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you are a cosplayer and Went to California for con.you were so Excited when you want to the Conventions and talk with other cosplayers. As you are at your booth setting it up for your fans and thats when you saw something that Caught your eye or more like someone but who? Read to find out .Who knows maybe it interesting~

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Arrive to California

Your point of view

I was at the airport with my suitcases waiting for my plane to arrive.as I said my goodbyes to my parents as the staff announced that my plane was here I said my last goodbyes and started walking to where they get on the plane with my suitcases as fly to California.

(time skip)

as The flight felt like hours it finally ended and everyone started to get off the plane I was humming to a song as I was waiting for my suitcase and bags.as my stuff arrived I started to walk out of the airport and I got in a cab I ask the driver to drive to the nearest Hotel and he said sure and we started to dive to the hotel. As we want to the hotel I got out the car and pay and said thank you to the driver and he nods and drove away.I walk in the building and want to the front desk and check out the room that I’m going to stay in, they give me my room key and want to my room. As I in my room I unpack my suitcase and my cosplay suitcase with my costume and makeup, as I finished unpacking I got on my Instagram and want post on my story saying “I finally arrived!i can’t wait to meet you guys at con!see you there”and posted it on to my page and there was already likes and comments on the picture.I smiled at the comments as people was sending emojis and nice comments, I got up putting my phone in my pocket and want to the closest and put on my BNHA sweater on which was a version of deku’s costume.as I walk out of my room as it locks on its own as I had my card for the door, I started walking down stairs and out the Building and started walking to the beach and when i got there the beach was peaceful and relaxing,I had my hood on my head up as i was walking on the sand next to the water with my shoes off and in my hand .as the waves came and i have to say it was cold But I wasn't bothered that much.I keep walking when i found a tree like branch on the beach it was above the water it was so cool .i walk to it and Climb on it as i set on it the wind blow and it was amazing i close my eyes feeling the Wind blow against as my short hair was moving around,i open my eyes and take my Phone out and took a picture of the Ocean and post the picture saying "Beautiful view "i smiles And put my phone away and enjoy the sunset as the Sun shining on me.i sighed as i stand on the branch and walk off of it onto the Send and started walking back to my hotel room That I was staying in.as i was walk With my shoes on there was a Vibrate in my jacket and I took my phone out And look at the screen and see a new follower on Instagram. i hummed and unlock my Phone and went to Instagram and look at my notifications and the new follower name was Akrcos so i click on ther account Scroll down and seeing a lots of different cosplay's,so i click follow back And put my phone away as I went into the hotel building And walk upstairs To my room .As I got to my room I unlock my room door and went in Closing the door behind me,I take my shoes off and take my jacket off as well take my phone out of the pocket and put it on the couch and went to The kitchen and make myself some food before I went to bed.As I finish my food I went And change my clothes and to bed Because tomorrow was con .


Hello everyone!!how are you and how was the book,Good bad maybe so ?Tell me in the comments if you want more If so like this book so you can have it in your library and see my update For the book so next time I see you guys later A.k.a. I'll maybe already started the second chapter Who knows?see ya guys next time bye-bye

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