Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 43: Syllabary Unification!

Episode 43: The Kamikaze Wizards! - Syllabary Unification!July 15th, Age 787

**==Planet Machin Tetsu==**

Panting heavily, slightly drooping, and holding her arm, Pan stood atop a M2 city building, catching her breath for the brief moment she had. The smoke from the collided missiles filled the area, in front of her.

"I escaped his attack, but I should really get on the offensive. I won't be able to win if I keep running."

Transmogrifying into a midsize missile, Corporal Metabee fired itself at Pan.

In less than a moment, Corporal Metabee bombarded through Pan, knocking her off of the building.

Opening her eyes, catching her fall, Pan witnessed Corporal Metabee rushing her again, bombarding through her a second time.

"Argh!" Pan yelped, falling the rest of the way to the ground.

Pan maneuvered a double front flip, landing hard on her feet. Gritting her teeth, this time Pan was ready for Metabee, who was blitzing her again for another tackle attack. Clenching her teeth tighter, Pan dropped to her back, grabbing the ground with her hands, swinging her legs, break-dance kicking underneath Metabee.

Metabee twisted off balance, as a result, landing on the ground.

High in the air, concentrating ki into her fist, so much the ki shined into a blue midsized sphere, Pan charged down at Metabee, dropping a heavy punch into the back of the golden bullet, piercing through. Pan's concentrated fist caved intenser. Pan swiftly opened her hand forming a large sphere of ki.

"Gaghn!" Pan hollered releasing the ki blast inside of Corporal Metabee...

**Boooom!** a giant explosion occurred; Pan was already leaping backwards to another location.

Smoke and debris filled the air as a result of the explosion.

Pan landed with her hands cupped back into turtle form, as she waited for the smoke to clear.

As the smoke faded, Corporal Metabee's shape filled through the thinness of the smoke; electricity began bouncing through, as well. Pan tensed her eyes, observing the damaged Corporal Metabee already reverted back to its base form. The electricity exiting from its punch wound further bounced around its entire area, leaving welts into the ground.

"This would be the perfect chance to finish him with one of my super attacks, but all he would do is deflect back... even if he is stunned... I don't think I can dodge another one of my attacks, if he happens to deflect it back at me, especially if he's able to amplify the speed. I must formulate a new strategy!"


"Hmm?!" Pan silently shrieked, witnessing Corporal Metebee detach its helicopter blades from its head; the blades began spinning at a faster velocity as they hovered higher into the air.

Pan tensed her eyes tighter forming a smirk.

**Vrooom!** Metabee arched forward launching its detached 'Copter Blades at Pan. As the blades swarmed in her direction, Pan quickly vanished, leaving a shadow of four afterimages behind. The 'Copter Blades struck through the afterimages, boomeranging, swiftly trailing Pan, as she was already bombarding Corporal Metabee head-on.

"He must be desperate if he's using his shield as an attack... The only chance I have to issue ample damage is... to catch him off guard again. But next time I'll need more time! His blades are just as fast as me!"

**==Ginger Town==**

"Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!" Gotenks hollered, dishing out a barrage of fist strikes on Beta Magunetto and Kappa Krypton.

Both soldiers, in synchrony, exchanged their on barrage of punches, only connecting a few punches in Gotenks's face in return, leaving a couple scuff marks as evidence.

"Bbbuuuurrrrppppp!" Gotenks burped in the soldiers' faces, spewing a blanket of ki which wrapped and entrapped them.

Much like Boo goo, the glob of ki wriggled until it balanced into a basketball of ki... Beta Magunetto and Kappa Krypton were securely shut inside.

"Hmph," Gotenks expressed in a cocky attitude, snatching the ball from the ground, into his possession. Gotenks spun and released the ball in the air in front of him, catching it with the tip of his index finger. "Heh-heh! now I just need a little help from someone... Who can I summon for some assistance?" Gotenks pondered, looking in Vegeta's direction and then Goku's. "It's just not in Vegeta's nature to help me with something like this, and Goku's having some foul trouble with Chief-whatever his name. Haha... Oh! I know! We'll use our Super Kamikaze Ghosts!Super! Ghost! Kamikaze!... Team!" Gotenks hollered, burping five Kamikaze-Ghost Clones from his mouth.

"Mweeeb! Mweeeb! Muhahahahahaha Booooooo!" The five Kamikaze Ghost Clones giggled, after forming in their humanoid figures.

Gotenks canceled his wizard trick, resting his left arm on his hip, as he rapidly dribbled the ki ball. "Huddle! Sound off!"

"One - Two - Three - Four - Five!" the Kamikaze Ghost Clones counted, huddling around Gotenks for their game-plan.

"There's too many of us! Hahaha! One of us has to warm the bench!" The clones joked with each other.

"Shut up! Number Three, since you have a big mouth, you'll be the hoop. Move over to that center area," Gotenks barked.

"Aww!" The clone retorted, flying away to assume its position as the goal of their team attack.

Once it reached its mark, the clone stretched itself becoming taller, as it positioned its arms in an "O" fashion, much like that of a basketball goal.

"Are you guys ready!? Number One, Number Two... you know what to do. Get ready for the 'rebound!'"

Ghost clones Number One and Number Two hurried ahead of Gotenks, to wait underneath Ghost-Clone Number Three - the goal.

Number Four and Number Five, on opposite sides of Gotenks, split into different directions, as a part of their play.

Gotenks rapidly bounced the ki-ball before passing it over to Clone Number Five, at the right side.

Ghost-Clone Number Five caught the ki-ball, and also began dribbling; simultaneously, it glowed, as an indicator of its self-explosion. Before detonating, it hurriedly passed the ki-ball across the city to Ghost-Clone Number Four -

**Kaboooooom!** - Ghost-Clone Number Five exploded, as a result of its contact with the ki-ball.

Ghost-Clone Number Four caught the ki-ball, as it was hopping in midair, catching it.

As soon as Ghost-Clone Number Four caught the ki-ball, it threw its leg high into the air, tossing the ki-ball under and over to Gotenks, exploding too as a result. Gotenks was already leaping towards Center Ghost clone Number Three.

As soon as Gotenks caught the ki-ball he hit a backwards slam dunk onto Center Ghost clone Number Three -

**Vioooosh!** **Kabooooom!** -

Ghost-Clone Number Three exploded, off contact.

The ki-ball dropped into the hands of the leaping Ghost clones Number One and Two, creating an even larger explosion, as they both rebounded the ki-ball together.

"Hahaha! Oh yeah! That's how you finish a fight in style!" Gotenks boasted, holding up the deuces sign, standing atop a nearby, semi-destroyed building. A couple scuff marks were on Gotenks's face and vest, as a result of his narrow escape from the slam dunk explosion. Gotenks looked over his shoulder, at Hachiya-Chi squeezing the life out of Goku. "Phooooo!" Gotenks exhaled a regular Kamikaze Ghost, which didn't waste any time rushing at Hachiya-Chi.

"Ergh-ah!" Goku hollered, using Gotenks's act as a chance to escape the deadly grasp -

**Vvv!** Goku used Instant Transmission, disappearing out of Hachiya-Chi's giant hands; he appeared on one knee right next to Gotenks on top of the building.

Confused, but aware of the ghosts' destructive power, Hachiya-Chi retreated into the opposite direction, fleeing the chasing Kamikaze Ghost.

"I'm gonna get you!" The ghost taunted, holding its arms out to catch the fleeing Xi Brigade soldier.

Once it got into a safe distance, Hachiya-Chi faced the Kamikaze Ghost, firing a green beam from its chest gem.

"Arghh!" The ghost hollered, getting hit by the beam attack.

**Pooosh!** the attack hit the ghost, eradicating it. Chief Hachiya-Chi was safe from danger...

"Hmm-Hmm," Gotenks giggled, "how come it's always me that has to handle your dirty work?" Gotenks arrogantly teased Goku, wiping his nose with his index finger.

"Don't jump the gun... they aren't finished yet," Goku replied with a smile, observing the recovering Beta Magunetto and Major Kappa Krypton.

"What?! That was my best attack!" Gotenks shrieked in half shock and half excitement, grinning.


"Run!" Alpha Tetsu screamed, as it and Gamma Mercury were fleeing from Vegeta, who was holding a giant "Final Mortar Attack" in his possession.

"Final Mortar Attack!" Vegeta released the gigantic bomber upon the fleeing soldiers, igniting a super explosion.

The blast's explosion sent the mechanical soldiers flying-parts of their bodies were destroyed, as a consequence.


**==Central City==**

**Deeet!** went the sound of Rild's battle power scanner.

"Dammit! They're getting outclassed. If they get killed, Gohan's allies will join him... And I can't take all of them at once! I also can't afford to summon Brigadier Valkyrie this soon, but that seems to be the only option... Commander Tetsu, it's time for the Syllabary Union!"

"Huh? What did you just do?..." Gohan hastily questioned.

"Ensuring our victory for the Machin Army, my friend... Once the Xi Brigade merge into Brigadier Valkyrie... not only will this planet have five minutes before its destruction, but so will your entire Solar System! Everything will be reduced to ashes! Muhahaha!"

"Brigadier Valkyrie?! That's crazy! And what about you?!"

"Muhehe... All I have to do is defeat you before the time is up, then I'll worry about making it out of here alive... so I can get my wish... And domination over the rest of the universe. It's risky, yes, but I'm willing to chance my life to achieve my ambition!"

"He just made a sudden desperate move. That must mean father and the others are gaining the upper hand. Yes... Vegeta and Gotenks seem to be doing fine... I must focus on finishing this, so I can get back and warn them. I'm going to have to step it up, if I want to end this before five minutes expires!"

**Tshoooozzeeetzzeeetzzeeet!** Gohan flared his aura more intense than before.

"All right, Rild... this is the final round. I hope you're ready because I can't let you go through with your plans..."Meanwhile...

**==Ginger Town==**

Vegeta was panting, full of exhaustion from his deadly attack. "One more of these will finish them for sure..." Vegeta lifted his hands, charging another gigantic sphere of ki.

"Yes, sir!" Alpha Tetsu obeyed Rild's orders, hovering and missing half its body.

**Dooooooot** Hachiya-chi's eyes flashed.

**Rooooog** Alpha Tetsu and Gamma Mercury underwent full-body mechanical regenerations, as a result of their computer's work - Hachiya-chi.

"Xi Brigade soldiers! Syllabary Unification!" Commander Alpha Tetsu ordered its subordinates.






The Xi Brigade soldiers shouted in unison, as they all hovered towards each other for the merger.A bright and powerful light shined during the collision...

**Choooooooooooooosh!** hissed the powerful light that shined amongst the Super Saiyan Club.

"Mhm-Mhm... Well..." Vegeta arrogantly taunted at the new sight.

"Brigadier Valkyrie! Mein... Kampf!" Brigadier Valkyrie hissed in an automated recorded tone, a message sent from its creator, Professor Mato...

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