After The End: New Beginnings

Whenever I'm alone with you...

Ducking back behind the screen, Kagome got down onto the unfolded sleeping bag before he reached her, and stepping around the changing screen to spy his wife lying propped up on one arm, beckoning for him to join her with her other hand, Inuyasha couldn't stop the dog-like whine that escaped his throat as he dropped to his hands and knees and crawled over to her. Reaching her, he immediately knelt, cupping both sides of Kagome's face as he kissed her deeply, and she responded by tangling both fists in his hair, increasing the passion of their kiss even more. She felt his fangs scrape her bottom lip, just a little, and lightened up on the pressure, but the minuscule sting of pain didn't faze her for a second.

Inuyasha really was in sensory overload this time, but the good kind of sensory overload, that didn't give him a massive headache or render him temporarily disoriented. Well, okay, so he was a bit on the disoriented side, but it was still a good thing. All he could see, smell, taste, hear and feel was Kagome, and he was pretty sure that he could even feel the presence of her soul with his own, sense her aura with his, even beyond his usual ability to sense her reiki with his youki. She was an all-consuming force, and in that moment there was only Kagome. The faintest hint of blood only barely scratched the surface of bringing him back into reality. When Kagome didn't react to the accidental scratch aside from trying to be a bit more careful he didn't give the matter a second thought, either, and he certainly didn't bother breaking the kiss. His hands moved from cupping the sides of her face to his right hand tangling in her hair at the back of her head, his left working its way down to grab her right breast.

Kagome gradually lied back against the sleeping bag the rest of the way, and he followed her down, spreading himself partway over her body and partly off to the side, on her left, his right hand still fisting some hair at the back of her head, his left hand still palming her right breast. Kagome's left hand found its way up to his right ear while her right hand grabbed a fistful of fabric at his left shoulder. Finally breaking away from the kiss, knowing his wife needed to breathe, Inuyasha moved a bit lower and attacked her throat with his lips and tongue, and Kagome responded by tilting her head back to grant him better access, a gasp followed by a low moan of appreciation escaping her lips.

It didn't take long at all for his body to get excited. In fact, Inuyasha had already been getting hard as he'd watched Kagome get their corner of the room set up. Harder now than he'd ever been, which he figured was because he knew they didn't have to stop, he didn't have to keep himself under control, and wasn't cursing his body's reaction to her, Inuyasha ground his rock hard erection against her leg, looping his left leg over her left thigh in order to straddle her partway in their horizontal positions. It was a reprisal of their position from four nights prior out in that clearing, except he was on the right this time, and she didn't loop her right leg over to straddle his leg in return, but as he felt Kagome's right hand snake down and grab the very obvious erection tenting out his hakama, instead of stopping her this time, he allowed her to close her fingers around his girth and then immediately began rocking into her hand, moaning loudly as he continued to lavish open-mouthed kisses along her sensitive neck.

What he was doing was more than a little distracting, but Kagome maintained enough awareness to release his hakama-clad erection after a couple of minutes in order to start plucking at the ties to said hakama. Inuyasha, immediately realizing what she was doing, released her breast to assist her with untying his pants, while moving his kisses back up to her mouth.

“Lie...down...” Kagome murmured after a moment, between kisses, pushing on his hip a little in her desire for him to turn over to lie flatly on his back, and panting heavily as he pulled back from their kissing, he complied.

With Inuyasha lying on his back beside her, Kagome sat up a little bit, finding it much easier to work on ridding him of his clothing when she could actually see what she was doing. Allowing him to continue untying the knots at his waist, she moved down to his feet, untying each draw cord that normally kept his pant legs cinched tight around his ankles. Those needed to be undone as well in order to get his pants completely off. She got the second one undone around the same time he'd finished unfastening the last knot at his waist, and as she moved to his feet to pull his hakama down his only acknowledgment was to lift his hips a little, making pulling his pants down easier for her. His hands had already moved to the ties of his suikan, opening that, and then his kosode, in short order. He sat up then, and it was Kagome's turn to crawl towards him seductively, as she approached from his front, putting herself almost in his lap as she kissed him hungrily while reaching up with both hands to slide his jacket and undershirt down his arms. He allowed the robes along with his small leather pouch to fall to the ground behind him, ignored, and then reached up with both hands to grab the sides of her head, tilting his own as he deepened the kiss. It didn't bother him in the slightest that he was sitting completely nude and aroused before her, until it dawned on him that she was still fully dressed.

“This is hardly fair, you getting me all naked and you're still dressed,” he purred as he pulled back from the kiss, reaching for the tie of her wrap skirt. “It's your turn now. Lie down.”

Feeling both nervous and excited, Kagome complied, lying back on the opened sleeping bag. Inuyasha, sitting on her right now, made quick work of the wrap skirt, and then snaked his right hand into the folds of her yukata and kosode, affectionately rubbing the shin of her right leg with his right hand as his left hand plucked at the knots at her waist.

“Not shaving anymore?” he asked conversationally, noticing her leg stubble.

Honestly, it'd surprised the hell out of him the first time he'd felt how smooth her legs were. It was unavoidable that he'd feel her bare legs, what with the way he'd carry her around on his back in that short skirt of hers. He'd blurted out something to the effect of “Why the hell are your legs hairless?!” and she'd gone off on him in her embarrassment, asking him just what kind of a girl he was accusing her of being, saying of course she shaved her legs! Fortunately, only a short while later it'd dawned on Kagome that the women of that time period didn't shave, and it was one of the first times she'd actually apologized after blowing up at him, admitting she'd been wrong. She'd then explained how in her time it'd become a fashionable custom, leg hair considered unsightly on women. He'd snorted that it was a stupid custom, but had let it go after that, saying that they were her legs so she could do whatever the hell she wanted, even though he thought it was stupid.

In that moment, Kagome smiled sheepishly up at her husband's amused grin, and shrugged her shoulders.

“Even though I've got a razor in my bag, I figured there was no point in continuing to shave until the razor got dull, which it'd eventually do. Might as well start adapting to life in this time from day one, ne?”

“Fine by me,” he answered, before his amused grin turned into a seductive smirk as he moved his fingers up along her inner thigh, towards her womanhood. Expecting to find cloth like he had that morning, upon reaching his destination he was surprised to instead immediately touch bare, wet flesh. He raised an eyebrow at her. He hadn't honestly thought she would adapt that much.

“Laundry day, remember?” she asked at his expression, chuckling a little, and growling hungrily he retracted his hand and worked on her obi with both hands, untying her robes as quickly as possible. She giggled at his gusto and didn't try to assist him, figuring she'd only get in his way.

It didn't take long at all for Inuyasha to untie both her yukata and kosode, opening both robes to reveal her naked perfection to his heated gaze. He stared at her for so long, not saying or doing anything, that Kagome actually started to get worried, although she wasn't worried that he didn't like what he saw. His expression was one of wonder, of awe. A little bit of the fire was gone, but his desire was definitely still there, even if it had simmered into loving appreciation instead of mad passion. But he still seemed frozen; she needed to snap him out of it.


As if pulled from a trance, he jerked in mild surprise at the sound of her voice, and then forcibly dragged his gaze up to meet her own.

“I...I just...” He shook his head a little, trying to get his thoughts in order. He swallowed. “This is the first time I've actually been allowed to look.”

He sounded like a little boy meeting Santa Claus for the first time.

Kagome grinned, and said in a rather sultry voice, “You're allowed to do far more than look, you know.”

His eyes, which had already been roaming lower again, raised back up to meet her own again at her teasing words. He offered her a half-smile that she figured was supposed to be a confident smirk, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. He couldn't quite hide his nervousness.

“I haven't forgotten,” he assured her. He still made no move to actually touch her, though.

“I'm nervous too, Inuyasha. I want this, but that doesn't mean I'm not afraid of the unknown,” Kagome confessed then, sensing that she'd better try to put his mind at ease a little bit.

His reaction to all of this reminded her of her first time on a roller coaster as a child. She'd been so excited at the notion of riding one, watching it fly by from the ground with the sense of wanting to do it so badly, of thinking how fun it would be. All the time she'd waited in line she'd been bubbly with anticipation. Then suddenly, as she was sitting down into the car, pulling the lap bar into place, she'd felt utterly terrified. Not enough to chicken out and ask to be let off the ride, but the fear had definitely come out of nowhere to take her anticipation down a peg. So she did understand Inuyasha's hesitation. Had this been a couple of years ago, she would've been hesitating just as much, but after over a year of hearing Yuka, Eri and Ayumi talk about their levels of intimacy with their own boyfriends she was done with feeling scared to experience the same things for herself.

Sitting up, legs together and tucked to the side for propriety's sake, she shrugged out of her loosened robes, tossing both them and Inuyasha's robes off to the side, clearing the sleeping bag surface of clutter.

“This is just so weird,” he said after a moment, trying to organize his thoughts. “I mean, I know we're married now, obviously, but a part of me can't help feeling like you're gonna 'osuwari'me if I say or do the wrong thing,” he said with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood.

He failed big time, which he realized as Kagome's eyes became guilty.

“Kami, I'm so sorry I used to be such a bitch to you,” she apologized, completely serious. “I know you said you forgive me, but still. Are you sure you don't want me to remove the rosary?”

Her reaction was unexpected, her guilt certainly unintentional on his part, and he immediately felt guilty as well as a result. She obviously thought the subjugation he'd endured at her command was a bigger deal than it really was. She'd had three years to stew over it, after all. How could she say she loved him if she always resorted to such harsh, physical violence just to get her way in an argument, right? But he wasn't stupid, and he'd known damn well all the times he'd been pushing her buttons. She'd very rarely given him an 'osuwari' he couldn't reluctantly admit to himself that he'd deserved. Even if he hadn't felt that way at the time, looking back on it now he knew he'd deserved it, especially in the beginning, and as the months had gone on she'd used that command less and less, and the situations where she had used it had been more called for. Hell, the last time she'd subdued him it'd been to prevent him from slicing into that train thing. How many innocent people would he have stupidly murdered had she not said it? He did not hate the rosary, and he would make damn sure she comprehended that fact.

“Hell, Kagome, I didn't mean nothin' by it. I think you think the rosary's a bigger deal than it really is. The only reason the beads pissed me off in the beginning was 'cause I was wild, I didn't want to be tamed, but you tamed me anyway and I'm yours now. You need to get it through your head, I like having your collar around my neck. You offer to take it off one more time and I'm gonna feel like an abandoned dog, like you don't want me anymore.”

He was just teasing as he said that last part, lowering his ears and giving her puppy dog eyes for emphasis, and she giggled, patting him on the head between his ears, which both immediately perked back up at her touch. He waggled his eyebrows at her then, and added, “I'm yours, and you're mine.”

That said, he closed the gap between them, intending to wipe all thoughts of the rosary out of her mind for the time being, and easily reading his plan but grateful for it, Kagome welcomed him with open arms as he kissed her again, her naked chest pressed flush against his own. She pulled back after a few moments, and waggling her eyebrows in return, she took his left hand and placed it over her right breast, his palm touching her bare flesh for the first time.

His look of wonder slowly morphed into a pleased smile as he lifted his right hand to her left breast as well, and Kagome's arms lowered to her sides, an amused grin on her lips as she let her husband play with her naked breasts for a few silent minutes. He palmed, squeezed, molded, and even pinched her nipples, chuckling quietly when she was unable to fully suppress a gasp of pleasure.

“Like that, huh?”

She quirked a brow at him, and reached up to pinch his right nipple as well in payback. Without reacting, he merely quirked his brow back at her.

Hers became more furrowed.

True, some guys didn't have sensitive nipples, but...

She smirked as a wicked idea came to her, and then before he could question, she leaned forward, lightly capturing his right nipple with her teeth. He did gasp then, though if it was more from surprise or sensation she wasn't sure. She immediately teased him, kissing, licking and sucking, and Inuyasha quickly found himself losing it at the foreign, delightful feeling. For a brief moment the sensations had the hanyou wondering what it would feel like to have her talented lips and tongue on another, even more sensitive part of his body, before he immediately banished the thought to the darkest corner of his mind. If she one day wanted that... If she wanted to, it was up to her. He would never ask. He already had more than he could ask for.

Unaware of his thoughts, Kagome made her way up his chest, kissing, licking and biting the sides of his throat, and he moaned, tilting his head back to give her better access. The significance of the action was not lost on her, so in-tune was she to the fact that her husband was half canine and saw himself as such. She gave one long, slow lick across his entire throat, and he whimpered, and then she moved her mouth over his, raising her hands to the sides of his face. He immediately kissed her back, and then followed a reverse path of his own, down the side of her throat, across her collarbone and shoulder, and then finally, down to her left breast, taking her nipple into his mouth.

She moaned appreciatively, her head tilted back, eyes closed, right hand fisting hair at the back of his head while she gently massaged the base of his right ear with her left hand. He was very careful of his fangs, just using his tongue, sticking it out some so that he could tease her nipple with the tip of his tongue, circling and flicking, and suddenly, it was Kagome's turn to wonder what it would feel like to have that talented tongue of his in another location.

There was no hurry, though. This moment, this night, was about enjoying each other to the fullest. They weren't in any hurry. They had all night.

Inuyasha could hardly believe this was happening, and yet he knew it was, and it was a dream come true. Holding Kagome's milky globe cupped in his right hand while he suckled her nipple like a pup, his left hand absently playing with her right breast, he pulled back a little after a moment and observed the rosy bud, swollen from his ministrations. Kagome's left hand was still massaging his right ear, his neglected left ear right in her line of vision thanks to his lowered gaze, and after a moment of his silent appraisal the most seductive words she'd ever said were whispered across the fine hairs of the triangular appendage.

“Come'ere, I wanna do that to your ear.”

Instead of sensually complying right away with hooded eyes, his head snapped back in surprise at her words, causing her hands to release him. His eyes were opened wide as he blinked at her.


She only smirked demurely.

“I said come here,” she repeated softly as she reached up with both hands, fisting tufts of hair on both sides of his head as she gently yet firmly yanked his head back down, practically shoving his face in her breasts in the process of bringing her prize within reach.

Before he could react, or even contemplate what was happening, she had his left ear in her mouth, and was very gently, slowly, teasing the interior with her tongue.

“O-o-ohhhhhh...” he stuttered and then moaned out, his entire body shuddering violently. “Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck...”

Then, maintaining her hold on the back of his head with her left hand, she lowered her right hand down and reached for the neglected dark pink rod that was sitting upright in his lap.

“OOOooohhhhhmmmmmmmm...” he moaned-whined, the sound starting out more human but ending on a distinctly canine note. It always amazed her, the extent of his vocal range. Sometimes she wondered if he had two completely separate sets of vocal cords, to sound so human and yet be able to sound so dog-like at times.

“Y-you b-better st-stop that,” he rasped, and she complied, releasing his erection and pulling away from licking his ear at the same time.

He sprang back as soon as she let go of his hair, staring at her in wonder from his place sitting cross-legged directly in front of her. His excited penis bobbed a few times, letting them both know what it thought about her letting go, but he wasn't paying that part of his body any attention in that moment. Staring at her in awe, he slowly raised his left hand up to his ear, but it only hovered there a moment before lowering again, not touching the wet fur.

Suddenly, Kagome was on her back again, looking up at the ceiling, though not for long as a deliriously happy face with a curtain of white hair hanging down to shield her view of the outside world was suddenly in her line of vision, as she felt Inuyasha's body pressed intimately against her own as he lied on top of her, and then, he was kissing her hard and fast, his hands cupping the sides of her face. His erection was pressed in between them now, and Kagome rocked her hips back and forth a little bit as she moaned into the kiss, teasing them both with the friction. He would not be able to enter her from that angle.

They kissed lying nude in each other's arms for at least another five minutes, his hips rocking gently against her, her hands roaming all over the strong, smooth muscles of his back, his occasionally playing with a breast. At one point, his left hand roamed over to her right upper arm, to the spot he knew he'd sliced her while under Naraku's influence. They'd never had a chance to talk about it.

“I'm glad you didn't scar,” he murmured softly in that moment, giving that part of her arm an appreciative lick before moving over to her throat, and Kagome immediately knew what he was talking about.

“Me too, but even if it had, I know you hadn't actually been trying to hurt me.”

He pulled back from kissing her neck, his hips growing still.

“I...I don't remember,” he admitted remorsefully, looking into her eyes, his own full of love and concern.

She reached up with her left hand and affectionately ran it down the back of his head, running her fingers through his silky hair up and down as she stroked him.

“I know, and I know Naraku told you you'd killed me, which obviously isn't true. Personally, I think you felt it taking you over, and feared what would happen if he did somehow manage to gain complete control over you, and so you pushed me away, trying to get me away from you before it was too late. If you'd actually been trying to kill me in that moment, you and I both know I would be dead.”

He closed his eyes and nodded slowly, absorbing her words. It was true, of course, that had he been trying to kill her she would be dead, so obviously that hadn't been his intent at that time. If she believed what he had really done was shove her away, to get her away from the danger that was himself, then he would believe her.

“I'm still glad you didn't scar,” he decided to repeat after a moment of silence, opening his eyes back up to meet her gaze again.

He crinkled his brow in contemplation, his eyes becoming thoughtful.

“Come to think of it, you ain't got no scars at all that I can see. How the hell is that even possible?”

Kagome just shrugged, stilling her hand although she left it at the back of his head.

“Neosporin?” she questioned, the foreign word one he did remember from their quest days. “I always treated all the cuts and scrapes I got; guess the stuff really works.”

Nodding absently, he lifted himself above her by his arms push-up style to get a better look, her left arm dropping to her side as he moved his gaze up and down over her entire form, his hanyou vision in no way hindered by the low light in their shadowed corner of the hut. While Kagome had thankfully not acquired too many nasty injuries throughout the quest, she'd certainly had her share of scrapes and bruises. He couldn't see even the tiniest blemish on her skin, not one. Not even...

“What the fuck?” he blurted. “Even the jewel scar is gone. I've seen that one before, right here.”

He accidentally tickled her side with his fingertip as he touched her gently, causing her to giggle and squirm a bit. He smiled down at her, but quickly got serious again. The spot on her side where the jewel had been ripped from her body, the spot that had been stitched up by Kaede and not treated with modern-day medicine and had indeed left a scar he had seen before on the rare occasions he'd seen her naked in the past, was now as smooth and clear and blemish-free as the rest of her perfect body.

“I mean, not that I'm complaining, but...”

He let his words trail off, the unasked question clear in his eyes. Kagome merely shrugged in answer, having been aware that that scar had disappeared but without an explanation that she could think of.

“Honestly, I have no idea,” she admitted. “It healed. The only thing my family and I could figure was that my powers must have healed it.”

It would've actually made more sense if the scar had vanished in an instant upon the jewel's destruction, even though the scar had been the result of a youkai attack and should not have been linked magically to the jewel itself in any way. But that hadn't been what'd happened, anyway. It hadn't just suddenly been gone immediately upon wishing the jewel out of existence. Gradually, over time, she'd witnessed it slowly fade away, slowly heal, even though it'd been a rather nasty scar and she knew scars of that nature did not heal. Not ever. Not without modern medical intervention, at least. And yet hers had, all by itself, without so much as a skin cream application.

She hadn't really given the matter that much thought, but once upon a time, when she'd asked her mother and grandfather about it, they had both supported the hypothesis that she'd been able to heal herself with the strength of her unsealed miko powers. She had not kept her powers a secret from her family, and they had been given a demonstration similar to what she'd done in front of Kaede, Rin and Inuyasha with the bow from Mt. Azusa.

That was probably one of the reasons they'd been so supportive of her decision to come back to the past, assuming they hadn't known it was her destiny all along. It was just as she'd told the villagers; someone with her powers simply wasn't needed in that world, but she was needed in this world. She was meant for this world. This world, and this man, the man currently lying above her. She opened her legs a little to give him more room, allowing him to settle himself between her legs a little more fully. She gyrated against him, and he complied, mimicking her rocking motion, which sure made it a hell of a lot harder to think.

“Hell, maybe it was your power instead of your medicine that prevented you from scarring all the other times,” he said then, his tone of voice reflecting that whatever the case may be, he officially no longer gave a fuck.

He'd just been caught by surprise more than anything else, but honestly, the fact that her body had apparently healed itself was just fine with him. It wasn't as if he wouldn't have found her just as attractive with a few battle scars here and there, but they were nasty reminders of what all they'd been through, or at least, they would have been, had they existed. He most certainly wasn't complaining. He was sure she was as equally glad that he didn't have any scars, either.

“Maybe,” Kagome agreed, in a tone of voice that was equally disinterested. She gave her hips a little bounce, reminding her husband of what was most important in that moment.

As if he needed reminding.

Lowering his arms, he repeated his earlier action of kissing her silly while he lazily rocked his hips against her, teasing then both with the delicious friction, her juices coating his staff, making him slick against her. He didn't immediately make a move to enter her, though. The truth was he was still a little nervous, and was stalling, but what they were doing certainly felt good and it was by far the most intimate they'd been thus far. He knew this was still nothing compared to what was yet to come, but all in due time, he told himself. First, he wanted to get another taste of her sweet nectar. He also knew that the wetter she was, the better, when he was ready to complete their joining. Add to that the fact that he knew it would hurt her, and he wanted to make sure she enjoyed herself beforehand. It was the least he could do.

Slowly, bit by bit, he lowered himself, shimmying himself down her body, his lips and tongue trailing kisses in his wake. He took a moment to worship each breast, finding amusement in how they lolled to the sides now that she was lying flat on her back. He grabbed them with both hands on the outside, pressing them together, and moved his tongue over each one, back and forth. She both moaned and giggled. Her laughter didn't bother him. He knew she wasn't really laughing at him. So what if his actions amused her? She was laughing because she was happy. This was supposed to be fun, wasn't it? Smirking, he shimmied himself even lower, and dipped his tongue into her bellybutton. That earned a completely different type of gasped laughter from the miko.

So she's ticklish here, is she? he thought, mentally tucking that bit of information away for safe keeping.

Backing away from her completely, he stretched out on the sleeping bag before her, his legs hanging over, lying on the wooden floor, as he propped himself up a little on his elbows and lied on his belly between her legs, staring again for a moment.

Looking down her body at him, Kagome felt her face flame at the visual of him staring at her there, but to her credit she didn't try to close her legs or twist away. She felt a little under the microscope, but knew she had absolutely no right to feel self-conscious after what she'd put him through that morning, asking to see what his penis looked like, and knowing how much he had come to enjoy her 'inspection' of him she didn't doubt she'd find his appraisal of her body just as pleasurable. But that didn't mean she could just lie there looking at him look at her, and so letting her head fall back in that moment, she stared up at the ceiling, willing to let whatever happened, happen.

Finally, he spoke.

“Open up, I wanna see. Sorry if that don't sound romantic, but as we've established, you're my first, and I think I've waited long enough to find out what a woman actually looks like down here.”

Kagome snorted out a laugh at his bluntness. He wouldn't be her Inuyasha if he were suddenly all Casanova.

Shaking her head in lingering amusement, she nonetheless obliged and wordlessly spread her legs even further, bending them back at the knees to open herself up to him completely.

Inuyasha chuckled as well at her laugh, a big part of him relieved that he hadn't upset her with how he'd phrased his request. He'd never claimed that being tactful was one of his strong suits. Observing as she granted his request regardless of his crudeness, he openly stared at what was revealed to his hungry gaze, and if Kagome had been watching his face she would have seen the brief moment when his 'innocent child' expression returned, a large part of the hanyou truly feeling awe and wonder over the fact that this was actually happening. That thought was fleeting, however, and his expression quickly morphed back into one of male pride as he reached for her with his fingers.

Kagome was trying to keep her breathing steady, unsure of what to expect as she just lied there exposing herself, but quickly enough she felt his exploring digits, and it didn't take Inuyasha long at all to find the little nub of pleasure he had previously touched without seeing. Kagome closed her eyes, moaning softly as she shifted her hips in a light rocking motion.

Inuyasha's ears homed in on her quiet sounds of pleasure, and he smirked, using the middle and forefinger of his left hand to spread her lower lips open as he carefully rubbed her clit with the fingertips of his right hand. He was holding his hand at an awkward angle to make sure he couldn't possible graze her with his claws, debating for a moment if it wouldn't be better to use his knuckles instead, just in case, but so far he seemed to be doing okay so he kept at it in that moment. Spying how wet she was becoming, and remembering what Kagome had said before about 'preparing' her for their first joining, he still wasn't sure if sticking his claws there was a good idea,but that didn't mean there wasn't something else of his that he could stick up there. The whole point in climbing down here had been because he'd wanted to taste her again, after all. He was very grateful that Miroku had never shut up in all of the times he'd asked him to.

Following partly what Miroku had told him, and letting his canine instincts guide him the rest of the way, Inuyasha repositioned his hands and placed both at either side of her entrance, holding her open as he lowered his face to her, going first for the little bundle that he knew was her greatest source of pleasure.

Kagome gasped and jerked when she felt his tongue, her hands immediately clutching the sleeping bag at her sides.

“Ooooohhh kamiiiiiiiii...” she panted, unable to stop writhing, her head shaking from side to side.

Managing to lift her head, she gazed down the length of her body again, and the visual of him feasting from her nearly sent her over the edge right then and there. His eyes were closed, and what she could see of his face looked as if he were experiencing almost as much bliss as she was. Thinking back to that morning, and the look he'd given her as he'd licked her essence off his fingers, she realized that he probably was enjoying it.

Boy was he ever.

She was officially his new favorite flavor, and he wouldn't trade it for all the ramen and potato chips in the future world. Sensing she was close, he shifted what he was doing, finally going straight for the source of that delicious nectar. Sticking his tongue as far within her as it would go, he knew it wasn't really doing her any good as far as 'preparing' her went, but he was definitely enjoying himself nonetheless.

For Kagome, it was a reprieve she hadn't wanted, her climax having been close, even though she knew that ultimately, when he let her, her orgasm would be even more powerful thanks to his teasing. So she didn't reprimand him, not that she currently had the ability to speak, anyway. All she could do in that moment was moan, loosening and tightening her fists in the sleeping bag. Feeling him lick her, there, was only making her want the real thing even more. She didn't even care anymore if it was going to hurt. The first time she'd tried to ride a bicycle without training wheels she'd fallen and scraped her knee; that'd hurt, but yet, it'd been necessary in order to eventually get good at riding her bike, which had become one of her favorite pastimes once she'd mastered it. She wasn't necessarily looking forward to the pain, but looking beyond this moment, she was definitely looking forward to the time when it wouldn't hurt her anymore, and there was only one way to get to that point.

She almost cried out for him to get to the point when he must have sensed her frustration because he moved back up to her clitoris again, lapping at her like the dog he was, and she couldn't stop the spasms causing her entire body to shake. It felt nothing like her fingers, or his. This was a whole other type of wonderful and she would definitely have to return the favor later.

“Oohhh I...I'm gonna... AhhhMMmmmmmm!” she cried out as it hit her, belatedly trying to muffle the sound by slapping her hand over her mouth as she squirmed. She endured it for as long as she could, delighting in the powerful sensation, but as soon as it became too much for her she gasped out a breathy “No more!” as she reached down and shoved at his forehead. He immediately complied and backed away, allowing her to lower her legs, her heels thumping where they landed, her legs like jelly.

Sweaty and panting, Kagome somehow managed to raise her head to glance down at Inuyasha again, and he met her eyes with a confident smirk as he knelt between her feet, making a show of licking his lips.

“Delicious,” he murmured in satisfaction, and she laughed a little before allowing her head to thump back against the floor as well.

She then raised her arms up in a beckoning fashion.

“Come to me, lover. It's your turn now.”

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