Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 40: Pan vs Metabee!

Episode 40: Power reserves from the Dawn Star! Gotenks begins fighting! Pan vs. Corporal Metabee!July 15th, Age 787

**Tsoooooot** Gotenks landed hard into the street, skidding. "Oh yeah! Super Gotenks is in the house! What's up, everyone?!"

Vegeta stared at Gotenks, with a very serious expression on his face.

"Hahaha! I'm glad ya showed up!" Goku said.

"Hegh-hegh, me too... Piccolo was beginning to get on my nerves, complaining nonstop about these pathetic rust buckets! Haha! I don't know what's so special about these guys anyway… They're already worn-away before I even got here. That's not good business, is it?"

"You dare speak to us in that tone with a battle power of that magnitude?" Chief Hachiya-Chi questioned. "Boy… go home before you get hurt."

"Hehe… we'll see about that!" Gotenks retorted, transforming into a Super Saiyan 2. "Tada! Super Saiyan 2! Let's get this show on the road!"

"Wha-? What is he doing? Why didn't he-?" Goku questioned.

**Pow!** Hachiya-Chi unexpectedly back-smacked Goku, in the face. Goku uncontrollably flew backwards across the city.

**Woooosh!** Gotenks barged Beta Magunetto, relieving Goku some "fairness."

Beta Magunetto activated 'invisibility mode,' vanishing out of Gotenks's sight... physically hidden.

"You can't hide from me! Dynamite Kick!" Gotenks dished a powerful kick, connecting with the invisible Xi Brigade soldier.

**Bokw!** Gotenks tossed a super punch, connecting again.

**Whhsssp!** Beta Magunetto reappeared, as a result of Gotenks's "blows."

Gotenks smiled. "Ha! He was hidden and had a "magnetic field" protecting him...! Clever!"

"Gamma! Assist Beta!" Alpha Tetsu ordered, waiting on Kappa Krypton to attack Vegeta first.

"Yes, sir!" Gamma Mercury obeyed, charging Gotenks, in order to help Beta Magunetto.

**BOM!* Major Kappa Krypton smashed a crater in the ground, barely missing Vegeta.

Vegeta charged Kappa Krypton, ki-spamming it.

**DOM! DOM!"** The ki blasts bounced off the Xi Brigade soldier, as a result of intense "durability."

"My "regular" ki won't work against that one. I must think of a new strategy...!"

**Whish whish!** heated laser beams struck Vegeta's shoulder, coming from Kappa Krypton.

As more "stormed" his way, Vegeta swiftly dodged the barrage of lasers.

**Ssh!** Kappa Krypton appeared next to Vegeta.

"Tetsubo!" {Iron war club} Kappa Krypton screech, transfiguring its hand into a spiky club, striking Vegeta's back.

Vegeta's body arched, before he was sent flying into Alpha Tetsu's direction.

Tetsu did the same as its ally-only transfiguring its arm into a sword, slicing for Vegeta.

"Our gap is a rivaling one, with all us against you. We're impressed an organic soul like yourself can keep up with us," Alpha Tetsu barked at Vegeta.

During a brief intermission from fighting Goku, Chief Hachiya-Chi - the main computer of the Dawn Star - assumed its arms over its chest in X formation.

**Dooooooooooop** Hachiya-Chi activated the reserves, for the private machine mutants worldwide.


**==Northern Mountains==**

Tenshinhan and Chaozu were back-to-back, fighting and protecting each other from the private soldiers.

Tenshinhan assumed the air, gesturing a hand sign..."Tri-Beam!" [Triangle-manipulated ki blast]

Tenshinhan's barrage of KI-Tris were smashing a large number of soldiers, from its amazing blast radius (much like a Kikoho)."They've definitely gotten stronger... I have to put more power into my 'Tri-Beam' if I want to slow them down!"

***==Planet Machin Tetsu==***

"Something's strange, Gill. Everything has gotten quiet all of a sudden."

"Danger! Danger! Gill. Incoming danger!"

"What danger?!" Pan questioned, turning her head at Gill.

**Blah - Blah - Blah!**

**Boom!** Pan uncontrollably soared across the air, caught from an unexpected attack from Corporal Metabee.

Pan opened her eyes, wiping blood from her lip. "That was cheap," I'm excited, though. I can tell you're strong already."

"Corporal Metabee of the Machin Militia, Commanding-Officer of the Machine Army. Prepare your inevitable doom, earthling!"

Pan assumed her fighting stance in return, igniting an aura. "Erg-ahh!" Pan roared, dashing from her stance to start the battle between she and Corporal Metabee.

**Vsh** Pan vanished, approaching Metabee.

**Tsh** Pan appeared right in Metabee's forefront, throwing a ki-charged punch straight at it.

Metabee blocked with an open hand, budged a few paces backwards in midair.

Pan quickly followed with another ki-charged punch, met by Metabee's other hand.

This time Metabee was able to defend itself from budging against Pan's powerful punches.

"Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!" Pan roared, increasing the velocity of her series of punches.

**Pssheet - Pssheet - Pssheet - Pssheet - Pssheet - Pssheet**

Out of its comfort zone, from Pan's rapid attack, Metabee shifted to a full 'X' guard, to hold off her combination until its counter surfaced.

**BLAH - BLAH - BLAH!** Metabee's helicopter blades operated, driving it out of Pan's range of punches, for a clean escape.

**Blah-Blah-Blah - Blooohh!** Metabee quickly answered, by dashing head-on at Pan.

Unable to see its movement, Pan was headbutted by the top of Metabee's spinning blades, propelled downward.

Pan hit the ground and slid across, digging her right hand to help stop her.

**Tst** Pan intensely grabbed a handful of dirt, dropping it, throwing her hands back and cupping them in turtle form. "Kamehameha!" Pan hollered, while in the motion of recovering to her feet, firing a quickly-charged Kamehameha Wave at Metabee.

Metabee arched forward. The Kamehameha Wave met the top of its spinning blades, ricocheting at a 45 degree angle, skyward.

"Augh-Augh." Lightly panting, Pan observed Metabee, with a smile forming on her face. "He's tough... but I'm definitely not done yet! The Kamehameha Wave isn't my best technique... There's more where that came from!"

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