Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 32: The deciding bout!

Episode 32: The Deciding Bout Of The Greatest Warriors! – The Z Gang Unifies!July 14th, Age 787

***==The Dawn Star==***

Within the M2 District, was the "Dawn Star," acting as a moon to Planet Mu.

"Muhaha! My army is complete! I can smell the sweet taste of 'universal subjugation' in the air, as it's brewing! No one will be able to stop me!Firstly, my army will aid me in capturing the entire universe, to turn into machine mutans, then my 'Baby Project' and I will take down any remaining, pitiful Saiyans that so decide persistence...-And if my valuable 'colonel' captured the prince of Saiyans, then my plans will be complete. And since my wonderful Baby Project is coming along near to its own completion, the mighty colonel will soon say hello to his own demise… when my Baby sends him straight to Hell!"

Doctor Mu put his hand on his chin, staring at the ground. "Yes, my plan to 'eradicate the Saiyans' is within grasp; it almost seems like a dream!Or perhaps… a nightmare for those disgraceful primeapes!"

"Fortunately enough - I was able to obtain a large enough Machine Mutant army before Lieutenant Lood perished."


"Yes, the Division I soldiers are prepared for their imminent combat...!"

***==Planet Mu – Doctor Mu's Primary Laboratory==***

Trunks, Bulma, and Gill were walking down the stairs of Doctor Mu's primary laboratory. Once they got to the bottom of the fleet of stairs, they headed toward Doctor Mu's super computer.

"I'm glad we were able to put a stop to that terrible threat... before it even made it out of its tank." Trunks expressed.

"I'm with ya. We seem to have out-smarten Doctor Mu."

***==Planet Machin Tetsu – M2 City==***

Gohan was persistently sliding across the ground, sinking deeper.

Rild kept pressure on his "Rild Heavy Duty Drill."

"Ergh… How am I going to stop him?!" Gohan closed his eyes, almost giving-in.

"Just when you think you're bested... is when you have the potential to be stronger than you were, Son. Remember...! If you get angry, there is no one that can stop you. No one!" Goku coached to Gohan, in Gohan's thoughts.

"You're right, father!" Gohan yelled, hearing Goku's spiritual advice.

Gohan quickly opened his eyes, gritting his teeth, even harder than before.

Gohan intensely pushed his hands against the spinning drill, unleashing his inner rage.

Gohan threw an upward kick, connecting with the bottom of the spinning drill, dismembering it from Rild's arm-sending it flying higher into the air.

The drill landed in a distant area, away from their combative location.

Rild regenerated his missing appendage, back into his regular hand.

Gohan dashed Rild. "Hiyyaaa!" Gohan approached Rild, with his arm drawn.

Gohan uppercut Rild in his chin-his head flinging from the impact.

Gohan then grabbed Rild's arm, spinning and tossing the machine mutant.

"Ergh…" Rild opened his mouth, firing a Metal Beam.

**Sssh** Gohan appeared behind Rild, looking over his shoulder, smirking.

"What?!" Rild shrieked at Gohan's taunt.

Rild tossed an elbow, aimed for Gohan's head.

Gohan dodged the elbow, kicking Rild into the sky.

Gohan dashed, his hands interlocked together.

Gohan smashed Rild in the back, propelling him farther...

"Where did all of this power come from?!" Rilld thought to himself, flying in agony.

Gohan postured his hands in "demon" form.

"Super…sonic…Demon Flash!—"

Rild opened his eyes, witnessing the incoming Demon Flash.



The smoke cleared, with no trace of Shogan Rild. Gohan defeated his opponent...

Gohan crossed his arms, in a conceited manner. "Heh. Shogan..."


***==Planet Mu – Doctor Mu's Primary Laboratory==***

"Since we're done here, I think we should go back to Gohan, now." Bulma instructed.

"I think so too, and especially if Rilld has been beaten. We should probably fill Gohan in on everything that we've came across."

"And we should defrost Vegeta before we leave, too." Bulma said.

"Not yet." Trunks stated seriously. "Doctor Mu should be returning in any given moment. I still don't want him to get freaked out about anything out of the ordinary and flee while we're getting Gohan."

"I guess you're right." Bulma said while looking over at Vegeta's metal slab hovering over the pillar. "We should go before he does get back. We don't want to get busted."

"All right, let's go." Trunks directed as he started heading over to Doctor Mu's Particle Conversion Transport Machine.

Trunks opened the glass door and entered inside with Bulma and Gill following closely behind him. Gill hovered over to the keyboard and started typing on it to access the transport machine. A laser ray shot from the bottom and the top of the glass cylinder and caused all three of them to slowly start dematerializing. They all disappeared and were en route of the Capsule Corp spaceship.


***==Planet Earth – Dende's Lookout==***

"…U-uhh-uhh," Piccolo muttered.

"Gohan… That power." Goku finished for Piccolo. "I-it's amazing! He must be fighting! We must go now!"

"I'm ready when you are, Goku!" Oob said.

"I'll go, too!" Piccolo said, turning closer to Goku.

"Right." Goku put his hands in 'teleportation' form.

"I'm going too, Grampa!" Pan demanded, running to Goku. She placed her hand on Goku's leg.

Goku looked down at Pan, forming a smile. "Popo, Dende, Jaco-we're going to follow Gohan's ki."

Goku teleported, en route with the gang to Machin Tetsu.

***==Planet Machin Tetsu – M2 City==***

Goku, Oob, Piccolo, and Pan appeared on a street, in the M2 city Gohan was in.

Gohan's face brightened. "Huh? Father? Piccolo? Pan? Oob? I see you guys finally decided to show up."

"Hey, Gohan." Goku greeted, studying Gohan.

"Hey, Papa!" Pan greeted, excitedly.

"Gohan is a Super Saiyan again!" Piccolo exclaimed. "No wonder his ki is great!"

"Wow… No kidding!" Goku replied.

"I had no idea that Gohan could even transform into a Super Saiyan, much less be this powerful!" Oob expressed, amazed.

Gohan closed his eyes, regressing-joining the group.

"Hey, guys!" Gohan greeted.

"Hey, Papa!" Pan ran to Gohan, hugging him.

"Hey, sweetheart." Gohan kneeled, hugging Pan.

"Wow, Son, I had no idea that you were this it looks like you learned to unlock Super Saiyan again too!"

"Yeah, it took a little training, but I somehow managed to do it. Haha!."

"What happened here?" Piccolo asked, serious.

"Hey!" Trunks waved from the sky, flying in with Bulma and Gill.

Trunks landed within the Z group.

"Trunks! I thought you were a goner!" Gohan studied Trunks, Bulma, and then Gill, relieved.

"Nope." Trunks replied. We sure do have a lot to tell you all. Shall I get started?"

Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, Oob, Pan, Bulma, and Gill looked at Trunks, waiting for the explanation of the entire matter in hand...

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