Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 24: The New Assignment!

Episode 24: The Recovery - The New Assignment.July 13th, Age 787

Goku ran to Redjic, who had fallen to the ground again, aching from pain and exhaustion.

"Redjic, are you okay?" Goku approached Redjic's side.

"...Ergh," Redjic grunted, struggling to open his eyes.

"Is Redjic okay, Goku?" Oob asked, holding his wounded arm.

"Yes, I think he'll be okay. This'll fix him right up."

"Huh? You had Beans this entire time, Goku?"

Goku smiled. "Eat this, Redjic."

Redjic opened his eyes, swallowing the Senzu Bean.

"I'm all better now, you weren't kidding."

"Yeah... You just ate what we call a "Senzu Bean." We grow them back at our home… Oob!" Goku tossed a bean in Oob's direction.

Oob caught the bean, eating it.

"Heh heh... I was wondering how long it was going to take you to drop the stubborn act and take advantage of Lood's weak spot, Saiyan," Redjic laughed.

Goku smiled at Redjic.

"You did well, Oob, I'm really impressed," Goku praised.

"Indeed. Your master taught you well," Redjic praised.

"Thank you," Oob replied, modestly.

"You did an awesome job, too, Jaco," Redjic praised his ally, smiling.

"Thank you, Redjic. So did you."

Goku held out his hand out. "All right, shall we head out now? Redjic, would you like to go to Earth with us?"

"No, that is okay. I am going to report back at the Galactic Patrol headquarters. Jaco can reach me, if you need me."

"Right," Goku said.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Goku and Oob. For some reason, you two have inspired me to get even stronger."

"You can come by Earth to train with us any time you want." Goku placed his fingers on his forehead.

Oob touched Goku's hand, and Jaco placed his hand on Oob's shoulder.

"See ya, Redjic," Jaco said, vanishing with Goku and Oob.

***==Planet Earth==***

Goku, Oob and Jaco appeared on the Lookout.

"Goku?!" Piccolo said, glaring at the group.


Piccolo approached the group. "We could sense everything from here. It felt like you guys had your hands full."

"Oh yeah, we did. There are some strong folk out in the universe."

Moments later...

Piccolo stood, arms crossed, chatting with Goku. "Lood, huh? Absorbing populations of people for a 'machine army'? I don't like the sound of that."

"Me neither. And I have a feeling there's more than Lood we should worry about," Goku replied.

Pan joined the discussion with Goku and Piccolo. "Too bad the Dragon Radar got damaged during the fight. It'd be easier to find them since they have the Dragon Balls."

"That's true, Pan. It looks like we're gonna have to manage without it. I still find it strange that they even had the Radar in their possession... I hope Gohan and the others are okay.

***==Planet Machin Tetsu==***

Rild was walking down the hallway of the M2 headquarters. "That was a nice workout. It's always nice to beat on that pathetic Sigma Six, whenever I feel like breaking a sweat." Rild approached his office, entering. He then sat in his chair. "Let's check on Lieutenant Lood's progress."


"Something isn't right! Huh?! I'm not receiving any trace of Lieutenant Lood's signal, could he have been defeated by someone?!"

** beeeeeeeep!**

"What?! That's impossible! Who could have challenged Lood that fast?!"

**chichichichichichichchi** Rild punched on his keyboard.

Doctor Mu's hologram appeared...

"Yes, Colonel?"

"Doctor Mu, I have bad news. Lieutenant Lood may have been defeated."

"You can't be serious, Colonel! Explain!"

I'm uncertain! After I made sure Lood was activated and walking the grounds of the planet, I left to sharpen my skills. I never would have thought I would return to find out it was destroyed.

"The Galactic Patrol must have warned our earthling targets about us. They have been infiltrating us, ever since the army's militia surfaced.

"I'm terribly sorry, Doctor Mu. I will make-up for this by defeating the greatest warrior in the universe—I am just waiting on your call, sir."

"That assignment is drawing near. But, before you go and do that, I have something else for you to do."

Colonel Rild waited for his next instructions.

"There's a Saiyan warrior by the name of "Vegeta," out in space. I think he would be a great asset to the army, as a reborn machine mutant.I want you to send your Sigma Legion after him, and lure him back to Machin Tetsu.

"What's his spatial location?" General Rilld asked.

"He is flying through universal-sectorAL1061912esyx. He isn't that far away from here. Can you handle this task?"

"Sir. I will get right on it."

"Don't fail me." Doctor Mu's hologram faded.

Rild began punching on his keyboard again. "Sigma Gundam Legion: there is your assignment! You better not fail!"

**=M2 Headquarters==**

"Sigma Force!" The Super Sigma Cannon shouted, flying out of the ceiling of the M2 Headquarters, en route of Vegeta's location in space.

**=Colonel Rilld's Office=**


"Hello, Agent T2006. Make sure there are no delays of your friends' arrival on Planet Pital."


"Gill. Yes, sir," Gill responded through the communicator, on Rilld's desk.

"You're a great little scout, aren't you? This is going to be good."

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