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Episode 28: Rild's deadly drop-in!

Episode 28: Vegeta Destroys the Super Sigma Cannon! – Rild's Deadly Drop-in! – The Space Gang Arrives on Machin Tetsu!July 14, Age 787

"We aren't that far. About fifteen more minutes," Bulma announced.

"Trunks, do you feel that? Vegeta is fighting."

Yes I do, Gohan! But against whom or what? I can't sense anyone else, and father seems to be fighting seriously.

"I guess we'll find out soon enough."

***==Planet Machin Tetsu==***

Vegeta assumed his powering-up stance again, reaching his full-power.

**da-deeet** "This should be his maximum."

Vegeta dashed, socking the Sigma Cannon in its face, finishing with a 180 spin kick, sending the machine and its fragments flying.

Vegeta appeared over the Sigma Cannon, elbowing it in its back, sending it into the ground.

Vegeta came down for a stomping finisher-the Sigma Cannon threw up its cannon arm, transfiguring it to a slender cannon.

The Sigma Cannon fired ki needles in Vegeta's face, as a distraction...

The Sigma Cannon released a dark black smoke from its chest, clouding the area and Vegeta's ki sense, momentarily.

Vegeta punched into the smoke, missing the Sigma Cannon, as a result of it ascending.

Vegeta trailed after it-the Sigma Cannon transfigured its chainsaw into a Gasu Zai {Knockout Gas} canno, releasing a large amount of spray in Vegeta's forefront.

Vegeta dodged the gas, witnessing the Sigma Cannon preparing another attack...

The Sigma Cannon aimed out its chest, shooting a giant bush of metal spikes at Vegeta.

A large aura surrounded Vegeta; he burst through the spiky metal net, meeting the Sigma Cannon.

Vegeta threw an upward hook at the Sigma Cannons abdomen, punching a hole through its body, exiting his hand out through the upper part of the its back.

Sparks and fragments scattered everywhere.

The Sigma Cannon swung its chainsaw-Vegeta dodged, punching the chainsaw off the Sigma Cannon's body.

Vegeta grabbed the Sigma Cannon by its arm, tossing it over his shoulder, to the ground.

The Sigma Cannon hit the ground hard, bouncing.

**==M2 Headquarters==**

"Oh, no!" Rild exclaimed, jumping out his chair.


The Sigma Cannon slowly, stood, running away from Vegeta.

Vegeta threw both his hands in front of him. "Final Mortar Attack!"

The Final Mortar Attack landed on the Sigma Cannon . **BOOM!** The Final Mortar Attack exploded on contact.

Parts of the Sigma Cannon went flying around the area.

"And that is the end of them."

Vegeta took a glance at the M2 Headquarters. "Whoever sent those machines must be in those headquarters.

**Hoi Poi!** Vegeta tossed a Dyno Cap, withdrawing a biker jacket, putting it on.

Vegeta took off toward the M2 Headquarters.

**==M2 Headquarters==**

"He defeated the Super Sigma Cannon-I now see the reason Doctor Mu wants to convert him into machine mutant. He'd be a great ally.

Using his "thru metal" technique, Rild blitzed through the ceiling, without even crashing.


"I can feel an enormous ki heading this way," Vegeta stated.

Near the center point of the battle site and M2 Headquarters, Vegeta and Rild met each other.

"Why, hello. My name is Colonel Rild, of the Machin Militia."

"You must be the leader of that little squadron I just defeated."

"Yes, and I'm entirely impressed. They aren't nearly as strong as me, so I'll be handling what they couldn't take: the trash. I wonder how so many of you full-flesh-andblood warriors are able to get as strong as yourself."

"I earn for how powerful I become unlike you robot freaks."

"Hmph-hmph-hmph. I can truthfully say that, 'I have too,' my friend. I have too.' And, I'm different than the others… I'm not fully mechanical like them. I'm a species mutated with robotic features, and much more... A cyborg, if you will...

But anyway, I dig your ego-you are going to make an efficient subordinate. We can do this the the easy way or the hard way: the easy way will be'you and I become great friends after all this is over'."

"Heh. You have me wrong. You're foolish for thinking that I will join you and this pathetic little army of yours—and that makes you just as foolish as them for thinking that they can defeat me!"

"Hmm... I knew you would say something like that. You're the one who is foolish."

Vegeta dropped down in his powering-up stance, clenching his fists. "Ahhhhh!—erahhhh! Ahhh!" Vegeta yelled, transforming into a Super Saiyan 2. Lightning sparkled around his body.

"It seems you're able to increase your power by emitting these transformations."

Vegeta observed Rild for a moment charging him, throwing a punch to his face.

**Wham!** The punched connected, budging Rild.

Vegeta didn't stop there; he quickly threw rapid punches-Rild managed to dodge them all.

Vegeta threw both of hands back, charging a giant sphere, throwing it at Rilld's face.

**Vsh** Rild vanished out the way.

**Ssh** Rild appeared in a different area, dashing Vegeta. Vegeta threw both of his hands out in front of him, gathering energy for his Final Mortar Attack.

The little bit of ki Vegeta could gather, before Rilld approached, he sent flying in Rild's direction.

Rild vanished again, appearing next to Vegeta, hooking him in the stomach. Rild palmed Vegeta's face, dishing more hook's into the Saiyan's gut, tossing him into the ground.

Rilld arched forward, with his mouth opened.

"Huh?" Rild murmured, interrupting himself, observing the hovering Capsule Corp spaceship.

The spaceship landed-Gohan and Trunks swiftly exiting.

"They've finally arrived."

Trunks flew to Vegeta's side.

Gohan approached Rild.

"It looks like you've finally made it. Agent T2006 has completed his mission. He will have a promotional upgrade for his class in our next assembly."

"Whaa-?" 'T2006'?"

"T2006?" Trunks calmly shrieked, looking up from Vegeta.

"Yes. Agent T2006!" Rild called.

"Gill."Gill hovered to Rild's shoulder, glaring at Gohan and Trunks.

"This is Agent T2006'. He is the Machin Militia's top undercover spy—a soon to be 'Blue and Gold' medalist of the army, for his supportive duties.

"Not only was he able to scout powerful warriors, such as yourselves, for important fighting stats, but he was able to lure you all here to our home base!"

"Gill's been spying on us, huh?" Gohan asked. "What a shame on."

"Gill, you traitor!" Trunks barked. "How could you?!"


"Muhahaha! Don't have such hard feelings towards 'Gill', he was only doing what any other loyal soldier would do for his army. And before I get too caught up in my personal work..." General Rild dropped into his powering-up stance.

The planet of Machin Tetsu started shaking drastically.

Gill was blown away from Rild's shoulder.

Gohan stared down Rild, feeling out his ki output. Gohan's blue jacket dramatically waved from the wind.

Shocked - Trunks observed Rild, sweating.

"Trunks, you need to get Bulma and Vegeta out of here. This guy is even stronger than Majin Boo, and we both know firsthand that can be a horrible opponent to face."

"Right!" Trunks agreed, fflying with Vegeta on his shoulders, toward the spaceship.

"Not so fast!" Rild barked, interrupting his power-up, firing a Metal Beam.

"No!" Gohan yelled, turning for the rescue.

Gohan was too late-the Metal Beam hit Trunks transforming him into a metal slab, Vegeta as well.

They both fell hard, stacking on the ground.


"Trunks! Vegeta!" Bulma yelled from the spaceship, watching through the windshield. "Gill… How could you?" .


"Turn them back! This fight is between you and me!"

"Ha! You can have them back if you win this little showdown of ours, but don't get your hopes up."

Gohan assumed his stance, tightening his fists. "All right, Rild. It appears you're gonna force me to fight you by hurting my friends... Now I'm forced to kill you. Ahhhhh!" Gohan powered-up, shaking the entire planet!

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