Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 27: Round 2!

Episode 27: The Space Gang Heads To Planet Machin Tetsu! Round 2!July 14, Age 787

"Trunks! Are you okay?" Gohan rushed to Trunks's side, as well.

"Y-yes... I'm okay. He kicked me hard, but not that hard... It's like he wanted me alive for some reason."

"He said something about a "Machin Tetsu." I'm thinking that's where he fled to."

Bulma's face frowned. "Well, if it's a planet, then there isn't a reason why the UPS couldn't track it... But look what he did to our spaceship! That jerk!

Trunks rubbed his head. "Why would he purposely leave us stranded if he wants us to follow him to that planet? That doesn't make sense."

"I have no clue right now. I just if everyone on Earth is okay. He seems to know of me, personally."

**Blllriiiiiiiiinnngggg** Gill utilized an inbuilt thawing device.

The metal around the spaceship thawed, dissolving.

"Nice, Gill!" Trunks praised.

"Gill," Gill answered in a modest tone.

"Well, let's see if we can find that place that monster was talking about." Bulma entered the ship-Trunks, Gohan, and Gill followed.

**bleeeep** the UPS sounded. "Invalid space coordinates. That location is not in our system. Please try again."

"That's odd."

**bleeeep** the UPS sounded. "Invalid space coordinates. That location is not in our system. Please try again."

"Why isn't it working? Aren't you able to use your satellite to track far away locations?"

"Gill can try." Gill ejected its satellite.

**beep-beep-beep** the signal sounded.

"Gill has tracked Planet Machin Tetsu... its coordinates are "Universal-areaPG1205T2006ES."

Bulma entered the coordinates.

-UPS: Universal-tract area found. There are no existing worlds in that location. Would you like to head to that tracked area?"

"Ugh." Bulma sighed while turning around to look at Gohan and Trunks for an answer and hopefully for some help.

Gohan's face was full of curiosity.

"That Rild guy wouldn't lie, would he? This is tricky... I think we should follow the coordinates and check everything out."

"There is no tellin' what's been going on under our noses," Gohan expressed.

Bulma typed on the keyboard, pulling the lever to raise the spaceship.

"In destination of "Universal-areaPG1205T2006ES." Your arrival time is due in 45 minutes," the UPS instructed.

"Machin Tetsu, here we come," Bulma said.

The Capsule Corp spaceship took off from Planet Pital—en route of Planet Machin Tetsu.

**==Planet Machin Tetsu==**

Vegeta threw his hand in front of him, firing a large Big Bang Attack at the Sigma Cannon.

"Hmmp-hmmp," The Sigma Cannon chuckled. It arched backwards, using its drill to dig into the ground, barley missing the Big Bang Attack.

Vegeta smirk. He looked at the ground, seeing the Sigma Cannon heading his way.

It busted out the ground, aiming its cannon at Vegeta's face, firing a large red rocket.

Vegeta deflected the rocket, countering with a jab, connecting and budging the Sigma Cannon.

The Sigma Cannon recovered, swinging its chainsaw.

Vegeta ducked, arching, double-kicking the Sigma Cannon in its chest, sending it flying.

*Vsh* Vegeta vanished, appearing in front of the Sigma Cannon, throwing a downward punch at its face, connecting, sending the Sigma Cannon flying toward the ground.

Falling the Sigma Cannon, ejected, which wrapped around Vegeta's leg.

"What the?"

The Sigma Cannon yanked Vegeta.

As soon Vegeta reached, the Sigma Cannon swung its arm, transfiguring it into a hammer, knocking Vegeta into the ground.

The Sigma Cannon fired a chest-full of missiles, into the crater Vegeta rested in.


"Nice work, bots." The Sigma Cannon praised itself, activating its scanner.


"He's still alive! Mu-heh-heh-mu-heh-heh!"

The smoke cleared-Vegeta was standing to his feet.

Vegeta clinched his fists, powering-up. "Ahhh!"



Vegeta finished powering-up, ki-spamming the Sigma Cannon.

The Sigma Cannon blocked the spamming ki blasts with its chainsaw.

*Vsh* Vegeta vanished, appearing next to the Sigma Cannon, throwing interlocked hammer fists into its head-drill, cracking it.

The Sigma Cannon fell hard-Vegeta sprayed it with another ki barrage.

**Kaboom!** The ki blasts smacked against the Sigma Cannon.

The Sigma Cannon rebounded, flying towards Vegeta in a spear-like formation, with its damaged drill rapidly spinning.

*Ssh* The Sigma Cannon appeared before Vegeta, head-butting him with its spinning "Killer Driller" attack.

Vegeta answered by grabbing the Sigma Cannon's leg-Vegeta tossed the Sigma Cannon.

"Errrr!" The Sigma Cannon screeched in anger, catching itself in the air.

Vegeta threw up his hand again. "Big Bang Attack!" Vegeta fired a larger, super Big Bang Attack at the incoming mechanical soldier.

**Pooosh!** The Big Bang Attack connected, leaving more damage on the machine.

"That was some attack. We would have been finished if we hadn't thrown up our guard."

"Heh-heh-heh... There's more where that came from."

"Er-eh? You're a liar. We don't feel pain, but you've entirely pissed us off. It's time to end this."

"I've delt with clutter like you before. And how come you haven't come at me yet, you scrap heap?"

**hisstss** went the sound of steam, coming from the Sigma Cannon's head and chest.

"We don't have time for all of this trash talk! It's time to finish you off once and for all!"

"That sounds like a typical broken machine, heh-heh-heh. Once it's broken it starts to get repetitive—like a broken record, I might add. I think it's time to send you to the trash. I'll show you what the prince of Saiyans is capable of... when he gets serious."

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