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Episode 26: Vegeta vs The Sigma Force!

Episode 26: Vegeta vs. The Sigma Force! – Rild Attacks The Space Gang!July 14, Age 787

**==Space - Vegeta's Spaceship==**

-UPS: "You have arrived to your tracked destination, landing in one minute, if no response."

Vegeta glared out the window, at the M2 Headquarters, the first sight upon seeing when arriving to Planet Machin Tetsu.

**==M2 Headquarters==**

Rild sat back in his chair, legs kicked on the desk. "Our friend has finally arrived. He will be yours soon, Doc Mu. Muhaha."

Vegeta's ship landed on a platform in a battle site portion of the planet. Vegeta smirked. "There they are."

The five remaining members of the Sigma Force stood, waiting on Vegeta's arrival.

"Hello," Vegeta greeted his mechanical opponents, exiting the ship.

"We're glad to see you've made it," Captain Crescent expressed in a smart-alecky manner. "We were beginning to get bored from you taking ages to get here!"

"Heh-heh-heh. I think you mean you were beginning to rust. I'm curious to know how you know so much about Earth, and how you found me so easily in space... But, I'm aware you ingrates aren't the type to talk... so shall we get this fight underway?

I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into... talking to the Sigma Gungam Legion that way." Captain Crescent scanned Vegeta, using its inbuilt Battle Power scanner.

An X-Ray-like image of Vegeta showed in Captain Crescent's eyes, with a series of foreign numbers and charts scattering rapidly.

"You pose no threat. Though, that may not be all of the power my scanner is picking up at this moment."

Vegeta's grin grew, studying Captain Crescent's observation.

"Chensaw!" Captain Crescent screeched.

Lieutenant Chensaw blitzed Vegeta, transfiguring its arm into a chainsaw.

**GRRZzzzzzz!** Chensaw swung its chainsaw at Vegeta's head.

Igniting an aura, Vegeta ducked Chensaw's attack, countering with a kick, sending the machine flying past its partners.

Wing Officers Nail and Screw were charging Vegeta from behind, locking respective half-nelsons on each side of Vegeta.

Vegeta threw his full attention back ahead of him, seeing Lieutenant Drill attacking him in a spear-like formation.

Vegeta quickly tossed an X block, struggling to hold Liutenant's powerful, spinning drill.

Captain Crescent was next in line, aiming both its cannons at Vegeta—firing two rockets.

**Bakoom!** The rockets connected with Vegeta's face, causing an explosion. As a result, Vegeta was thrown backwards.

Lieutenant Drill aimed its newly formed barrels at Vegeta, firing a large outpour of flames, from its flamethrower.

"Ergh..." Vegeta opened his eyes, grunting.

**Vsh** Vegeta vanished, missing the dangerous outpour of flames.

The flames dispersed across the ground.

Vegeta wiped his lip. "You guys aren't bad. I'm impressed."

"Sigma Legion-regroup!" Crescent ordered. "Are you going to give yourself up yet? You just lost!"

Vegeta smiled. "You're a fool...!"

Crescent turned to its subordinates. "We're the fools? "Muhahaha! Hey bots, we just kicked his a***, and we're the "fools" here..."

The Sigma members followed with robotic laughter.

"Heh-heh-heh, I was giving you tin cans a test drive, since I can't feel your kis."

"Testing us?!" Crescent questioned.

"Yes, my robotic friend. Ahhh!" Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan.

"What's this?! He can transform just like the other warrior we encountered on Earth!"

"So, you must have ran into Kakarrot before me. I'm not sure how you scrap heaps made it past him, but it won't be the same dealing with me. Let's see your true form!"

"You heard him!" Captain Crescent yelled at his subordinates. "Sigma Force! Synchron!" Crescent tossed its arm in "Y" formation. "We'll show you our true power!"






**chich chich** went the sound of its cannon, on its arm.

**GRRZzz** went the sound of the chainsaw, on its other arm.

"We are the Super Sigma Cannon! Prepare your doom!"

**==M2 Headquarters==**

"The situation is under control." Rild typed on his keyboard, activating his communicator. "Agent T2006, plant the "Particle Conversion Transport" device. I am coming to your location."


"Yes, sir," Gill replied through the communicator.

***==Planet Pital==***

Gill was heading to the spaceship. Once Gill arrived to the area of the spaceship, it dropped down to the ground and ejected a small, round device.

"Agent T2006 has planted the Particle Conversion Transport device."


"Excellent," Rilld replied.


Gill arrived back to the hospital-Trunks, Bulma, Gohan, Doctor Kang and Nurse and a nurse were conversing.

Doctor Kang and his nurse were inspecting Capsule Corporation Dyno Caps. "It's an honor you executives are satisfied with what our planet has to offer. We are looking forward to the Capsule Corp. expansion."

***==Planet Pital==***

A laser ray shot out the small "Particle Conversion Transport" device that Gill planted for Colonel Rild.

**Shoooooosh!** Rild materialized, standing on Planet Pital.

"Hmm, this is it. Where could he be?"


"Huh?!" Gohan shrieked, looking in Rild's direction.

"I sense it, too! That doesn't feel right! Someone with horrible ki is here!"

"What's wrong?" Bulma asked, confused.

Doctor Kang and the nurse stared and confusion.

"We should check it out, Gohan!"

"I agree!" Gohan replied.

Trunks and Gohan sped off toward Rild.


"Ah, he's decided to greet me instead," Rild said, sarcastically.

Gohan and Trunks arrived, hovering in the air over Rild.

"Who is that?!" Gohan asked, puzzled.

"Whoever it is, he looks like he's looking for trouble."

"Hello, you must be the greatest warrior in the universe. The honor of us finally meeting: I am Colonel Rild, of the Machin Militia."

"Machin?" Gohan started.

"Militia?" Trunks finished.

"That's enough introductions!"

Rild dashed Gohan and Trunks.

The duo assumed their combat stances, waiting on Rild's first move.

**Vsh** Rild vanished, appearing next to Trunks.

**Wham!** Rild kicked Trunks in his head, downing the young Saiyan.

"Trunks!" Gohan yelled.

Gohan charged Rild, throwing a series of punches.

Rild evaded Gohan's attacks. "Arhh!" Rild countered with a "Metal Beam."

Gohan dodged the beam-the beam hit the spaceship, turning it into metal.

"Trunks!" Bulma hollered, rushing to Trunks's side.

"Our spaceship? What did you do to our spaceship?!"

"Hmph-hmph-hmph. "Machin Tetsu" is all you need to know at this moment."

"What?! Machin Tetsu?!"

Rild quickly dropped to the portable Particle Conversion Transport device.

"No, this isn't over yet." Gohan rushed Rild, once again.

Full of arrogance, Rild smirked at Gohan, dematerializing.

Gohan punched the air, where Rild had disappeared. "Huh?" Gohan murmured, raising his eyebrows and glasses.

"He vanished?!"

***==Planet Machin Tetsu – M2 Headquarters==***

Rild materialized inside his office. "Hiis title fits him well. I indeed have a challenge on my hands—this isn't going to be easy."

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