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Episode 17: Trunks's New Friend!

Episode 17: Trunks's New Friend!June 14th, Age 787

After the Space Gang woke up from their night's rest, they all prepared for their long day ahead of them.

In his bedroom, Trunks threw on his khaki shorts, a light grayish and brownish long sleeve shirt, with his blue scarf around his neck, along with his brown gloves.

In her own room, Bulma did the same, throwing on some blue jeans with a white Capsule Corp shirt along with some boots and her pearl necklace.

And Gohan tossed on his brown khaki pants, a maroon color dress shirt, along with a blue tie, brown loafers, and his sleeves rolled up, with his glasses on his face, as usual.

They exited the ship. Bulma sealed the door and punched the code to lock the ship.

They met Xam. and his crew, at the same pickup spot from the day prior.

"Good morning," Bulma, Trunks, and Gohan greeted as they approached Xam.'s crew.

"Lo Ga." The entire crew greeted in response. They all got in the Jimouchine and took off towards the Chief's village.

This time the Chief was outside of his home waiting for them. "Lo Ga!" The Chief waved, as Xam. was parking his air-car in its parking space in front of Jennzoil Lake.

The crew hopped out and the door boy opened up the door for Bulma, Trunks, and Gohan to exit. They all walked up on the Chief and greeted him as he did the same.

"Hello again." Bulma greeted with a smile.

"Lo Ga again." The Chief greeted in return. "It's a mechanism to see you guys so soon again."

BIn a disgusted manner, Bulma looked over at their "water.""Something tells me that "water" would only run our machines back at home."

"Haha! Maybe! That's Jenzoil Lake! Our main water source!"

***==Planet Earth - Dende's Lookout - Pocket Realm Training Room ==***

"It was nice of Dende to create this pocket realm for us to train in. We haven't had any disturbances nor restrictions since we've began," Oob expressed.

"That was the idea!" Goku returned, giving the "thumbs up."

**_Dende's Lookout_**

Pan was sparring with herself on the Lookout, as Piccolo and Dende observed her.

Mister Popo was watering his flowers all around the Lookout.

***==+Planet Jido-Kia - Jennzoil Village+==***

"Well, that's that," The Chief said. "I would like to take a look at some more capsules, as well as the blueprints... if you don't mind."

"Sure," Bulma said. "Hm... I think I left them both at our spaceship, for whatever reason... I would have to go get them."

"I'll go get them, mother. I'll be back momentarily.'

Trunks flew off towards the Capsule Corp spaceship, over guest-landing-area:5W::A.

"...So, does Capsule Corporation have anything to do with how he can fly all by himself?" The Chief asked in astonishment.

"You know... No... but that's a whole other story to explain." Bulma joked, elbowing Gohan in the arm.

"Ugh." Gohan sighed, slowly nodded his head "yes."


"Here we are," Trunks said, approaching the ship.

"Huh? What is the door doing opened? And how could someone break through our security?"

**crunch – crunch clink – crunch – nonnonmo – "Gill." clink – clink – nomnonon- clink- crunch**

"What is that?" Trunks questioned, following the noise all the way to the upstairs kitchen.

He walked in and saw a small robot inside of a tall cabinet eating skillets and frying pans back to back.

"Gill, Gill, Gill!" The robot repetitively said, in a robotic tone.

"Hey! What are you?!" Trunks demanded, running towards the cabinet. "And what are you doing in our spaceship!"

The robot started at him, with its blank, electronic eyes. "Gill." The robot said again, fully swallowed a skillet that was in its throat still.

"You're a funny little robot," Trunks said as he started to lighten up and look at the robot. "I take it your name is Gill, eh?"


"Nice to meet you, Gill. My name is Trunks."

"Nice to meet you Trunxss."

"Are you a robot from this planet?"

"Nope. Gill doesn't have a home. Gill is lost. Gill doesn't have anywhere to go."

"Then you can go along with me." Trunks headed downstairs again, with Gill on his shoulder.

He walked over to the control board and picked up the blueprints and as well as Bulma's Dyno Caps.

"Let's head back, Gill! I'm sure everyone will be happy to meet you!"

Trunks exited the ship, punched in the code to seal the door and lock it, then flew off towards the village again.


Trunks arrived back at the village landing in front of Bulma, the Chief, and the others.

"Hello." Trunks greeted after landing. "Look who I just met. This is 'Gill.'" Trunks introduced while smirking and looking at the robot on his shoulder.

"Gill, Gill, Gill." Gill expressed.

"Where did you find it at?" Bulma asked.

"Inside of our spaceship. He found a way to get in though the code and managed to find his way to our kitchen to start on all of our cooking utensils." Trunks put his hand on his hip. "It appears some lost individual hasn't eaten for a very long time."

"I've never even seen such a thing around here." The Chief said. "He must of smelled that nice spaceship of yours and decided to go in for the kill."

"Well, mom, can I keep him?" Trunks asked in a teasing manner, looking at Bulma.

"Sure, honey. Only if you promise not to keep feeding it my cooking supplies."

"He'll probably big help for getting around the universe." Gohan expressed, looking at Gill. "He probably knows a great deal more than us."

"I wouldn't doubt it." Trunks responded. "He seems like he's been wandering around forever." I think I'll take him in and check out his programming, maybe then we can see what's up."

"Here are the blueprints, Chief Kia," Trunks said, handing them to the Chief. "Those are our plans of reconstruction of building Capsule Corp onto this planet."

"Why, they look very nice. I can't wait to see the ending development."

"I think it'll take about a month, maybe less." Bulma stated. "Would your "mechanics" be able to build from those blueprints?" Bulma asked.

"I'm confident in their abilities." The Chief answered. "Not only that we work on cars, but we have built our civilization up. Building all of our large cities. I don't see them having too much trouble," The Chief said.

***==Planet Machin Tetsu==***

"Hmp-Hmp-Hmp-Hmp-Hmp! Yes! It's finally time!" A man laughed, in a robotic tone, sitting in a chair looking at a giant screen in front of him. He turned the screen off with a remote and spun around in the chair, causing it to fall, and stood up with a grin and serious, arrogant eyes.

He was a tall, bulky, blue man with a yellow and green vest on. He walked out of the room he was in and entered a hallway. He walked down long hallway, making a familiar sound, with each foot step until he reached another door, a door that had a sign that read: "M2: Division II Medalists."The man walked through the door and came out to a stage higher than his small crowd in front of him.

"Colonel Rild!" The crowd screamed, in a strong robotic cheer.

"Hello, my Division II Medalist soldiers. I received outstanding news this afternoon... And it is time!" Colonel stated, with a huge smirk as he looked at his crowd of robot soldiers. "Sigma Force!" General Rilld called out. "You still have an "arrest" mission to fulfill before you head-in to Planet Earth! Carry out! You know what to do!"

"Super Sigma Cannon!" The force screeched, shooting through the ceiling as one...

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