Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 15: The Space Gang Blasts Off!

Chapter 3: The Universal Space Adventure.Episode 15: The Space Gang Blasts Off!May 14th, Age 7878:30 a.m.

The day has arrived for blast-off, of the exciting universal space tour that Bulma, Trunks, and Gohan planned for themselves.

The three were up, bright and early in the ship's manufacturing lab at Capsule Corp to prepare, pack, and inspect the ship for their departure in the next thirty minutes. All of their family and friends were all coming that morning, to gather and see the Space Gang depart for their journey into the universe.

**==Capsule Corporation - The Engineer Laboratory==**

Gohan and Trunks were both at the outer-lower area of the ship, double-checking the entire engine and rocket computer system to ensure it will run properly for their long space voyage ahead of them.

"All of the parts, in and out, seem to be tightly intact, without any damage from the test trip," Bulma stated as she moved her cursor around different areas of the entire ship for a last inspection.


Vegeta and Bra both entered the lab on top of a balcony, which sat above the ship construction platform floor.

Vegeta had his arms crossed.

Bra pulled herself on top of the rails. "That's a big ship!"

Goku, Chi-Chi, Videl, Goten, and Pan came through a door that lead to the same balcony that Vegeta and Bra were standing on, joining them.

"Oh, my!" Chi-Chi shrieked in astonishment, looking down at the floor. Everyone else walked up to the rails and looked down for themselves.

*+8:45 a.m+*

"Check. Well, it looks like everything is ready to go," Bulma expressed in excitement as she finished looking over everything on the super computer. She shut it off and stood out of her chair to talk over to where Gohan and Trunks were.

Bulma approached Gohan and Trunks at the engine area of the ship. "Does everything look okay?"

"Yup," Trunks answered. "I think everything should be fine. Nothing looks loose, and everything seems to be functioning properly. I don't see anything going wrong here."

Gohan did the same, as he and Trunks stood up to face Bulma.

"Well, let's see everyone before we get out of here."

They headed over to a mini elevator shaft and platform that set over next against the same wall as the balcony.

"I'm going to miss you, mommy!" Bra shouted to Bulma as she ran over to her and hugged her.

Vegeta continued to give his usual smirk with his arms crossed, as he looked on at Bra hugging. He gave Trunks a slap on the back.

"Have fun in space, Gohan," Chi-Chi said, as she walked up to Gohan with a serious stare. "Make sure you learn all you can so you can come back and change the world." Chichi stared deeply through his glasses, into his eyes.

"I will, Mother." Gohan replied in a serious manner, putting his hands on Chi-Chi's shoulders. "Videl, Pan, I'll miss you guys."

Videl stared back and gave Gohan a hug.

"See ya, Papa," Pan said, joining the family hug. "Have fun in space!"

Goten walked over to Trunks, to pound fists with his best friend. "I want to hear all about it when you get back. I bet getting away for a while can't be so bad."

"Oh yeah. It was really beginning to get boring around here," Trunks said in a bored manner.

"See ya, Gohan. Have fun on your trip," Goku waved.

Gohan gave him a smile in return. "Yeah, dad. I will."

"Well, it looks like it's time for us to head out." Bulma said with a smile as she turned towards the elevator again.

The other two did the same, and all headed back down to the floor where they ship was located.

"Goodbye!" Everyone yelled as they waved them off.

Bulma, Gohan, and Trunks all entered the ship and went to their sitting spots to get ready for departure. Bulma went up to the control board and started up the spaceship. The loud roar once again began to sound; the ship idling, and awaiting blast-off.

"Are you guys ready?" Bulma asked, looking back at the other two sitting in the passenger chairs behind her.

They nodded their heads yes in serious excitement, watching Bulma turn her head back around to look down at her UPS.

"Okay, it looks like our first trip is going to be Planet Jidokett. It is located out in Universal-tract293046831wsyx," Bulma stated, punching the coordinate's code on the touchscreen keyboard of her UPS.

"Blast off!" She yelled as she pulled the lever back.

The ship gradually ascended faster and faster towards the opened ceiling of the lab to exit out into space. Everyone else on the balcony continued to waved their final goodbyes, watching the ship disappear.

**=Capsule Corp Spaceship - Space=**

"Here we are. Our journey begins!" Bulma stated, setting the ship to autopilot. "En route of Planet Jidokett, a planetary organization of transportation. They are requesting a "percentage growth of transportation" for their planetary system."

"They'll definitely be satisfied with Capsule Corp transportation," Gohan said.

"They most definitely will." Bulma responded. "They sounded interested when I talked to them on the phone. I'm really determined to see what their transportation industry is like. I hope we can make a wonderful expansion for our first trip!"

"Speaking of the trip.." Trunks started. "How long is it until we arrive there?" He asked while looking at Bulma with curiosity.

"The planet is far deep out into the universe. But we should arrive there in about a month, at Max Turbo." Bulma answered.

"A month isn't too bad," Trunks said while taking out a world engineering science magazine out of a small bag that sat behind him.

"It isn't. We'll be there in no time. I set it on autopilot. I'm going upstairs to catch up on some sleep that I lost this morning."

Bulma walked up the stairs to head to the bedroom area of the ship.

"Phew, it looks like I have some downtime to catch up on my research. Gohan said in a calm, exciting manner as he pulled a book out of a bag himself.

"I hear ya." Trunks replied. "It looks like we all have plenty of time now."

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