nothing uncomforting. I hummed to my favorite melody as I relived the events of today, ‘what an unexpected day it was’ but it was unknown to me that it was the beginning of something very unexpected. After a long shower I stepped out of the washroom to quickly hit the hay.

As I entered my room, a fresh scent of orchids filled up my senses, it was the small air freshener I had kept for as long as I remember.

The sight of the bed was a pure blessing and once again I thanked God for gracing me with what I now call home. Once I lied down on the bed I couldn’t stay awake for a single second as I stepped into the dreamland without me knowing.

I took the images from Pinterest so the credit goes to the rightful owners.
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