After The End: New Beginnings

Do unto others as you would have them do to you

His heart was thundering loudly in his ears as she gave him her permission to touch her, and nervous but determined, Inuyasha silently vowed not to screw this up.

Thanks to Miroku's love of sharing the details of his exploits, even when asked not to, the hanyou was well aware that he could relieve his wife's 'frustration' without tempting himself too badly by the sight of her naked body. Standing directly in front of Kagome, his left hand resting gently on her right side, Inuyasha slowly, as if afraid she'd change her mind and yell at him to stop at any moment, wormed his right hand into the left side slit of her hakama, snaking it below the folds of her robes to find her panty-clad womanhood. He was not surprised by the covering, remembering the futuristic garment well.

He gulped nervously, and then staying on the outside of her dampened panties for a moment, he started rubbing her in slow circles with the pads of his fingertips, super conscientious of the fact that he could nick the inside of her upper thighs with a claw if he got too carried away. True, his claws weren't as sharp as his fangs, and they definitely weren't like a cat's claws, but they were still sharper than a mortal canine's talons; they still warranted the use of caution.

Kami, she's so wet, he thought in wonder, watching her face as she stared at him, her expression slowly but surely morphing into a look of pure pleasure as her eyes lost their focus. Her right hand reached up and latched onto his left arm, Kagome using her hand on his arm to steady herself like a handlebar as she suddenly found her legs a bit on the shaky side.

This is a pleasant turn of events, she thought hazily, before closing her eyes in bliss, her head tilting back.

Carefully, slowly, he worked his fingers underneath the crotch of her panties, touching bare, wet flesh, and for the briefest of moments he stopped breathing, glancing down to where his hand disappeared into the side of her pants as if he couldn't believe this was actually happening, that he was actually touching her there. His own arousal, which had started to fade some, immediately flared back to life with a vengeance, causing his hakama to tent out since he didn't have his fundoshi on, but he dutifully ignored it. He'd had his turn already; this moment was about her.

Going off of the memory of a three year old conversation, he carefully moved his fingers within her folds until finding the little nub Miroku had told him about. For once in his life, Inuyasha was actually grateful the letch had never once shut up in all of the times he'd told him to.

Kagome was only momentarily surprised by his knowledgeable move until she realized he'd had plenty of time to learn a few things at least through hearsay, especially considering who his closest male friend was, and more importantly in that moment, Kagome decided that she didn't really care how he knew what he knew as she quickly resolved to stop thinking and just enjoy it.

Inuyasha was in sensory overload, and he didn't even mind that he couldn't actually see what he was doing because he could see all of the varying expressions that flittered across Kagome's face, and that was good enough for him. He could most definitely feel what he was doing, plus he could smell what he was doing, or rather, what what he was doing was doing to her. And he could also hear what he was doing, and all of the very interesting and unusual little sounds Kagome was making, both vocal and otherwise, had his body burning with renewed desire. She was right, he needed to think of something. His main reason for holding back had been his fear; they both knew it, and now, to keep denying her was starting to make him feel like an even bigger failure than if he actually gave in to his carnal desires and ravished her on the forest floor. He'd come up with a solution that'd satisfy them both – in more ways than one – but for the time being he wasn't going to worry about it and instead just focus on the matter at hand, pun intended.

Feeling around in his exploration, he found the source of her heat, of her wetness, and he knew he had her permission to explore her depths, but he was still apprehensive about his claws and so he decided in that moment that he'd better not. Besides, from what Miroku had told him, doing that wasn't even required, anyway. Not for his current purpose, at least. Concentrating then on the little bundle that rested above her opening, the spot that made her jump and quiver every time he touched it, Inuyasha took Miroku's advice and focused all of his attention on how she responded to his various touches. He experimented, changing up his routine, gauging her reaction to what he did very carefully. Every woman was different, Miroku had told him, explaining that he couldn't actually give precise instructions because what worked best for one woman wouldn't work at all for another. The instructions the monk had given him were to let the woman's own reactions articulate what worked best for her.

At the time Inuyasha hadn't really understood. Men weren't that complicated. How could a woman be that different? But now he understood, and he also understood why lesser men didn't even bother trying to pleasure their women. They were either unaware or simply uncaring of their woman's needs and desires. That would not be him. He was very aware of Kagome's needs and wants; she'd told him boldly to his face what she wanted and that was one of the things he loved about her. And because he loved her, he would master this, no matter how much of a chore other men might think it was. For him, he was getting lost in all of the little sounds she kept making, in all of the little expressions that kept flashing across her face as she rocked her hips against his hand. Some of the expressions though, he quickly noted, appeared to be of frustration. That wouldn't do.

“Tell me what you want, Kagome,” he insisted then, his voice husky. “Tell me. I want to do this right.”

“Mmmaahhh, Inuyasha...” Kagome moaned at his words, loving what he was doing, but needing more all the same. She opened her eyes and met his gaze.

“I need to feel...” you inside me, she finished in her mind, although she managed to stop herself from saying that last part out loud. “Please...I need...”

She shook her head and bit her lower lip, deciding she couldn't voice it aloud, but she would still help him. Releasing his left arm for a moment and reaching inside the right side slit of her hakama with her right hand, she grabbed his and guided his movements for a moment, until he got the hang of it.

“Just like that,” she said breathlessly, grabbing his arm again as she widened her stance a little bit more.

He nodded his understanding, even though her eyes were already closed again.

Watching again all of the various expressions that flashed across her face, he smirked. He could do this all day. He knew he wasn't going to be able to, though, as he maintained the particular pattern she'd guided him into; a pattern she seemed to like especially well.

“Oh k-kami...don-don't stop...” she managed to rasp, her grip on his arm tightening.

Emboldened by what he instantly recognized as her climax on the approach, he didn't go faster or slower or change anything from precisely what he'd been doing at the exact moment she uttered her strained command not to stop. Already, her breathing was ragged, and her eyes that had been pinched shut suddenly flew open to meet his gaze, her right hand on his left arm holding him in a white-knuckled grip.

She'd never looked more beautiful.

Deciding to get a bit wicked, he repeated her earlier words, his tone dripping with seduction.

“Yeah...that's what I want. Let it happen.”

Immediately, it hit her, and her eyes were closed again, most of her weight leaning against his left arm as she gasped and moaned and convulsed and almost screamed, biting her lower lip to keep the sounds as muffled as possible. Not sure how long he was supposed to keep going he figured she'd tell him to stop when it got to be too much and so he kept at it until she did just that, her left hand bolting up from where it'd been clutching her pant leg to grab his right arm and tug it out of her hakama while she simultaneously rasped in a desperate tone, “No more!”

Panting, face flushed, Kagome blinked her eyes open and met his gaze with something akin to wonder in her own, and it dawned on him in that moment that she was just as astounded for him to have touched her like that as he was for having touched her. Sure, they were married now, but it was still the first time either of them had ever done anything like that before. It was the first of many, many times to come. Suddenly feeling a bit braver, Inuyasha offered his wife a confident smirk, and her eyes opened wider at the sight of him bringing his fingers up to his mouth and slowly licking them clean. The look in his eyes smoldered as he locked gazes with her, and it was the most erotic sight she'd ever seen.

“Mmmm...I always knew you'd taste even better than you smelled,” he purred huskily, and her body tingled at his words.

“I...I think...we'd better get back to Kaede-baa-chan's before I say to hell with you not wanting to do it in the woods.” Kagome answered, but with an amused quirk to her lips, letting him know she was mostly just teasing. He chuckled deeply in response.

“I think I'm about ready to say to hell with it, myself,” he admitted then, the tent in his hakama quite noticeable as the look in his eyes shifted from playful to apologetic.

“The truth is...” he confessed, “...I was holding back before for a whole bunch of reasons. I'd been worried that I won't satisfy you, I'm still worried that I'll hurt you...but my main fear was that you'd get weird when you saw what I looked like. That was what'd made me stop us before when we got into it, that fear.”

Her eyes shown with love, both surprised and pleased that he was actually opening up to her like this. Wordlessly, she merely nodded her understanding and let him continue, not about to interrupt if he was ready to spill his guts. She dutifully ignored his obvious arousal, meeting his eyes as he continued.

“I know humans do it in the woods,” he acknowledged then. “But it still seems kinda animal-like to me, since I live in the forest 'cause I'm a dog, in part at least, not living in a house like a human would. We're getting a house built now 'cause you're human, and I want to give you everything you deserve, and yeah, I got it in my head that among all the things you deserve, you deserve to make love to your husband indoors, in bed, like a normal human couple. But we both know I ain't a normal human, and for all we know, maybe that story about the dog and his wife really is about us.”

He smiled at the thought.

“So if you're willing to accept having an inu-hanyou husband, I guess I need to accept being your inu-hanyou husband, and stop worrying so much about going out of my way to do things the human way where you're concerned. It makes sense that sex in the woods would be one more thing that goes along with all that. I just...I still just feel bad, like it's a failure on my part. I failed you.”

She did open her mouth to interrupt at that, but he raised a hand to silence her.

“I know you don't mind, I know it's just in my head, but damn it, it was a gift I wanted to give you, a human wife's first time with her husband, and if I'd have just let Miroku talk me into having a house built three years ago then I'd have a house now, so it's my fault. Still, it wouldn't be the house we're getting built now, so yeah, everything definitely happens for a reason.”

He smiled again, shaking his head a little.

“I just...I just I wish that I had a house for you already ready to go, at least for our first time. I get you not wanting to wait a whole month, though, I do. It doesn't have to be our house; just being indoors would be enough, so we're not out in the open, in the dirt. If there was an abandoned hut somewhere that I knew of I'd take you there in a heart beat, but the only thing I can think of is that old temple and it's literally falling apart. Give me another day or two to get rid of the guilt, 'cause if we're gonna do this, I want to enjoy it without feeling guilty, and then I'll take you to that hot spring, all right? After today, there's no way I can wait a whole month, either. I want you so fucking badly.”

She smiled warmly up at him, and looped her arms around his neck.

“The hot spring sounds lovely,” she said, pulling him down to meet her halfway in a kiss as she stood up on her toes, and he immediately complied, gripping her sides gently as he kissed her tenderly.

After they broke apart, Kagome's feet back flat on the ground, he leaned over her and rested his forehead against her own, his eyes closed.

“If the new moon weren't still ten days away I'd say that maybe we could get a room at an inn for my human night. I really don't like the idea of staying at an inn as a hanyou. My senses, plus how they'd probably feel about us...I'd be a distracted, nervous wreck. As a human it'd probably be all right, but I ain't gonna ask ya to hold out ten more days because honestly, I don't think Ican wait even that long, not anymore.”

Kagome laughed at that, and jokingly said, “Mission accomplished.”

He just shook his head in amusement and laughed a little as well. As he reached down to fiddle with his robes Kagome noticed his arousal was no longer noticeable, and she wasn't quite sure if she felt relieved for him or disappointed for herself. She would've been willing to help him if the problem wouldn't go away, but shaking her own head a little in that moment to stay focused on the conversation at hand, she decided to speak up in order to distract herself from staring at his crotch.

“I suppose we could still get a room on the new moon,” she said then, meeting his eyes. “Although on the other hand it's still true that it'd probably be better to save our money. A hot spring sounds absolutely perfect to me, and then we don't need to worry about the inn. We can just spend your human night with Kaede-baa-chan like you've been doing.”

“I guess in the end it is better not to waste the money, yeah,” he agreed. “I definitely want to be able to buy us whatever we'll need for our house, whatever we can't get from one of the local villagers.”

“A hot spring is free,” Kagome agreed with a nod, adding, “and if I know the one you're thinking of, very private.”

There was a hot spring probably a couple of hours away as the hanyou flies that she remembered quite vividly from their shard hunt days. They'd stopped there more than once on their way back to Kaede's village to ease sore, achy muscles. In fact, it was one of the hot springs Kagome had utilized during her fantasies of sending Sango back to camp without her and Inuyasha joining her in the water. It looked like they might be able to start acting out at least some of her fantasies much sooner than originally anticipated. This particular hot spring, even though if her mental calculations were right it wouldn't take the two of them that long to reach it at his top speed, she recalled that it'd taken a little over two days to reach Kaede's after their detour there when traveling on foot. It was much, much too far away, from theirs or any other village, for any local people to make use of it. It was a good two hours' walk by human standards just to reach its hiding spot in the hills away from the beaten path that most travelers used, and it'd only been thanks to her husband's sense of smell that they'd known of its existence in the first place.

“Yeah, that's the one,” he told her then, to let her know she was indeed thinking of the right place.

Smiling, Kagome donned her bow and arrows, adjusting the strap of her borrowed quiver before teasingly admitting, “I've had many a steamy daydream in that hot spring.”

His response surprised her.

“Me too.”

At her quizzical look, he blushed lightly and glanced away.

“Most of mine're...from over the last three years, and I was thinkin' 'bout the possible future, not beatin' myself up over missed opportunities.”

“Ah, happy reunion fantasies. I've had my share of those, too,” she commented, not poking fun in the slightest. “When you hoisted me out of that well for real, I actually had to stop myself from kissing you.”

He looked back her way at that, eyes wide.

“Me too,” he repeated, his lips quirking up in a half smirk. “Damn, if only one of us had had the balls to actually give in, we coulda spared a lot of heartache.”

Thinking about it a moment, his voice dropped some, becoming softer, as he cupped his wife's left cheek with his right hand and said, “Although, after what I'd put you through for a little while back in the beginning, I guess I deserved it.”

She raised her left hand up and placed it over his right, holding his hand against her cheek.

“I understood, or at least I did eventually. I knew you loved me, but that Kikyou was still important to you as well. It was our need to complete the jewel and kill Naraku that prevented anything from happening between us, I think, more than anything else. We'd both known we needed to wait, just like Sango-chan and Miroku-sama had also known their happily ever after had to wait. They'd just discussed things a little more openly than we did.”

“Feh, like I was gonna grab your ass and ask you to bear my child,” Inuyasha snorted, earning a laugh from the miko.

“I suppose not, no,” she agreed with a chuckle, adding, “but now you can grab my ass as much as you want, and children will definitely become a part of it when nature deems it's right.”

At that, Inuyasha waggled his eyebrows, and removed his hand from her cheek and lowered it to...her cheek.

“I think I might finally understand what the bouzu's been obsessing over all this time,” he said with a smirk, giving her ass a little squeeze as he pulled her closer.

She laughed and said, “And here all this time I thought you were a breast man.”

“Oh yeah, good point.”

With that, both of his hands were suddenly cupping her breasts, squeezing playfully, and Kagome only laughed again.

“And you call me a hentai,” she said, not lifting a muscle to cease his physical inspection of her physique.

With both hands still holding her breasts, he lifted his gaze from her chest back up to meet her eyes and said, “Well, yeah. At least I kept my hands in moderately innocent territory. You tried to make a grab for my dick that first evening in this clearing. Hentai.”

She giggled, and said, “Oh, I was tempted to touch it even before then. Even before our talk that morning where we sorted everything out.” Unashamed, she admitted, “My very first day back, I had to stop myself from rubbing against you with my butt as you held me in your lap up in that tree as we watched the kids play.”

“Holy shit...” he mumbled, releasing her breasts as his hands fell limply at his sides, his expression amazed. Kagome thought she just might have trumped his hentai card when suddenly he said, “That woulda been insta-boner, if you'd done that. It was already all I could do to not react to you in my lap in that damn skirt.”

Taking a deep breath, he added, “You and those skirts... You know, I wasn't kidding about the amount of times I either had to take a cold dip or take care of it. Half the time, the reason I acted like such a dick to you was 'cause that's where all my blood was, and I was just as frustrated as you were earlier.”

Kagome giggled again at that, and said, “It's too bad I didn't have any of my old school uniforms in my backpack. We'll just have to make do with my other skirt and sweater, to act out some of those fantasies.”

His eyes smoldered.

“I'm looking forward to it.”

That said, he turned around and crouched down.

“Come on, wench, let's get going already before my hard-on comes back again, 'cause running with a boner is hard enough with a fundoshi on, but right now I'm hangin' free and I don't need no distractions.”

“Yes, sir,” she said jokingly as she climbed up onto his back without hesitation.

After a brief amount of adjusting to make sure she was secure, he took off back towards the village, feeling a new sense of freedom that had nothing to do with his unrestrained phallus. From a non-perverted sense, he felt freer, and happier, than he had ever felt in his entire life. So what if he couldn't fulfill the fanciful desire of wanting to provide Kagome with a roof over her head, of laying her down on a soft futon in a dimly lit hut? It was just a matter of when, not if. He'd have that hut and futon eventually, and truth be told, he'd also had plenty of fantasies that involved the hot spring, or the forest in general; he'd just been trying to ignore his youkai half to 'do right by her', by his human heart. But when you took into consideration the mind boggling amount of things Kagome had given up in order to be with him it made his desire to hold out until their house was built more than a little petty, especially since she didn't agree with that desire. If she were the one who wanted to wait, then it would've been noble of him to be willing to wait as well, but forcing her to hold out when she didn't want to, just to 'do right by her', didn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense. The woman had just given up her entire family and five hundred years worth of technological advances in order to be with him; if she wanted him to fuck her in the dirt then he should damn well fuck her in the dirt and be grateful for the privilege.

It would be a fun, guilt-free stay at the hot spring. Of that he was sure.

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