Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 12: Son Gohan's busy day

Episode 12: Son Gohan's busy day.May 8th, Age 7874:00 a.m.

**==Mount Paozu - Gohan and Videl's Home==**

**Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep** went the sound of Gohan's alarm clock that was set to go off at 4:00 o'clock a.m. Gohan reached over to the alarm clock on a small dresser, by his side of the bed. He turned it off before it woke Videl who was lying asleep over on the other side of the bed.

He reached over and put on his glasses, then got up and walked over to his room closet. He took a blue shirt off a hanger, putting it on. He then took the pants of his orange dougi and put those on too, following with the orange top that had the "Go" symbol on the upper left side.

He started tightening them together with his blue belt. He slipped on his blue boots that were set next to each other neatly inside his closet. And he slipped on two wristbands that were on the top of a small shelf inside the closet as well. Gohan made his way out of the room and headed out of the backdoor to the house - to end up standing in his backyard. It was still dark outside, without any sign of the sun arising. He flew off towards the forest and mountains that set behind his home.

He approached the forest and flew through, passing through all of the different trees that surrounded him.

"This'll do," Gohan thought to himself, dropping onto an open spot in the forest, which had the Eastern Region stream of river going by that poured into an even larger body of water nearby.

Gohan dropped down and started stretching his legs by squatting on one side then the other. He started stretching his arms, by rotating them in a 360 circle by putting pressure on his shoulder with his other hand.

"All right. The start of my day," Gohan said out loud to himself. He hopped a few times and dropped down in his combat stance.

He threw a kick up in the air. He followed with slow punches in the air. He started throwing a chain of punches and kicks in the air as he continued to jump and vanish around from one spot to another as minutes went by.


After some time has went by, Gohan started running towards some nearby mountains. While running towards the mountains, he started throwing generic ki blasts at the front, smaller parts of the mountains as he persistently tossed chains of punches and kicks in the air while jumping and vanishing around in the area.

"Ka-me-ha-me-ha!" Gohan yelled as he fired a Kamehameha Wave across the open field he was in that separated the mountains and the forest. He dashed towards the Kamehameha, vanished, and appeared beside it and smacked it down towards the ground. It hit the ground and caused a small explosion by the time he landed on the ground for himself.

"Ha!" He yelled again as he fired another one off at an angle in the air, he did a back somersault flip and threw an angle kick up in the air, next with an elbow out in the open air as well.

"Phew," Gohan sighed in relief, stopping to wipe his face. "I can feel my power starting to grow again."Gohan looked down at his hands. "Maybe this will end up turning out to be more than just trying to stay in a little shape."


The sun started to rise, while Gohan still remained in his standing, meditated state posture.

Gohan opened his eyes. "Hmm.. It looks like it's about that time."

He flew off from his spot and headed back to his home.


Gohan arrived on the back porch and entered his home. When he walked in, he saw Videl cooking breakfast in the kitchen and Pan sitting at the table.

"Hey, guys," Gohan greeted when he entered into the house. "Good morning."

"Good morning, Papa." Pan greeted back.

"Good morning, Gohan." Videl greeted as she flipped a pancake while turning around to look and smile at Gohan. "Did you have a good workout?" Videl then faced the stove again.

"Yup." Gohan answered, walking through the kitchen. "It was nice workout." He went to his room and took off his entire dougi, jumping in the shower. After that, he brushed his teeth and put on his white long-sleeve dress shirt and brown khaki pants. He slipped on his brown shoes and his watch - as well as his glasses while checking the time.

"Almost ready, Pan?!" Gohan shouted to the other room. "It's 7:13."

Videl walked in, sat her mug of coffee down, and stood in front of Gohan to start fixing his tie. "Have a good day, sweetie." she said as she smiled at Gohan.

"You too." He said as he smiled back while he closed his eyes.

Videl finished fixing his tie, grabbed her coffee, and walked away. Gohan walked into the living room and picked up his briefcase by the door. He grabbed his blue jacket that was hanging on a coat rack by the door and put it on as Pan walked up beside him. They both exited the front door to end up standing on the front porch. They took off flying into the sky.


"What do you have going today, Pan?" Gohan asked as they were flying in the sky next to each other.

"Well, school then I'm going to go by Grandpa Satan's. He told me to come by and see him after his ceremony today. After that, I'll probably do some stuff with mama and train a little." Pan said. "Do you have a long day, Papa?" She asked while looking at him.

"Why, yes I do." Gohan responded. "I have school myself, of course, then a conference, and then I'm going by Capsule Corp today to help Bulma and Trunks with the spaceship we are using to go to space. Gohan finished as he smiled at Pan.

"You do have a long day." Pan said seriously. "You may not have enough time to get to your research or your book tonight.

"Unfortunately, no." Gohan answered with a serious smile while looking at his watch.

They arrived over the top of Central City.

"All right, I'll see ya later, Pan." Gohan said while waving and flying the other direction. "Be a great scholar today."

"I will! See ya, Papa!" Pan said as she flew down to Central City.


Gohan arrived over the top of Satan City and dropped down onto a sidewalk. He started walking and heading towards Satan City University.

Gohan arrived at the steps and walked up them and entered the university's building. He was walking down a hallway and towards his classroom. He came up to a door that had "Prof. Son Gohan" engraved on the window of the door. Gohan entered his classroom - a lab structured classroom - and walked towards his desk, to see his students already in their seats in the middle and back that angled up to a higher part of the ceiling of the classroom.

"Hello, scholars." Gohan greeted, setting his briefcase down on top of his desk, taking off his blue jacket, hanging it on the back of his chair.

"Hello, Professor Gohan." The entire class greeted in excitement.

"Did your guys' day go well yesterday.. Umm, Mr. Malk?" Gohan asked, choosing one of his students, opening up his briefcase.

"Yes, sir. It went great." Answered Malker, a Battle Ball player for Satan City University. And one of Gohan's top scholars in all of his Rocketry classes. "Our group discussion went well and helpful to all of us."

"Perfect." Gohan stated with a smile. "Well, it appears it's time to start class." Gohan withdrew a piece of paper from his briefcase.

"To start things off – Just the other day, I gave you all a full summary of the new book I'm writing, "The Principles of KI" to read, while I took an absence yesterday." Gohan stated while looking at his students seriously and adjusting his glasses.

"I asked you all to have an all-hour discussion about what you think "ki" is, the aspects of "ki" that make it up as a whole, and the benefits for any individual who manages to learn "ki," physically and mentally. Today, I would like for you all to write your thoughts in essay form, to start things off before we move on to our Rocketry Science," Gohan finished lecturing.

The class began to take out papers and pencils out of their bags, beginning their new assignment.

"Also, I have another surprise for you all, scholars." Gohan stated as he watched them begin their assignment. "I will be taking another absence here in about a week to travel to space. I will be taking a Universal Space Tour with Mr. Trunks, the Vice President and soon to be CEO of Capsule Corporation.

"No way, Professor?!" A female student shrieked, looking up with a curious face. More students stared, to soak-in more information.

"Yep. He is a very good friend of mine. He is going to expand his organization even farther out in the universe. He kindly invited me to go along with him, so I can learn more about the industries of Universal Rocketry. Haha! Then I'll be able to return and share the knowledge I obtained with you all, of course!" Gohan said in an excited tone as he continued to study his class.

"That's awesome, Professor!" Another student praised.


Gohan was done with classes for the day, by the time noon hit. He then made his way down the hallway of the university to go to the Board's meeting room and office of the university.


"Hello." Gohan greeted to the secretary as he walked in the office. "I'm here for my conference."

"Yes, Mr. Rule and the Board are waiting for you in the conference room." The secretary responded to Gohan.

"Thank you." Gohan replied, heading towards the conference room. He entered the room to see the president sitting at the end of a long table, as well as other board members on each side.

"Hello, everyone." Gohan greeted while waving to the board as he walked in.

"Hello, Mr. Son Gohan," Mr. Rule greeted. "Take a seat, Professor. Begin to speak your case."

"All right." Gohan started, sitting down. "I have a request to the board, for a soon-to-be space trip for all of my Rocketry classes." Gohan began."I'm good friends with Mr. Trunks, the Vice President of Capsule Corp. I'm in the process of helping them build the spaceship, and I've already requested off time to take an initial space trip with them, for their own business purposes. I will also gain the opportunity to learn more about the universal industries of Rocketry within the universe."

Attention grabbed, Mr. Rule and the Board persistently stared at Gohan, soaking the information.

"I think it is wonderful opportunity-not only my research, but for my scholars, to space travel and learn more about the industries for themselves." Gohan paused. "On the initial trip, I will check it out and see how it goes while taking notes for everything to see about it being worth a trip for my students one day in the near future."

"Very interesting, Son," Mr. Rule answered, interlocking his fingers together, resting his chin atop. "That does sound like a great idea and opportunity." This'll actually be a brief conference. The board and I will begin discussing this matter shortly."

"Thank you, Mr. Rule, Board Members." Gohan replied, grabbing his briefcase. "I hope to hear from you all soon."

After the conference Gohan flew to Capsule Corp.


Gohan arrived at Capsule Corp, entering.

"Hello, Susan." Gohan greeted, as he approached the desk.

"Hello, Mr. Gohan," Susan greeted, typing on her computer. "Mr. Trunks is expecting you."

Gohan headed towards the engineering lab, where Bulma and Trunks were.


"Hey, Bulma, Trunks." Gohan greeted as he walked up to them sitting at their lab super computer.

"Hey, Gohan," Bulma greeted, looking up from the computer.

"Hey, Gohan," Trunks greeted.

"Is everything going good so far?" Gohan asked, looking down at the screen.

"Yup," Bulma said, smiling with her eyes closed. "Right now, Trunks and I are programming a UPS – A Universal Positioning System. It tracks, using a satellite, planets scattered across the universe. Just like it tracked and filed the Space Bearings of the planets that we are traveling to. Unfortunately, the prototype model of satellite we are working with can only pick up some of the closer planets' signals that are located in our Northern Galaxy. So, in order for the UPS to have a full map of the entire universe, we'd either have to get a program of all the Space Bearing Tract Coordinates that some of the planets we're visiting may possess. Or we may have to ask the Lord of Lords to give of some kind of list or book of coordinates for the entire universe.".

"Dad returned home yesterday. I'll ask him if he can contact Kibit-Kaioshin about that." Gohan said to Bulma, glancing at the screen once again. "So, Trunks, can see the ship?"

"Sure." Trunks said, walking towards the ship-with Gohan following. "You're going to like how it turned out so far. I even penciled in the blueprints for a gravity machine and equipment to be added along with it."

"No way." Gohan laughed, following Trunks.

They approached the ship.

Gohan began walking all around the ship, observing it before he went and checked out the engine system for himself. "What a great looking Capsule."

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