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Willa lykensen x female reader


Zeds sister Zara falls in love with a werewolf named Willa

Romance / Fantasy
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(Dad) Zevon

(Siblings) Zed brother, Zoey sister

(Friends) Eliza,bonzo,Bree,Addison

(Species) zombie

(Features) green hair, brown eyes,

/Zara POV/

My name is zara I'm a zombie. I'm a sophomore in high school. It was the last day off cheer camp. We were on the bus getting ready to leave cheer camp. Shrimpy the mascot drove off as we were on our way back l home. I saw a sign that said.

"Addison will you" I read the sign

"Go to the prom with me" I continued to read

We saw zed in the road on a ladder we hit him then crashed into the woods. After we crashed Bucky jumped off the bus. Addison went to go find zed. I followed her. We got separated. I heard twig a snap and looked around and saw a cute girl werewolf.

"Awoo" the girl howled and looked at me and ran when she heard Addison and zed coming.

Addison ran to me "zara are you ok we saw a werewolf" she asked.

"Here wolfs" Stacy said

"We're wolfs" Lacey said

"Here wolfs" jayce said

"Werewolf's" they yelled

They all started texting. I don't think anyone will believe that I saw. We got to seabrook town hall.

"Uncle dale I protected Addison" Bucky said. I rolled my eyes. Addisons mom went to the podium.

"Monster laws are now reinstated" said Addisons mom

When she said this my mouth dropped. I ran home as zed ran after me. I got home ran to my room and laid on the bed. A couple minutes later Zed walked in to my room while I was sleep.

/Next day/

I woke up took a shower, put on my outfit Did my hair.

I walked downstairs to zed and gave Zoey a hug.

"What are you wearing" zed asked

"Clothes" I said

"Go change now" zed demand.

"I can't I'm going to be late" I said.

I walked to the school with zed,bonzo and Eliza. We had a assembly that morning for president candidates. Zed was giving his speech but Bree cut him off. "WEREWOLVES" she yelled. I saw Eliza trying to smash her Z-band but zed stopped her. Football team Z-24 they surrounded me and Addison.

"Where the moonstone white hair" the werewolf said

"I think you have the wrong person" Addison said

I looked at the girl in front and waved at her. She smiled showing her fangs. I jumped past the football team. I landed in front of the werewolf's. They looked at me with shock in their eyes. I turned around to my classmates they looked shocked.

"Willa we can't go to war with the whole town we'll never find the moonstone if there I high alert" the male werewolf said.

"I hate it when your right" the girl said

"We wolves admire your town and we're wondering if we could join your school" the girl front said.

"They can't join our school" Bucky said

"Technically the forbidden forest is within the school district" coach said

"Welcome to seabrook my name is Zara" I said

"My name is Willa this is Wyatt my brother she said pointing to him and this is wynter" she said pointing to the other girl. Willa looked at my hands and shook it.

"These sheep just let us in baaaad idea" Willa said

"Willa we promised to play nice" Wyatt said

"This is me being nice" she said scratching some lockers.

"I'm so fired up to run cheer practice" Addison said

"Um..... Addison look behind you" Bree said

Addison looked behind her. "Sorry this practice is for cheerleaders only" Addison said

"Just try and make us leave" wynter said

"Some respect" Wyatt said to Wynter

"No I don't want you to leave I want to see what you got" Addison said

Me and Willa get partnered up we start to cheer. I see zed signals me to come over. "What is going on between you and that werewolf girl" zed asked "nothing" I said. I went to the library. "How are you so beautiful" Willa asked. " I have my ways I said and walked to Bree. "That dog ate my homework" Bree said. Addison sat down. "Lies these books clams that werewolf's struck seabrook first" Willa yelled. "I know the alarms is going to go off if you don't check out those books Willa threw her necklace. "Our necklaces have a way with technology" Wyatt said.

(Thanks for reading my first chapter please comment on it so far) ❤️🙂

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